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Solitaire - Grand Harvest is an original mobile platform whose participants will play solitaire. By advancing through the levels, they have to collect solitaire and receive coins for it. The game is played for entertainment purposes - no investment is required from the players. The variety of bonuses is also impressive.

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Platform Review

A level system, bonus options, and original gameplay are the three main features that set Solitaire - Grand Harvest apart from other platforms. With each level, more options and bonuses open up before the player. This increases the excitement of the game and makes it more exciting. 


Advancing through Levels

To advance through the levels, the player must assemble a Solitaire combination. To do this, the cards must be placed on top of each other in ascending or descending order, regardless of suit. The level is considered successfully completed if there are no cards left on the playing field. 

If you cannot collect a solitaire from the cards on the "table", you can open an additional card from the deck. For each remaining card in the deck at the end of the game coins are awarded. The number of stars depends on this. There are three, and the progress bar is displayed at the top of the game screen. 

Each level is paid - at its activation from 1000 coins are removed from the balance. This price will have to pay and when passing levels to get more stars. 

As you progress through the levels, their complexity increases, and additional bonuses are added. Read more about the rewards and free game currency on the Solitaire - Grand Harvest credits, rounds and wilds page. One of the features of the platform is that access to rewards is opened in stages. For example, at the beginning of the game on Solitaire - Grand Harvest, the number of promotional offers is limited.

The level map is published in the public domain. It can be viewed by every player. At the time of writing the platform review, the map has 186 levels. With a 95% probability, their number will increase as the game is updated. 

Features of Solitaire - Grand Harvest rounds

In some rounds, you may notice special options. For example, when you reach level 8, a mouse appears on the platform. If you unlock it, it will give you 5 extra and free cards. Deactivation is done when you open a card with the image of cheese. 

The bones icon may be displayed on the round. In this round, the player must collect dice for Sam (the in-game dog) to win special prizes for completing the level. These are available in three variations:

  • an option to undo a move made;
  • a set of free additional cards;
  • an additional Wild symbol.

Which particular variation of the reward will be accrued depends on the number of dice collected. They are awarded for collecting "strike" - 5 cards with gradually increasing or decreasing value. 

Game Options

Wild cards are another distinctive feature of the rounds. If they are not obtained as part of the bonuses, you have to pay for the use of the Wild with coins. Their value is automatically deducted from the balance. The Wild card feature has similarities with the Joker - any card can go after it.

Behind the Undo button hides an original option. So, by pressing this button you can cancel the last move made. This option is useful if you accidentally missed the right card. The option is activated as a bonus in the course of the game, or you have to pay for its activation with coins - from 500 coins. You can find more bonuses and game currency on the Solitaire - Grand Harvest free coins page.

On the playing field, you can notice the original purple cards, near which the number is displayed. Such cards are most often blocked. Once they are accessed, they add a certain number of cards to the deck. 

As you progress through the levels, a bomb will appear on the playing field. It blocks the cards and opens access to them after the cards near it are removed. There are several such card options on the platform, which must be deactivated to successfully pass the level. Sometimes this can be done with bonuses. 

Levels of difficulty

One of the features of the rounds in Solitaire - Grand Harvest is that they are divided by difficulty levels. There are 3 levels in total:

  • Standart or easy level. Activated automatically and provides a standard solitaire game.
  • Medium level. Becomes available after 25 rounds. At this level, there are more bonus options, but to pass the round of 3 stars becomes more difficult. The winnings are doubled, and you can get more bonus promos.
  • High Level. Activated automatically as soon as 30 rounds have passed. This level of difficulty under force only true professionals in solitaire. Payment for the passage of the level is multiplied by x3, the amount of cash prizes are increased. 

Difficulty level is adjustable, so players should be guided by preference. From the level also depends on the size of the expected winnings. 

Download the application Solitaire - Grand Harvest on Android and iOS

The game can be downloaded on any smartphone. It is designed with HTML-5 support, so it is 100% adapted to Android and iOS features. You can find the download link on our website. You only need to follow the link and follow the instructions:

  1. Select the version of the operating system.
  2. Download the installation .apk files.
  3. Unzip the files and follow the installation instructions.


You can also download the installation software from official marketplaces like the App Store and Google Play. You only need to enter the name of the platform in the search box and click "Download". Solitaire - Grand Harvest is updated automatically, so minimal action is required from players. 

Advantages and disadvantages 

Pros Cons
Original gameplay and colorful design Coins are charged for completing levels
The levels are divided into 3 types of difficulty Some options are not available and are tied to the level of the player
There are special bonus options The levels are unevenly distributed in complexity
The complexity of the levels gradually increases Re-passing levels for a fee
A variety of different bonuses No team mode


Solitaire - Grand Harvest cannot be called a standard gaming platform like Spades Plus, WSOP or DoubleDown Casino by any of the parameters. Instead of a variety of slot machines, only solitaire is available here. You have to pay to pass the levels, and coins are given when you pass the rounds. Each level is different in difficulty and opens up access to different bonuses.

The platform is original and will appeal to players looking to try their own strength. Manage to reach the end only true professionals who know the main subtleties of the game of solitaire. 


Do I have to register for Solitaire - Grand Harvest?

No, registration on the platform is not required and in no way affects the preservation of gameplay. Players can create an account by linking their Facebook profile to the game, as this allows them to invite friends and receive special bonuses. 

How many levels on the platform?

At the time of writing, the platform has 186 levels. The developer does not plan to stop there, so the number of levels is gradually increasing. With each new level the complexity of the round becomes higher, and the list of bonus options expands. 

How do I increase the level of difficulty?

When you enter the platform, the Standart difficulty level is automatically set. When you reach level 25, the difficulty is increased for the first time, and when you reach level 30 for the second time. Along with the increase in difficulty, the price for completing a level also increases.

Can I withdraw my winnings?

No, in Solitaire - Grand Harvest the obtained winnings remain virtual. It cannot be withdrawn in cash equivalent, because the game is played for entertainment purposes only. Accordingly, virtual coins are used to pay for levels, not real money. 

How do I get three stars for completing a level?

Stars are awarded for level results. The maximum number is 3. Stars are awarded in the following way: incredible - 3, very good - 2, good - 1. To get 3 stars, you need to fill 100% of the special scale. It is displayed at the top of the game screen. For 3 stars the biggest prize is awarded. 

Is Solitaire - Grand Harvest suitable for a beginner?

Yes, playing Solitaire - Grand Harvest will please even a beginner. This is due not only to the simplicity of the rules. The advantage is the step-by-step training, which automatically starts when you enter the platform. 

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