Free casinos – Best way to have fun gambling without investing

Free (Social) Casino — for gambling without investment

If you like casino games but don't want to risk your money, this section of our website with free online casino games is just for you. Most of the games available here are slot machines, as they are the most popular, but other games are also represented.

Free (social) online casinos are popular in 2023. They are preferred both by newcomers, who are just starting to get acquainted with gambling, and by experienced users. The use of free coins, a large selection of slot machines, a variety of bonuses, tournaments and contests, and the possibility of playing with friends are just a few of the main reasons why social casinos are popular. More on the peculiarities of the clubs below. 

What is a free (social) online casino?

A free or social casino is a game club where you can only play for recreational purposes. In this casino does not necessarily require registration or deposit, as virtual coins are used for betting. This allows you to play slot machines for free without investing.

Get coins or credits can be several ways. They are issued as a welcome reward for creating an account, as part of the daily and time bonuses, for participation in tournaments, inviting a friend or other activity. Free casinos provide a nuance: the received winnings cannot be withdrawn. Such gaming clubs are popular among players. 

Casino: games for free

Players encountering free casino games for the first time may find it difficult to distinguish them from the usual slot machines in demo mode. Nevertheless, there are many differences between these game formats. Explore them in detail. 

Slot machines in demo mode - a full version of the slot provider, but with the use of virtual coins for betting. The features of the demo mode include:

  • virtual coins (credits) are automatically credited to the balance;
  • The number of coins is limited - if they run out, the game stops;
  • The game format is suitable for getting acquainted with the slot, its gameplay and bonus content;
  • The mechanics of the game is identical to the real money game.

Between slots in demo mode and free casinos there is a common point - the received winnings cannot be withdrawn. It is possible to compare these sites only by two parameters: the use of virtual coins and the ban on the withdrawal of winnings. In this case, both in demo mode and in casinos, a choice of slot machines of different types is available. 

Otherwise, free casinos are a more extensive and extensive format of the game. Thus, social clubs emphasize the interactive elements. Players can both just play slot machines and interact with other users, invite friends, participate in tournaments and quests. 

Another emphasis can be seen in the bonus content. It is bonuses act as the main source for obtaining coins. There are a lot of them and most of them are accrued daily. Therefore, the number of coins (credits) to bet is not limited. 

If we talk about the differences in the slot machines in demo mode and free casinos, it is worth noting the following. The winnings obtained in the demo are not credited anywhere. It remains "inside" the slot as long as the game continues. In free casinos, the situation is different. If a player wants to finish the game, the winnings for the collected combinations of symbols are credited to the balance. Then it can also be used for betting.

Types of games in social casinos

Social or free casinos attract attention with a variety of slot machines. The variety not only affects a large number of games, but also their several types. In addition to slots, you can run card and table games for free. This makes it easier to choose a game tailored to one's preferences. 

The social casino offers unique content. Some games cannot be found in other clubs. This is another reason for the popularity of this type of casino among players. Free slot machines are based on a random number generator - so it is impossible to predict the possible winnings. This brings them closer to the usual slots. 

Free slot machines

Familiar slots are the most popular format of games in most free casinos. There are several reasons for this: the simplicity of the rules, the original theme and subject, the classic structure. When choosing a slot machine, it is important to consider several criteria:

  • Theme of the game;
  • The quality of graphics and music;
  • The number of lines and reels;
  • Payoff level;
  • bonus content;
  • the maximum winnings;
  • Jackpot and its type.

In most social casinos in the catalog collected from 1000 slot machines and above. Access to them opens in stages and depends on the level of the player in a special system - the higher it is, the more games are available in the catalog. 

Popular among players slot machines with high returns - from 96% and above. These are such slots: 

  1. Big Bass Bonanza;
  2. Power of Thor Megaways;
  3. The Dog House;
  4. Wild West Gold;
  5. Magic Spinners;
  6. Grand Spinn Superpot;
  7. Jack and the Beanstalk.

The popularity of these slot machines related to their themes. The developers have provided an original story, thought-out to the smallest detail. This allows players to enjoy the game to the fullest. The structure of slots different - the average number of reels 5-9, but the number of lines can be up to several thousand.

The machines are emphasized and the bonus filling. This not only makes the game more interesting, but also increases the chances of winning. Bonuses are presented in several variations:

  • Special symbols. Wild can replace every image on the playing field, and Scatter is paid without reference to the collected prize combinations and activates the bonus round.
  • Bonus Game.
  • Doubling risk game

Some machines in free casinos are labeled "Jackpots. This means that they played a progressive jackpot. This is a large cash prize, the size of which increases with each bet. Such machines are more popular among players than others. 

Free Roulette

Roulette is another popular game presented in several variations. Most often, you can find 3 types of the game in free casinos: European, French, and American. Each of these varieties has features: 

  1. European. This type of roulette is considered a classic. On the wheel there are 36 numeric sectors and one sector zero. Sectors alternate in color: red and black, and the zero is highlighted in green. The player's task is to guess at which sector to stop the ball. If this can be done, accrues cash payout, taking into account the rate made. 
  2. French. Roulette variations with the highest payout, a classic structure and original rules. For example, En Prison - if the ball stops at zero, the bet is blocked. If the next spin, again falling zero, the bet is canceled if the other sector 0 is paid. La Partage rule provides similar conditions: if the ball stops on a zero, 50% of the bet is paid. 
  3. American. This variation, close to the European, but with differences in structure. It provides for two sectors of zero: 0 and 00. This reduces the payout of the game, but increases the chances of winning. Differences also affect the available types of bets. 

Roulette bets are divided into 2 categories: internal and external. Internal bets allow you to put money only on a sector with a certain number. External bets are presented in a greater variety: money is accepted on "red" or "black", on "even" or "odd", a range of numbers or one of the lines. 

Depending on which type and type of bet is chosen, a certain coefficient is applied. It is taken into account when calculating the payout amount. It is impossible to beat the spinning roulette wheel. Therefore, players have to rely only on luck. 

Free card games

Social casinos have not only slots in their catalog, but also card games in several variations. These include poker, blackjack, baccarat. On the free poker we will talk separately, but now consider the features of baccarat and blackjack. 

These types of games are based on card counting, which makes them partially similar. Baccarat rules are simple:

  1. the player makes a bet before the start of the hand;
  2. the dealer deals two cards to each player and to himself;
  3. the players compare the cards they receive with the dealer's cards;
  4. for each card is awarded points: an ace - 1, cards 2 through 9 at face value;
  5. the player whose combination of cards scored more points wins.

In baccarat there are several types of bets. For example, pointe is a bet on the player's success, which is paid at odds of 1:1. It is possible to bet on the victory of the dealer or on a draw. Depending on the bet made, the payout odds differ, as well as the odds of winning.

Separately consider the rules of the game of blackjack. The player's task is to score more points than the dealer and the other players, but no more than 21. The game has several features:

  • the player bets on one or more slots ("boxes") on the table;
  • at the beginning of the deal players get two cards open;
  • for each card some points are awarded;
  • taking into account the received cards the player decides - to take additional cards or not;
  • the dealer gets the cards last.

If more points are scored than the dealer - it is considered a victory. In this case the winnings are paid 1:1 of the bet. If the total points are less than the dealer, the bet is considered a loser.

Card games like blackjack or baccarat are popular among players because of the simple rules. Here you do not need to know special combinations or understand which hand is strong or weak. In both blackjack and baccarat, the main thing is to learn how many points each card gives. The rest depends only on luck. 

Free Poker

To complete the review, let's talk about poker, which is found in many free casinos. There are several reasons for the popularity of poker:

  1. The variety of variations;
  2. There is a real probability of winning;
  3. There are regular tournaments and competitions;
  4. it is easy to learn the rules.

The popularity of poker is one of the reasons that the game is presented in several variations. Here are the main ones: Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Oasis. Each of them has features that make sense to consider in detail.

Texas Hold'em

This is the most popular form of poker. At the beginning of the deal, players are dealt two cards each and then the trade begins. Before it starts, players need to pay the blinds - a mandatory bet, the amount of which depends on the selected table. 

At each stage of betting the player has to do something: place a bet, tie the bet with the other players, skip a move or leave the deal. A total of 3 rounds of trade. With each round the dealer puts a card on the table. The player's task is to collect the most valuable combination of those cards that are in hand and on the table. The winner of the deal is the payout, taking into account the bet made, the accumulated combination and the blind. 


Omaha is a form of poker similar to Texas Hold'em. It provides unconventional rules, which is why it is so popular. The stages of the trade as well as the blinds rules are identical to Hold'em. 

In Omaha, at the beginning of the hand, the player receives 4 closed cards. There are 3 open cards on the table. The player must put together a combination of 2 or 3 cards that he has in his hand. The remaining cards must be taken from the table. The possible combinations are standard, but are paid at the original odds. 


At the beginning of the game, players make an ante, the initial bet. After that, the dealer deals 5 cards each. One of the cards of the players' choice is left open. After that, trading begins. In it, the player can bet, skip a turn, raise the bet, or draw another card. 

Depending on the action chosen, the cards are either revealed and a winner is determined, or the trade continues. As with other variations of poker, the player who manages to put together the most valuable combination of cards wins.

For beginners, poker can seem like a complicated card game. This is due to the variety of combinations - you need to know what cards form what combination. There are 10 in total and they are divided by seniority. Among the most popular combinations are: pair, straight, flush, square, and royal-fresh. The combination that is assembled affects two aspects: whether or not you can win the deal and how much of the payout will be accrued. 

Advantages and disadvantages of free gambling

Play free gambling can every player, if he chooses a social casino. This format of gambling clubs has such advantages:

  • a variety of slot machines;
  • an unlimited number of coins;
  • daily bonuses;
  • the ability to team up;
  • bonuses for signing up and inviting a friend;
  • tournaments and events;
  • conducting quests with valuable prizes.

The main disadvantage of the social casino is the impossibility to withdraw winnings from the account. The received payments remain on the balance, so they can only be used for further bets. 

Limited access to the games is also a minus. It depends on the level of the player and his activity. To play a particular slot, you need to actively play other slots and move up the levels. Because of this, the time spent playing increases, which can lead to addiction. 

If the player runs out of coins, he can get new ones as part of the daily bonuses or for participating in quests. There is also an option to buy additional coins for real money. Players regard this as both a plus and a minus. 

Web versions of free casinos

You can run a free casino from any computer or laptop. The desktop or web version allows you to run the slot machines in full-screen format. It also makes the casino interface more convenient and practical. The social casino site can be divided into 3 parts.

At the top, there is a button for authorization, registration, as well as access to a personal account. It has an elaborate functionality:

  • you can check notifications;
  • track the history of bets and games;
  • to contact the support service;
  • send an invitation link to your friends;
  • check the level and status in the loyalty program.

The central part of the site is reserved for the catalog with slot machines. In most social casinos it is divided according to the types and types of games. To quickly find the necessary game, you can use the built-in search bar. It also displays the current promotional offers and pop up notifications of daily bonuses.

The bottom part is reserved for bonuses and casino promotions. It displays a scale with levels, actual quests and tournaments, and the countdown to bonuses. Thought-out functional web version casino makes it convenient for all players. This is confirmed by the statistics of usage. 

Free mobile casinos

You can run social casinos from any phone. They are 100% adapted to the parameters of mobile devices. Playing from a smartphone is possible in two formats - as a mobile casino version or as a separate application. Each of the formats has both advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth considering them in detail.

The mobile version of the social casino runs from the phone browser. This does not require downloading and installing additional software. Any smartphone is suitable for launching, regardless of the operating system. The game in the mobile version has the following features:

  • reduced size of the game screen;
  • simplified control interface;
  • traffic savings;
  • fast loading of games;
  • access to the entire catalog with slot machines;
  • duplication of functionality of the desktop version

For the correct operation of the mobile version requires an Internet connection. This can also be said about the application. Social casinos are either implemented as an application or have a desktop version. You can download the software in several ways: by following a link from our website, from the official casino website or through the App Store or Google Play marketplace, respectively.

Application download is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Go to the link or open the marketplace.
  2. Enter the name of the casino in the search box.
  3. Click the "Download" button.
  4. Wait until the end of downloading files and installing software. 

If you download the link, the installation files should unpack before installation. Without this you can not use the application correctly. Mobile software has several advantages:

  • a convenient personal account;
  • instant notification system;
  • access to tournaments and quests;
  • a large selection of slot machines;
  • fast communication with support service.

Mobile application opens 24-hour access to the casino. Catalog with games is updated automatically, as well as available promotional offers. 

Bonus systems and rewards in free casinos

Free or social casinos have bonus systems. This is the main way of accruing free coins for betting in slot machines. Bonuses are divided into two types: welcome bonuses and daily bonuses. The welcome bonus is awarded automatically for registering with the casino - it is a package of free coins and spins.

Daily bonuses are available in several types:

  1. Time Bonus. Accrued a fixed number of coins in the casino every few hours. The size of the bonus depends on the level and status of the player.
  2. Wheel of Fortune. Launched once a day. The amount of the bonus depends on the luck of the player. In addition, you can run the wheel only for real money. 
  3. Level system. Immediately after registration at the casino, the player is assigned a level. Depends on the level of daily incentives, access to slot machines in the catalog and other bonuses. To move up in levels, you need to accumulate experience points - they are credited for each bet made.
  4. The Road of Prizes. This is an in-game quest, which consists of several levels. The player must perform tasks to advance through the levels. Cash prizes are awarded for completing each task. 
  5. Daily. This is a fixed amount of coins, which is credited when you first enter the platform. The amount of the bonus can increase based on the player's status. 

It is also worth considering a loyalty program. It is available in social casinos - you can learn more about them on our website. To accrue status, you need to accumulate points. The size of these bonuses depends on the status:

  • daily;
  • time;
  • wheel of fortune;
  • gift for a subscription;
  • bonus for inviting a friend;
  • for promo code activation. 

Information about the status and progress bar with points is published in the public domain. The casino may accrue Kickstarter bonus - this is the experience points for the past year, increased by a fixed factor. progress is maintained and the player needs less time to status.

You can get casino rewards for subscribing or inviting a friend. To get a gift for the subscription, you need to make a newsletter promo offers - new bonuses will come every two or three days in the mail. For the invitation of a friend you will get free coins. To do this, you need to have a friend to follow the link and create an account. 

Separately, there are quests. They come in daily or once a season. Players need to perform tasks and get prizes for it. Quests can only be opened when the level is reached. Conducted team quests - players join together in teams and perform the task. 

Periodically, free (social) casinos held competitions and tournaments. To participate, you need to pay a tournament fee and start the game. Depending on the results, points are assigned. They are displayed in the tournament table. The player who earns the most points wins.

You can also get bonuses for the casino on social networks. On Facebook and Instagram pages there are drawings, events and surveys. Promotional offers are updated every day. 

Free coins and spins for the casino can also be obtained on our website. You only need to follow the promo updates and use the bonus in time. Gifts are also available by activating a promo code - it is entered in a form in your personal cabinet or on the page with bonuses. 

Play with caution

There are no financial risks in social casinos, but players should adhere to the rules of responsible play. This will prevent gambling addiction and avoid cheating. The main rules in detail:

  1. Concentrate on the game. You can distribute your budget for betting and assess the probability of receiving a payout for the combination. 
  2. Do not try to get even immediately after losing. This approach to the game, as a rule, leads to more losses. Because of this you can completely empty the budget for the bets and be left with nothing.
  3. Control your playing time. Do not devote all your free time to playing slot machines. Because of this approach can "suffer" in other areas of life. For example, relationships with friends or colleagues.
  4. To buy more coins is not recommended to use credit money or borrowed funds. In social casinos, the winnings cannot be withdrawn, so the player will have to pay back borrowed money from his savings. 

If you do not follow these rules, you may be faced with the development of addiction to cheating or game addiction. This is an addiction that greatly affects the psychological state of the player. It has the following symptoms:

  • uncontrollable desire to constantly play in the casino;
  • the lack of control in the course of the game;
  • strong gambling activity;
  • constant mood swings;
  • the deterioration of sleep and the appearance of panic attacks.

Manifestation of addiction affects the relationship with loved ones. Therefore, as soon as the bright symptoms of game addiction, you need to reduce the time spent at the game. If you can not get rid of the symptoms yourself, it is worth seeking help from specialists. 


The popularity of free casinos is due to their advantages. These include free betting coins, a large selection of slot machines, bonuses and interactive elements. This makes such casinos versatile. They will suit players of all ages, regardless of their preferences. That said, social casinos remain popular even with the presence of certain drawbacks.


How to choose a free casino?

Choose free casinos should take into account several parameters: the number of slot machines in the catalog, the size of the bonus for registration, the variety of bonuses. It is important to take into account the overall reputation of the gaming clubs. Check it by examining expert reviews, including our website, and feedback from real players. 

Can I withdraw my winnings from a social casino?

No, it is not possible to withdraw your winnings. This is due to the use of virtual coins for betting. The option of withdrawal is not available, and the received winnings remain on the balance of free casino.

What types of games are available in the free casino?

Players can choose slots of different types. Most of them are the usual slots, presented in a thematic variety. They also differ in their bonus content. Also available in the catalog are card games - blackjack, baccarat, poker.

What do I need to start playing at a social casino?

Free casinos require registration. It is done differently and in a few clicks. Activating an account saves progress, but also gets a lucrative registration bonus, as well as access to tournaments and various events.

How to download a free casino on Android or iOS?

Many social casinos are implemented as a mobile application and are available for download on Android and iOS. You can find the download link on the official casino website, as well as on our portal. Downloading is done in a couple of minutes, is free and available to every player.

What are the benefits of a social casino?

The advantage of a free casino is the absence of financial risk. No need to replenish the account and worry about losses. The advantage is also a variety of slot machines. Players can choose slots, card games, as well as table games.