How much does it cost to open a casino?

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I will answer the main question right away - not cheap. If we are talking about online casinos, the cost of opening it consists of 20+ parameters: here is a license, certification of games, collecting the required documents, the development of the site and its optimization, salary team and much more. Profit in the long run, of course, is also significant, but at the beginning of the casino organizers will have to splurge.

The cost of opening an online casino

In order not to be verbose, I will break down how much it costs to open an online casino, taking into account the real numbers. The first thing I will start from is the license. Here you still need to take into account the region of opening. For even more clarity, I chose 3 countries where gambling is well developed: the United States, the UK and of course Australia.

In each of these countries, the license costs a lot, but the final cost is different. In the table I have specified specific figures for each region:


Cost of license

License issuance period

Timeframe for processing the license application

Additional requirements


70,000 dollars

For 1 year

From 2 months

Opening a bank account in the USA

Great Britain

From 9000 dollars to 40 000 dollars

From 3 to 6 months

Minimum 3 months

Availability of a business plan, game certification and software information


For the first year, $200,000 fee, $100,000 will have to be paid for license renewal

For 1 year

Minimum 1 month

The cost of the license depends on the type of gaming activity, accreditation of employees

If we estimate the cost of the license in European countries like Estonia or Germany, the amounts will not be small, but obviously less than in these regions.

Certification of games

If you managed to get a license, we go further. Legalization requires you to use only certified versions of games. In other words, pirated copies are prohibited. This means that the organizers of gambling will have to worry and establish cooperation with developers to integrate slot machines.

Here I will note the second nuance. Players in today's realities are becoming more and more demanding, which means that the catalog of games should be impressive. The usual slots are no longer enough. In the assortment should be represented and card, table, live games and crash games. Accordingly, you will have to do a lot of work to interact with providers to fill the catalog with games.

Development of the gaming platform

In order for an online casino to be accessible, the development of a gaming website is required. This is another stage of opening a casino, which will cost a tidy sum. Such a platform - it is not just a collection of games and a separate personal account of the player. Here you need to build interaction between the sections, think about the design of the site and its interface, connect payment and think about protective measures against hacking.

Details of the development of the casino so many that the total amount will be solid. Purely at a glance, such a turnkey job will cost at least 50 thousand dollars. If additionally developed and mobile application, then the budget should be laid in another 20 thousand dollars.

Total, the development of the casino will cost at least 70 thousand dollars and this is only the basic figures. It is important and the fact that it will be the purchase of a ready-made software product, which adapts only the design and content, or creating a 100% turnkey casino. In the second case, the cost of such work can reach up to 200 thousand dollars, if not more.


Team and advertising casino

No online casino can not function without its service. Support service, financial and technical department, marketing team and analysts, IT specialists. The work of the team is a solid item of expenditure, which cannot be avoided.

The salary of each employee is variable in size, but on average it costs up to 5-10,000 dollars a month. Here you need to take into account both the jurisdiction of a particular casino, and the average income within individual specialties. So once again I emphasize: the above figures are only symbolic and in reality may be lower or higher.

Finally, I will also note the cost of advertising. To make the casino known around the world, you will have to spend money. And the amounts here are not small - from 10,000 dollars a month. Play a role of course promotion channels and the scale of the platform, its focus on the international market.

Mini-conclusion and final figures

The above parameters - this is only the minimum required for a successful casino. For it to develop, bring profit and constantly attract new players, the costs will be much more. Here and the development of a mobile application, and marketing, and tournaments with promotions and bonuses. The total amount will not even be not thousands of dollars, but closer to hundreds of thousands.

As an example, take a casino with a UK license. The costs of its opening distributed in this way:

  • the cost of the license - the first installment from 9 to 40 000 dollars;
  • casino maintenance (filing reports, paying taxes) - monthly from 1500 dollars;
  • development of gambling platform and its optimization - a minimum of 40 thousand dollars and another 20 thousand if you need to develop a mobile application;
  • casino maintenance, the work of the financial department and support services - from 5000 dollars minimum;
  • certification of slot machines - from 10,000 dollars depending on the content of the catalog with games;
  • bonuses, promotions and promotional offers - from 5000 dollars on a regular basis.

This is only the basic costs that will give the casino the opportunity to fully function and bring at least a minimum profit. Conducting calculations, I had almost 120 thousand dollars - that's the budget needed at first to open an online casino.

However, and about taxes should not forget. In each jurisdiction, their value varies, but at least 10% of the profits received casino will have to pay the taxman. Therefore, it is better to open a casino with a solid capital. Taking into account all sorts of force majeure, the final amount of opening a casino can be 5 or even 10 times beyond the planned budget.

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