GetX: Gaining Popularity Crash Game Online with Fast Withdrawal

GetX is a popular crash game with instant payouts. Its main principle is to launch a plane flight and stop it in time. Payouts are calculated by a simple formula: bet x caught multiplier. It is impossible to predict at what moment the flight will stop, so the excitement of the game increases with each round.

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GetX combines the main features of crash games. This is expressed in such aspects:

  1. Instant results. As soon as the player has stopped the flight of the plane or it flies away, the multiplier appears on the screen immediately. He indicates how much the specified bet will be increased. 
  2. Short rounds. The pause between rounds lasts up to 10 seconds. The flight of the plane takes no more than 1 minute, but in practice it lasts less. 
  3. It is impossible to predict the winnings. The results of each round are different. In this case, the flight of the plane can be both winning and losing. 
  4. The processing of two bets. Different coupons are provided for this purpose. This Get-X option is useful for testing different strategies and bets. 
  5. The auto play option. On a separate tableau you can set the bet, which will be triggered for each round or a multiplier at which the round automatically stops. 

The round in the game can be skipped - betting is mandatory. Choosing a crash game, including GetX, the player should take into account: the flight of the plane can both bring winnings and cancel the bet. This involves certain financial risks. There are no bonus features or special options in the game, which also affects the course of the game. 

GetX - a successor or a worthy competitor to Aviator

Get-X and other crash games are often compared to the genre's founder, Aviator. This is easily explained by the similar format of the game and its peculiarities. Let's look at it in detail:

  • The principle of the game. If in Aviator the game is based on the flight of an airplane, in GetX it is to observe the flight of the shuttle to the moon.
  • Algorithm. Both games are based on a random number generator. This means that predict the possible multiplier with 100% probability unreal - it varies with each new round. 
  • Interface of the game control panel. While in Aviator you can place two bets, in Get-X the control is limited to one coupon. 

Can we call Get-X a successor to Aviator? Yes, it certainly can. But at the same time, the game is a worthy competitor with its target audience. In other words, some users will like GetX more because of some of its features. 

Get-X: How to Play

GetX game has a thoughtful and intuitive interface. To understand it will be easy even for a newcomer. Laconicism game control panel has two boards:

  1. To place a bet. The value of the flight is regulated by the buttons "+" and "-". You can also press the "Max" button. In this case, the maximum possible value will be set. 
  2. To activate the auto-mode. To activate it, you need to switch the slider to the active value. Then, using the "+" and "-" buttons adjust the multiplier value - the round will automatically stop as soon as the specified coefficient is reached.


If you click the question mark button, a help section will open. It describes the rules of the game and the limits set for betting. To start playing, it is necessary to follow the algorithm:

  1. Specify the size of the bet.
  2. Press the "Bet" button. If the account has money, the round will be started automatically. If the balance is zero, it will be proposed to replenish the account.
  3. After starting the round to wait when the coefficient reaches the desired value and click "Take away" or set the auto cashout.

In the case of winning, the payment is automatically credited to the balance. If the coefficient was not caught, the bet is canceled. The game provides a table with the results. It specifies the player's nickname, the betting odds and the amount of winnings. It is also possible to check the number of players participating in the round and the total bet amount. At the top of the game panel indicates the 10 odds of the last rounds. 

The algorithm of the game + guide

The GetX, Aviator, JetX and Plinko crash games are based on a random number generator. This is a program that runs on a special algorithm and determines what the multiplier will fall out on the screen. Runs the generator with each new round. This is a completely random process - it can not affect any casino or player. 

To beat the crash game is impossible - it will not help any special programs or deceptive tactics. In each round fall different coefficients. Predict what it is also impossible. To increase the chances of winning, you can use strategies. About them we will talk below. 

Strategies for winning GetX 2023

Get-X winning strategies can be divided into three categories: low, medium and high risk. Each strategy can be implemented in a couple of clicks, but there is no 100% guarantee of winning. Let's analyze each group of strategies separately.

Low risk strategies

This category of strategies is suitable for players who are not willing to risk their money and want to get a stable winnings with small bets. One of these strategies is a strategy of moderate bets. It can be implemented according to the following algorithm:

  1. Open the option auto play.
  2. Switch the slider "Auto-cashout" in the active position.
  3. Specify a multiplier of up to x2-x4.
  4. Enter the size of the bet.
  5. Start the round.

Each time when the coefficient will reach the specified value, auto-cashout is triggered, the round ends and the payment is automatically calculated. This strategy has advantages. So, it assumes a minimum of action on the part of the player, guarantees a high probability of victory and allows a stable profit. 

If we talk about the disadvantages of low-risk strategies, there is always a probability that the multiplier will be lower than the chosen one. Moreover, if one considers moderate or high risk strategies in comparison, the winnings will be lower. 

Moderate risk strategies

This category of strategies is one of the most popular. This can easily be explained by the fact that every player can win a cash prize, but the financial risks are minimal. Strategies of moderate risk include a strategy of low multipliers. To implement it in practice, you need to follow the algorithm:

  1. Specify the size of the bet.
  2. Start the round and the flight of the plane.
  3. Wait until the coefficient on the screen reaches a value of x2-x3.
  4. Stop the round.

This strategy can also be implemented in auto mode. To do this, the cashout is activated - the round automatically ends as soon as the previously specified value is reached. Coefficients x2-x3 fall out with a frequency of 30-40%. The strategy is based on the analysis of the frequency of falling out coefficients. Although it has no real evidence base, it is still popular among GetX players. 

The advantages of moderate risk strategies include not only simple implementation, but also the ability to put auto-cashout. The category under consideration belongs to the universal ones - both beginners with a small budget and high rollers, who strive for big winnings, can get a win. At the same time, the disadvantage of the strategy is that the multipliers will be higher/lower than the average. 

High Risk Strategies

Strategies from this category should only be used by players who are aware of the possible monetary risks. Thus, it is possible to get a large, but one-time winnings. Let's analyze the algorithm for the implementation of this strategy:

  1. In the results table, check when the last time large odds fell out.
  2. Add 60 minutes to the specified time.
  3. After the specified time to place a bet or activate the option Auto Cashout.
  4. Stop the round as soon as the desired coefficient appears on the screen.
  5. To get the winnings.


This strategy is based on the speculation of players that high odds (x100 and above) fall every 50-60 minutes. This is easy to check if you analyze the results table. To make it clear, let's review the main advantages of high-risk strategies:

  • the possibility of getting a big winnings;
  • it is easy to determine the frequency and timing of large odds falling out;
  • easy to implement in practice;
  • the winnings partly depend on the specified bet.

This category also has significant disadvantages. First of all, they consist of very high risks: there is no 100% guarantee that exactly high odds will fall at the calculated time or that they fall with a certain frequency. This confirms that the considered strategy is based only on speculation and has no real evidence base. Therefore, players should use it taking into account the possible risks. 

Secrets of GetX

In addition to these strategies, there is another secret that can increase the chances of winning. It lies in the fact that you need to analyze the results of other players. To do this, the game panel has a separate table. If you look at it, you can see how often certain multipliers fall out. 

On average, the flight of the shuttle more often stops at x2-x3 odds. Given the statistics, you can place a bet or activate a cashout on the selected multipliers. This will make it possible to stick to a moderate strategy and get a stable winnings. Also in the table you can analyze what large multipliers can fall out and what the maximum winnings can be obtained per round. 

GetX for Android and iOS

GetX game is adapted to mobile devices. You can run it from your phone in the mobile version of the casino or through an app. It can be downloaded on Android and iOS. Find the download link on our website or in official marketplaces like Google Play or App Store, respectively. The download is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Go to the link or open the market from your phone.
  2. Enter the name of the casino where you can play Get-X.
  3. Press the "Download" button.
  4. Wait until the end of the download and run the application.
  5. Authorize in the program and deposit to play for money.

If you download software on Android not from official sources, you will need to give extra permission in the settings of your phone. The application is updated automatically and opens up access to the catalog with slot machines. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Intuitive game interface No demo mode available
Instant Payouts Not available in every casino
Wide range of rates Only one coupon can be issued
High RTP Team play is not supported
Break between rounds up to 10 seconds High risks


What bets are available at GetX?

The GetX crash game is characterized by a wide betting range. The minimum bet is 1 coin (in the cash equivalent of the account), and the maximum is 50,000 coins. The winnings are credited to the balance instantly.

How do I redeem a coupon for GetX?

To do this, you need to use the game control panel. To make a coupon, you need to specify the bet amount and click "Bet". As soon as the round is started, the coupon is automatically activated.

What is the payoff of the GetX game?

GetX has a high payout of 99.7%. This means that 9 out of 10 rounds triggered will be winnable. Such a high RTP gives each player the opportunity to play and win.

What is the most winning strategy on GetX?

None of the strategies can guarantee a 100% payout. Therefore, players need to be guided by intuition, adhere to the rules of responsible play and wisely allocate their betting budget.

What is the GetX game algorithm based on?

The GetX algorithm is based on a random number generator. It runs automatically with each round. It is the generator that determines the multiplier, which is then multiplied by the bet.

How do I run GetX on Android?

You can open the game on Android in two ways: through the mobile version of the casino website or in the app, if it is available for download. Playing from your phone is no different from playing in the desktop version.

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