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POP! Slots™ Vegas Casino Games: Virtual Las Vegas in your pocket!

POP! Slots is a unique gaming platform that differs from others in many ways. Instead of one gaming room, there are 10 at a time, which are accessed in stages. Each in-game casino provides a different range of slot machines. The game is played only for entertainment purposes. Due to this, the player does not risk anything, and can fully enjoy the game.

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Overview of the platform POP! Slots

Platform POP! Slots attracts attention not only bright visual design. She opens up before the players such benefits:

  • A variety of in-game casino and slot machines;
  • Regular Challenges;
  • the considerable size of bonuses;
  • availability of VIP-program;
  • personalized character.


This explains its popularity among users and allows to make positive predictions about its further development.

In-game casinos

On the platform POP! Slots simultaneously operates several casinos. For example: MGM Grand, Casino Mirage, Mandalay Bay and others. They differ in two respects: the gaming rooms and the range of gaming parameters. Access to the in-game casinos is limited and opens as the user activity. Thus, you can get access to the Luxury Casino when you reach level 61.

Gaming rooms

Each gaming hall of the platform is unique. He differs in several parameters:

  • Concept. For example, the hall of Luxury Casino has a reference to Ancient Egypt, so the game unfolds against the background of the pharaoh's tomb. If you go to the hall, you immediately feel a reference to the theme of animals.
  • Variety of games. They are different for each hall, but the number of slot machines does not exceed 6.
  • Amount of winnings. The higher the level of access to the hall, the higher winnings are assigned to it. Thus, in the halls of New York and Circus in almost every slot played jackpot.

The player can choose any gambling hall, focusing on the preference. It is important to consider the fact that in some halls played out a larger cash prize.

Games .

Each slot machine presented in the platform's catalog is unique. This is expressed in several parameters:

  • design and theme;
  • Betting range;
  • special characters;
  • bonus options;
  • maximum winnings.

This simplifies the choice of the game, which would meet the preferences. You should pay special attention to the slots in which the jackpot is played. They are easy to track if you focus on the progressive scale. Here are a few in which you can rip a big win: Frontier Fortune, Emerald 7, Fire vs Lightning.

Assignments .

Additional prizes on the platform can be obtained for completing Challenges. Their list is regularly updated. Each Challenge lasts for a limited time and as a rule consists of several stages. Let's look at some specific examples.

The Ferris Wheel Challenge has three stages:

  1. Start the bonus round in the slot "Pharaon's Palace".
  2. Activate multiplier Wild.
  3. Get the winnings of x15000 from the made bet.

The minimum qualifying bet is specified for each Challenges. For Ferris Wheel Challenge, for example, it's 150,000 coins. More about rewards and bonuses on the free chips page of POP! Slots. A cash prize is awarded for each Challenge you complete. It becomes available 72 hours after completing the task. Only one Challenges can be completed at a time.

Pop Arena

The in-game Pop Arena option is only available to active platform players. Here the player will first have to occupy a box in the arena. Behind each position there is a challenge. For example, if you select position 3, the game will focus on the Underwater Makeover slot. As a challange need to run in the machine bonus round.


On the screen, you can notice the countdown timer. He indicates how much time left before the game show. It can also take place if all positions in the arena will be occupied by players. Each Challenge is held in several rounds: the player who first completes the assigned task wins.

The position is also affected by the amount of winnings received in the slot. It is easy to track if you use the built-in progress bar. Winner in the round takes a solid cash prize. Its size can be up to 20 million coins and higher. At the end of the round a list of winners is displayed - here you can check how much money a particular player has won.

Additionally, the arena sets the total prize pool. Its size depends on the final number of participants. The break between rounds lasts 1 minute. The player does not have to participate in every round, but it increases the chances of getting a big prize.

Each slot machine is assigned 3 rounds. At the end of them are determined by the final winners. They are credited with the winnings. If luck smiles, the cash prize of a few million coins, which can later be used for betting.

Download POP! Slots™ Vegas Casino Games for Mobile

POP! Slots™ is 100% mobile adaptable, which explains why we have the mobile app. This explains the mobile app. You can download and install it on Android and iOS. Downloading does not take much time and will not cause additional difficulties if you follow the step-by-step algorithm:

  1. Open an official marketplace like the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Enter the name of the platform and click "Install".
  3. Carry out the installation in the standard way.
  4. Launch the platform.

There is also a second way to download, which is much easier. You only need to follow the link from our website and installation files will automatically start downloading. You will be able to enter the platform immediately after unzipping them.


Do not forget about certain nuances. For example, if the installation is performed on Android, you should first go to the settings and give permission to install files from unknown sources. In this case, the application works correctly only when connected to the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros of Cons
Variety of exclusive slots Withdrawal of winnings is prohibited
Sophisticated bonus program There are restrictions due to the level in the system
The original concept: the city as a mini-casino Some options are opened for a fee
Generous bonuses No team game mode
Opportunity to get real prizes in the VIP program Bonuses are limited in amount


POP! Slots opens unique opportunities for players. Without risking real money, be able to move from one casino to another, to participate in Challenges and to gradually expand the catalog with slot machines. Like many similar applications (myKonami slots, House of Fun, Billionaire Casino, myVegas slots), the platform gives access to the original devices that are not found in conventional online casinos.

The variety of bonus offers is also impressive. For example, players can perform tasks and get free coins for it, activate daily and time bonuses, invite friends and follow available rewards in social networks.


Do I have to register on the platform POP! Slots?

No, registration or identification is not required. However, in order to save your progress and open access to various promotions, you can link your Facebook or Apple profile to your account.

What are the differences between POP! Slots and other platforms?

POP! Slots is an online casino that hides several mini casinos. This format is unique, which is the main difference from other platforms. Each mini casino has a different list of slot machines.

Can I play with friends on the platform?

There is no separate team game mode. However, the option to invite a friend is supported. It is also possible to participate in Challenges and mini-tournaments.

How to withdraw the winnings in POP! Slots?

Winnings on the platform are not available for withdrawal. This is due to the use of virtual currency for betting. At the same time, real money is available only for purchases in the store.

What games are popular on the platform?

There are original slot machines on the platform. For example, you can highlight such slots: "Tall Wild", "Emerald 7", "Mega Stars". Important: access to some machines is opened in stages and depends on the level in the system.

What bonuses can I get at POP! Slots?

The platform POP! Slots offers bonuses of different types. They can be divided into two categories. For example, regular rewards include time and daily bonus. If we talk about special promotions, it is, for example, the piggy bank option.

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