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Island King is a popular casual game with original game mechanics. It will appeal to users of all ages. Colorful design and simple rules make the game a leader in its niche. Further in the review we will tell about the main features of Island King.

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Game Review

Pay attention to the game Island King is worth for several reasons: the special gameplay, the use of free coins for spins, the opportunity to participate in tournaments and events, the presence of team play. 



The gameplay is intuitive, so it will not be difficult to understand. The advantage is the presence of special training. The game options are opened step by step, which allows you to get acquainted with the interface and develop the necessary skills. 

In-game slot machine (Wheel)

The in-game slot machine in Island King is implemented in the format of the wheel. To rotate it, you need to click on the paw print. The wheel is divided into sectors of several types: 

  1. Specifies the number of coins;
  2. Steal - activates the mode of stealing from other users;
  3. Point - free spins are awarded;
  4. Attack - mode of attack on other islands;
  5. Shield - one shield is accrued to protect the island from attacks;

Which sector will fall on the wheel is determined randomly. 

Bird slingshot

This is a kind of slingshot with birds. This option is activated as soon as the user reaches level 10. It is to launch birds at objects on a tree. Depending on whether the flight is successful or not, a special prize is awarded - it can be both coins and chests of cards.


A player's level is determined by the number of stars. You can get them for each purchase on the island, transition to a new island, participation in tournaments or events. You can track the progress bar at the top of the game panel. It is updated automatically. 

Building an island

Each island has five objects and five improvements to them. For an island to be completely built, you must buy all the improvements and objects - their price varies and depends on the selected island. As soon as the construction is finished, a new island opens and a chest is added - not only free coins are hidden in it, but also cards and spins for the wheel. 


Advancement by level

There are 354 islands in the game. Their list is regularly updated and supplemented by innovations. Each island is unique - this is expressed not only in the design, but also in the symbols and themes. As the player builds islands, his level increases. This affects the overall status of the player and his place in the tournament table. 

Attacks on other islands

As soon as the wheel stops on the Attack sector, the attack mode on other islands is activated. In it players have to choose a target to be activated. If it is successfully defeated, a cash prize is awarded. The attack can be repelled with a special shield. In this case, you can also get free coins (more about free bonuses on the Island King free coins and spins page), but their size will be smaller. 

Stealing coins from foreign islands

If an image of a mouse with the word Steal appears on the wheel, it will allow you to switch to a separate coin stealing mode. At the top of the game panel specifies the login of the player who will steal the coins. In a special mode to choose 3 chests from 4: in each of them is hidden different cash prize. 

Growing pets at Island King

As with many casual games of this type, in Island King users can grow and interact with pets. Each pet is assigned a specific function. 


Detective Octopus

This is the first pet that can be activated in the game. During special events he can choose Cash King - this will increase the payout by several times. In order to use the octopus skill, its scale must be completely full. 

Electric Eel

The eel can be used to bypass other users' shields if they are installed. This increases the chances of a successful attack and makes the pet one of the most valuable. 

Powerful Shark

It is recommended to use the shark when attacking other villages. This will allow you to get additional free coins - the amount of reward will be different each time. 

Protective Turtle

Acts as a shield and can defend against attacks from other users. In doing so, the turtle can fail, which should also be taken into account. The probability of defense depends on the skill level. 


If the island's buildings have been destroyed due to an attack by other users, the starfish can automatically rebuild them. To do this, you need to gradually upgrade her skills. 

Ice Elf

An elf is able to freeze a player's wheel twice, whose login is indicated at the top of the game panel. This will allow you to get additional rewards during the holiday season. 

Rich Fish

With this pet you can get more free coins during steal mode. However, it is more difficult to unlock it than the others - you will need to go halfway around the map to do so. 

Island King — Collection of cards

В игре Island King предусмотрены карты. Они разделены на два типа: обычные и тематические. Также карты поделены по альбом — каждая коллекция насчитывает по 9 карт. Как только альбом заполнен, начисляется специальный приз. Это могут быть бесплатные монеты, новые карты или бесплатные вращения. Каждый альбом привязан к конкретному острову. 


To become a participant of the tournament, you need to open 7 islands. The list of competitions is updated on a regular basis. Terms of the tournament are simple: players need to perform certain actions or collect symbols on the machine - for this, points will be awarded. They are summed up and displayed in the tournament table. The winners are those players who managed to take the leadership position. 


On the game panel you can notice the "Event" tab. On it you can see the current events. Each of them is unique and gives you the opportunity to get different rewards. Their size and the conditions for obtaining them vary. In this case, players will need to perform certain actions - more details can be found in the description of the specific event. 

Download Island King app for Android and iOS

The game Island King is available for download on Android and iOS. You can find the download link on our website, as well as in the official App Store and Google Play, respectively. The download algorithm involves several steps:

  1. Go to the link or enter the name of the game in the search box of the market.
  2. Click on the "Install" button.
  3. Wait for the end of installation and run the game.

Before installing, make sure that the software meets the technical requirements. The age threshold is also an important parameter. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
The original slot machine in the shape of a wheel Options are tied to the level of the player
Special pets Some incentives are paid
A variety of bonus program The cost of objects increases with each level
Availability of events and tournaments Advertising inserts
Adaptation for Android and iOS Limitations on prize size


Island King is the original casual game, not inferior to competitors like Coin Master, Pet Master and Pirate Kings. It differs from the others in several points: mechanics, pets, available rewards. Even the classic gameplay consists not just of a slot machine, but also provides for the Bird slingshot option. If you complement this with colorful design the game becomes even more interesting and exciting. 


How do I get free coins in Island King?

To do this, you rotate the wheel. Depending on which sector the arrow stops, the money prize is awarded. Coins can be obtained in attack or steal mode.

Do I have to register to play?

No, signing up for Island King is discretionary, but offers several benefits: progress is saved, you can interact with friends and receive prizes for subscriptions.

Can I play with my friends?

Yes, there is an option for team play. You can invite a user via a link (will come by sms, mail or Facebook) and by referral code. For inviting a friend you get a prize.

How to activate a promo code?

To activate it, you need to open the game settings, go to the "Gift Code" section and enter the promo code. If all the rules are met, the reward will be credited automatically.

How to become a participant of the event?

Events are activated randomly - no extra actions are needed from the user. Event conditions are different, as well as possible rewards.

What kind of animal is worth using?

Each pet has a different function. So you should choose a pet based on your goals in the game.

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