Plinko — New Online Crash Game for Real Money

Plinko is a novelty in the field of crash games with instant payouts. Compared to competitors on the market (Aviator, GetX, JetX), here the player has to watch the ball fall instead of launching the plane. Like other crash games, the payout depends on two parameters: the specified bet and the multiplier. The multiplier is determined by the hole where the ball will fall. More about the features of Plinko we will tell in the review.

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Game Review

Plinko is new among crash games from provider BGaming. It is based on a popular TV show in the early 90's, which was held as a lottery. The main attributes of the game - the ball and a vertical board with lines and holes. The board is built in a pyramid format: the closer the lines to the base of the pyramid, the more wells in them. The payout ratio depends on which hole the ball hits. 


Crash game attracts attention for several reasons:

  • the ease of placing bets;
  • instant payouts;
  • the ability to run an unlimited number of balls in a round;
  • a table with the results;
  • a wide range of bets;
  • variable size of the winnings.

Choosing Plinko, the player must take into account that you have to rely only on luck. There is no guarantee that the ball will fall in a hole with high odds. In addition, some bets may not bring the winnings at all. The goal of the game is to win as many cash prizes as possible, throwing the ball from the top of the pyramid. 

Plinko in different online casinos

Crash game Plinko although it is a novelty, but presented in many online casinos. This is due to the strong interest from the players. It is possible to play Plinko with a minimum budget and without any special skills. 

To choose the right gambling club, you need to consider several criteria: 

  1. availability of a license;
  2. the number of slot machines in the catalog;
  3. available payment instruments;
  4. limits on deposits;
  5. the work of support service. 

Below we present the top online casinos with a solid reputation among players. 

Plinko at Stake Casino

Stake casino was launched in 2017 and is licensed by Curacao. The club's catalog contains over 3,000 slot machines, including crash games. For the first deposit, players receive a bonus of 300% of the deposit amount. Get additional prizes you can use a promo code from Reallyspins. Pay attention to the casino is worthwhile for the reason that all payments are made in cryptocurrency. 

Plinko at 1Win Casino

1Win offers two formats of gambling entertainment - sports betting and slot machines. The club is registered in Cyprus and operates legally, so players can be confident in their reliability. The main advantages of 1Win:

  • low deposit limits;
  • there is a collection of 4000+ slot machines;
  • it is possible to open several accounts;
  • cryptocurrency is supported;
  • favorable bonus for registration;
  • responsive support.

The number of active players of the club exceeds 1 million. This is another indicator that the site is popular and has a reliable reputation among players. 

Plinko at 1xBet Casino

1XBet is a popular company that combines two formats of activity: as a bookmaker and online casino. The casino has been operating legally since 1997 under a Curacao license. For registration at the site, the player can get a welcome bonus - 100% of the deposit amount.

The advantage of 1XBet is the original software. The company offers only official versions of slot machines - there are 7000+ slot machines of different types in the catalog. Players can find Crash games in several variations in the catalog. To play games at 1XBet, you can use the mobile app. It is adapted for Android and iOS parameters. 

Plinko at GGBet Casino

GGBet casino has been officially operating since 2016 under a Curacao license. The site has the following advantages:

  • a large range of slot machines;
  • a variety of payment methods;
  • 24-hour customer support service;
  • instant payments and deposits;
  • weekly bonuses;
  • 24 hours support.

The gambling club offers several varieties of slot machines: slots, Crash games, card games, table games and live dealer games. The advantage is a reliable reputation among players. 

Plinko: How to play

The laconicism of the Plinko game panel makes it easy to get acquainted with the gameplay. On the game board are a few buttons:

  • Bet. The value per round is adjusted by "+" and "-". You can set the minimum and maximum bets. 
  • Risk level. On this panel you have to choose one option from the list: low, medium or high.
  • Betting mode. Available in two variations: manual (the player for each round indicates a new bet) or auto (sets the rate and the number of rounds).
  • Lines. To adjust the number of lines, you must select the optimal value from the list. 
  • Play. Starts the ball drop. 

The game panel also displays the balance of coins and the amount of the last win. If you hover your cursor over a hole, information about the chance of winning (indicates how likely it is that the ball will fall into that hole) and the expected prize from the specified bet will appear.


The game Plinko takes place according to the following step-by-step algorithm:

  1. Specify the betting value manually or in auto mode. 
  2. Select the number of lines.
  3. Select the level of risk.
  4. Press the "Play" button - it starts the ball drop. If desired, the button can be pressed several times - it will run additional balls. In one round
  5. You can run an unlimited number of balls.
  6. Wait until the ball reaches the well.
  7. Check the size of the payout and profit.
  8. Start a new round. 

One of the advantages of Crash game is a table with the results. It publishes the start time of the round, the specified bet, the payout or coefficient of the hole, as well as the profit received. The information in the table is updated automatically with each new round. It is useful to study it, because it will allow you to compile statistics of getting the ball into certain holes. 

Tricks of the game algorithm

The game Plinko is based on a random number generator. It runs with every new round, so you can not predict the winnings. The generator works on the following principle: 

  1. The player indicates the bet and starts the round;
  2. The generator automatically comes into action;
  3. With the help of the generator determines the direction in which the ball will fall and in what hole;
  4. After the fall of the ball, the winnings are determined - the coefficient of the hole and the bet made are taken into account.

If you run the fall of several balls, the results of the round will always be different. It is impossible to influence or change the work of the algorithm. Therefore, the excitement of running rounds makes Crash game Plinko popular. 

Strategies to win Plinko 2023

It is impossible to beat the game Plinko, but there are chances to increase the size and probability of winning. It is necessary to take into account that in Crash game the level of risk is regulated. It is presented in three variations:

  1. Low. The ball with the highest probability of hitting the holes x0.5 - x1.
  2. Medium. Ratios increase from x0.5 to x100.
  3. High. Maximum odds are set from x0.2 to x1000.

The ball most often falls in the central holes. This allows to get the winnings, which are equal to the bet or slightly more than the bet amount. The rule follows from this: the further the hole is from the center, the harder it is to hit it and the higher the winnings.

In order to increase the chances of winning, it is worth sticking to several strategies. None of them can bring a 100% victory, which should also be taken into account. When following a strategy, it is also necessary to take into account possible financial risks. They can be divided into 3 categories: low, moderate and high.

Low odds tactic

This strategy is suitable for players who do not want to risk much money. To implement it, you need to follow the algorithm:

  • Select a low level of risk.
  • Activate the automatic mode of the game and specify the bet.
  • Select the number of bets in the auto game.
  • Start the round.

The exact amount of winnings depends on the specified bet. This strategy does not bring big prizes, but gives the opportunity to consistently receive small payments. Implement low odds tactics can be in manual mode - with each round, the player independently indicates the size of the bet. 

High risk strategy

This strategy is suitable only for experienced players who have no restrictions on bankroll. It is implemented as follows:

  • Specify the value of the bet.
  • Select a high risk level. 
  • Start the round.

The player is only required to observe and hope that the ball falls in the hole, located closer to the end of the line. This will break a large cash prize. To complicate the strategy and increase the risks, you can set the maximum number of lines. Also increases the size of the expected winnings. 

High-risk strategies are better used to get a large, but a one-time gain. If you apply them constantly, you can stay with nothing. 

Martingale system

This strategy involves high risks. Its main principle is that in case of losing, the player increases the bet size for the next round. The bet is increased until it is possible to get the winnings. After that, the value of the bet is reset. The Martingale system has the following advantages:

  1. easy to implement in practice;
  2. can be used even with a limited budget;
  3. based on mathematical analysis;
  4. makes it possible to get a big winnings;
  5. the size of bets regulated by the player.

The player should consider the possible risks with this strategy. If this is not done, it will lead to financial losses. 

Emphasis on the lines

To implement this strategy, it is necessary to activate the maximum number of lines, choose a low or medium risk level and actively launch balls. The strategy is suitable only for players with an unlimited budget. Since the lines are more than the standard number, increases the likelihood that the balls will fall into the wells, away from the center.

This strategy is easy to implement and in auto mode. First, specifies the number of lines and the level of risk, and then you need to set the stake and the number of rounds. After that, all that remains is to watch the payout. 

Secrets of Plinko

Crash game Plinko has a high rate of return. RTP 98.91% - 99.16% depending on the strategy and risk level chosen by the player. This means that out of 100 running rounds 99 will be winning. It should be taken into account that the specified calculations have a theoretical character - the number of prize rounds can be more or less than specified.

One round lasts no more than 10 seconds - this is the time the ball will fall from the top down and hit the hole. Take away the winnings and withdraw by any convenient way you can at any time. Secrets of the game in Plinko there is no, but there is a nuance - to adjust the probability of winning you can use the number of lines. 

Let us look at an example:

  1. If 8 lines are activated, the odds at the minimum bet are from 0.5 to 5.6. Available 9 possible wells.
  2. If 12 lines are activated, odds range from 0.5 to 10. There are 11 possible winning wells.
  3. If 16 lines are activated, multipliers from 0.5 to 16. Available 17 prize wells.

By adjusting the number of lines, the player can adjust the multipliers and the number of holes for the chosen strategy. The more lines are involved, the higher is the payoff of Plinko. This also affects the size of the expected winnings and their probability. In Plinko there is no large jackpot, freespins and additional bonus rounds. 

Download Plinko on Android and iOS

You can play Plinko from your phone. To do this, the casino offers a mobile version of the site, which opens through a smartphone browser. Some sites also give the opportunity to download a mobile application. It is adapted to the requirements of operating systems Android and iOS. 


Find the link to download the software on our website. The program is also available on Google Play and App Store, respectively. Downloading is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Open the market from your phone.
  2. Enter the name of the casino in the search box.
  3. Click "Install".
  4. Wait until the end of the download and run the application.
  5. Go through the registration or log in with a username and password.

To download Plinko on Android or iOS, choose only trusted sources. This will allow you to be sure that the software works properly, and the version of the game is official. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
High kickback Betting limits
Variable level of risk No bonus features
Instant payouts and round results Variable winnings
The number of lines is set by the player Team mode is not available
Suitable for the game with a low budget Rarely do big odds fall out

A comparison of Plinko and other Crash games

Plinko differs from other Crash games (Aviator, GetX, JetX) in several ways:

  • game features;
  • story component;
  • algorithm;
  • structure;
  • betting range;
  • nuances of registration bets.

For clarity, let us compare Plinko and a popular game in the genre Crash Aviator on these parameters. 

Parameter Plinko  Aviator 
Features of the game The game is based on a popular TV show: the ball falls along the lines lined up in a pyramid The game unfolds against the backdrop of a runway. The player has to launch the plane and watch as the multiplier increases
The plot Not available Not available
Algorithm Random number generator that runs in each round Mathematical algorithm: casino server sends and bets results of the first 3 players are taken into account
Structure Up to 16 lines, wells and ball Airplane, runway and multiplier
Rate range Minimum: 1 coin
Maximum: 100 coins
Minimum: 1 USD
Maximum: 100 USD
The nuances of betting Only one coupon is available, auto bid mode is supported Two coupons are available, there is an auto-mode and auto-cashout option
Bonus features Not available Not available



What strategy is suitable for players with a low budget?

With a limited budget, players should focus on a low-risk strategy. For its implementation, the auto mode of betting is set and the minimum bet is specified. It is also necessary to choose a low level of risk. It will allow to get small, but stable winnings.

Can I play Plinko for free?

Yes, it is possible. Crash game is available in demo mode, which is supported in many online casinos. To run it, you do not need to register or replenish your account, as bets are made on virtual coins. Because of this, it is impossible to withdraw the resulting winnings.

What affects the number of lines selected?

The more lines selected (maximum 16), the longer the path the ball travels before hitting the hole. In addition, increasing the number of lines also increases the number of holes - the ones farthest from the center are the hardest to hit.

What level of risk should I choose?

It is recommended to select the level of risk taking into account the chosen strategy of the game. For example, it is better for beginners to choose a low level - it will allow to study the gameplay of Plinko and get the first win. If the player is ready to risk the money, then it is possible to set a high risk level.

Is it possible to cheat the Plinko algorithm?

No, it is not possible. There is also no point in using special programs for hacking. The basis of the Crash game Plinko uses a random number generator - which means that the result of each round will be different. When placing a bet players should be guided only by luck.

How do I read the results of the round?

The results of each round are published automatically after it ends. For this purpose there is a table on the side of the game panel. It shows the time, the size of the bet, the payout received and the total profit.

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