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Pirate Kings is an original casual game in which the user has to take on the role of a pirate. In the game you have to move through the islands, accumulating coins, buying objects and attacking other islands. The game will appeal to users of all ages — an interactive slot machine does not let you get bored.

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Game Review

Pirate Kings game attracts the attention of the original design, themes and special mechanics. It will appeal to fans of the usual casual games, as well as fans of gambling entertainment. To play the game does not need to replenish your account - a variety of bonuses and events provides more than 15 ways to get free coins.



Pirate Kings has an intuitive gameplay that even a beginner can figure out. It can be divided into two parts:

  1. Slot machine. Here fall combinations of characters, special modes and events are activated.
  2. Islands. The task of the player to build islands by buying objects and improvements to them.

It is worth noting the main menu. It is moved to the side section and allows you to quickly switch between tabs. 

In-game slot machine

This is one of the main components of Pirate Kings gameplay. The machine is implemented according to the classical principle: players spin the reels and the prize is determined based on the combination of symbols. Some images on the machine activate additional game modes. Bonuses and events are also dropped in the window with the machine. 

Symbols and combinations

A lot depends on the symbols on the machine. It's not only about the size of the prize money, but also about special modes. Let's analyze the main prize combinations, which depend on the falling out symbols:

  • Image of a coin with a skull. Activates the mode of stealing from other users.
  • Image of the gun. Activates attack mode on other players' villages.
  • Vial. Charges free spins (you can learn more on the Pirate Kisgs free spins and coins page).
  • Coins and a pot of gold. Depending on the number of identical symbols, rolls a certain cash prize.

These are the main symbols that can be observed on the machine. Each of them falls randomly and provides a certain winnings. 


The level in the game is expressed in stars - the progress bar is displayed at the top of the game. Part of the levels are tied to islands, namely to purchases. One star is awarded with each purchased object. Stars are also awarded for the complete construction of islands. 

Building an island Pirate Kings

In the game, users have to build themed islands. Each one is unique, as it is dedicated to a specific thematic period, era or country. To completely build an island, you need to buy 5 objects and 5 additions to them - a total of 25 purchases. Once an island is completely built, the user moves on to the next one and receives a prize. 

Advancement by Levels

To advance through the level, you must completely build the island. As soon as this is done, a prize is awarded and an extra star is credited to the progress bar. The prize consists of several parts - it can be a pack of coins, cards of different rarity levels, and free spins. As soon as the island is passed, a new one is automatically opened. 

Attack on other islands

As soon as the slot machine has 3 symbols with the image of a cannon and the word "Attack", a special mode is activated. In it you have to attack the villages of other players. Once the mode is started, you need to choose one of the 4 targets - each of them provides a different cash prize. It is impossible to miss, but the value of the prize depends on the chosen target. 

Stealing coins from foreign islands

This is a special mode, which is activated when 3 images of skull with the word "Steal" appear on the machine. In it the user can steal coins from other players - you only need to choose one of the points. Each of them hides a different prize, so the winnings depend only on the luck of the player. 


In Pirate Kings, it is possible to change the appearance of a pirate. You can do this simply by going from the side menu to the "My Pirates" section. There you need to select a new character. Most of the pirates are unlocked in the course of the game. They are divided into 3 categories by rarity:

  • Common;
  • Rare;
  • Legendary.

There are 10 pirates in each collection. To speed up the collection or to get a rare appearance, you can buy it for real money. The cost of purchase depends on the value of the particular pirate.

Collection of cards in Pirate Kings

One of the types of rewards in the game are cards. They are given not only for the complete construction of the island, but also dropped randomly, and can be hidden in chests. The cards are divided into collections - you can see them at the top of the game panel. Each album has a different number of cards, as well as their value.

Once the collection is collected, a special prize is awarded. It consists of two parts - free spins and from 1 million coins. Cards can be exchanged with friends. This will allow a much faster collection of cards. 


One of the advantages of the game Pirate Kings is the presence of exclusive events. They are presented in several types and give you the opportunity to get additional cash prizes. The conditions of each event are different. For example, in "Treasure Hunt" you have to guess a mini-crossword puzzle, and the event "SuperCharge Totem Chase" provides the collection of exclusive totems.

Events are activated randomly. They are displayed on the main page, where you can also examine the conditions of participation in the event and the expected prize. The most valuable in terms of the amount of winnings are the events that provide special prizes and completion of the progress bar. 

Download Pirate Kings app for Android and iOS

You can download the game on devices with Android and iOS. Downloading is performed according to a simple algorithm:

  1. Go to the link or open the official marketplace like Google Play or App Store.
  2. Press the "Install" button.
  3. Wait for the end of the installation.
  4. Launch the application.

Find the download link here. In this case, you will only need to follow the link and perform the installation in the classic way. Before proceeding to install the software, you need to make sure that it meets the technical requirements. It is also worth checking the age threshold. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Large number of levels and islands The number of spins is limited
Ability to change the appearance of the main character There is a risk of attack from other users
In-game slot machine Bonuses are valid for a limited time
Variety of bonuses  
Ability to build a collection of exclusive cards  


Pirate Kings is a simple casual game that quickly grabs your attention. It will appeal to users of all ages. Despite the simple rules, the original mechanics of the game in comparison to games like Island Kings, Coin Master and Crazy Fox attract attention - in addition to the in-game machine, you can also notice the presence of original events and the ability to interact with other users. 


How many islands are there in the game?

The number of islands on the Pirate Kings map is constantly being updated. At the time of writing the review, there were more than 200 and each one is unique in its basis.

How do I buy objects for the island?

To do this is simple: under the desired object you need to click "Buy" button. Each object provides for 5 improvements, so a total of 25 purchases is available on the island.

What special modes are available in Pirate Kings?

There are 2 special modes available in the game - attacking other villages and stealing coins from other users. Both modes are activated if thematic symbols fall on the machine: a skull with the inscription "Steal" or the image of a gun.

How do I get coins to advance through the levels?

To do this you need to spin the in-game machine - every combination that falls out can bring free coins to play. Also an advantage is the presence of daily bonuses.

How do I change the appearance of a pirate?

To change the pirate look, you need to go to the menu and open the section "My Pirates". After that, it remains to select a pirate from the available ones and it will be automatically changed.

What are the most valuable symbols in the game?

The most valuable prizes bring the image of pots of gold. If 3 such symbols fall in one line, a large cash prize is accrued.

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