Aviator, Getx and JetX as a new popular online casino destination

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Crash games with instant payouts are gradually gaining popularity. The reason for this is the simplicity of the gameplay - you only need to make a monetary bet and start the round. The probability of winning and its size depends on the caught odds. In crash games there is no need to collect prize combinations of the same image. Instead, you need to carefully monitor what is happening on the playing field. In crash games users are also attracted to innovative gameplay based on changing the mechanics. In addition to the ease of operation of the game, the advantage are the real chances of winning. Even with the minimum bet you can break the money.

Features of crash games

The principle of crash games is very simple: a bet is made and then starts to increase the multiplier. No one knows when the round will end. If a player manages to catch the multiplier before the plane flies away - he wins. In this case, the bet is multiplied by the specified multiplier. If he fails to do so, the bet is canceled. 

The longer the round lasts, the higher the risk, but the payout is more impressive. The popularity of crash games is justified by the characteristics:

  1. several users play in one round at once, which adds elements of competition;
  2. players themselves decide when to start a round and when to stop it;
  3. the main emphasis is placed on the gameplay, the visual component and background music go into the background;
  4. a wide range of bets - you can play crash games even with a small budget.


It is worth paying attention to the principle by which the payout is calculated. It is the same for all the games mentioned in the review - Aviator, JetX, GetX, so it is worth considering in detail:

  • the player makes a bet and starts the flight of the plane;
  • as the plane flies, the odds increase;
  • at some point the plane stops flying;
  • if he manages to stop the plane in time, the bet is multiplied by the specified coefficient. 

Crash games are based on a random number generator. This means that it is impossible to beat them. It also makes no sense to use hacking programs or resort to various fraudulent schemes. It is impossible to cheat on the crash games, and because they work on a provable basis. Developers have provided for all possible schemes of hacking. 


Aviator is the founder of the crash game genre in casinos. The game was released by Spribe in 2019 and has become popular among players for several reasons:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • fast payouts of winnings;
  • original structure;
  • high returns;
  • quick wagering.

The game is played against the backdrop of a runway. With each round an airplane is launched. At the same time multiplier starts to increase. The player's task in time to stop the plane before it flies away. If he fails to do this, the bet is considered a loser.


You should also pay attention to the Aviator algorithm. It is unique and different from other crash games. The round multiplier is calculated based on two factors:

Server data, which analyzes all bets using a mathematical algorithm;
The results of the first 3 players' bets.

These factors are summed up, which determines the random flight multiplier. The rounds are triggered with a frequency of once every 7-10 seconds. Players do not have to participate in each round. 

Avitor has a maximum multiplier of x200. In this case there is no limit on the possible winnings - it depends only on the size of the bet and allows players to break the jackpot money. The game panel provides a table with the results. This allows you to check the odds of other players, as well as track the history of bets. 


GetX is a novelty among the crash games, which can be run so far only on the platform of the same name. While most games launch an airplane and its flight is demonstrated against the runway, here the developer decided to depart from the classic design: players will have to follow the flight of the rocket, which takes off against a dark forest and seeks the moon.

GetX game has a number of features:

  • two bets can be placed simultaneously;
  • the game is only available in the money mode;
  • the maximum winnings increase in real time;
  • there is no limit on the number of players;
  • RTP: 98,7%;
  • betting limit is set;
  • The coefficient of the round is calculated taking into account the random number generator.


Crash game will appeal to fans of the genre. It will also suit users who prefer dynamic games and fast payouts. A new round is triggered every 10 seconds and the maximum winnings are unlimited. 


JetX is also based on the flight of an airplane. To win, players need to stop it in time to pick up the prize multiplier. Unlike other crash games, JetX is based on a random number algorithm. It is triggered in every new round, so different multipliers always fall out. It is impossible to predict them or to beat the crash game.


JetX is called a worthy competitor to the leader among crash games Aviator. Both games provide simple rules, have a bright, but concise design and give real chances to win. The difference between the games is only in the range of bets and multipliers set. Enjoyment and excitement is guaranteed, regardless of the chosen game. 

Crash game algorithms in casinos 

Crash games are based on a demonstrably fair system. It works on a special principle:

  1. Before the start of the round, the generator generates the coefficient at which the plane flies away;
  2. With each new round the generator starts - the multiplier changes.

Check the fairness of the round can be in the settings of each crash game. The result of the round depends on two parameters: the server sids (depends on the generator) and the first 3 bets of the round. As in usual slot machines the user cannot predict what the winnings will be or when the coefficient will reach the highest value. Rely only on luck. 

Crash games and slot machines: the main differences

Crash games in many aspects compared to the usual slot machines that can be found in a catalog of online casinos. For comparison, it is necessary to evaluate several parameters: 

  • The structure (number of lines and reels);
  • Betting range;
  • The payoff (RTP and volatility).

For these games, the overall parameter is the excitement of the game, as well as equal chances to win and lose. More nuances can be found in the table. 

Краш игры Игровые автоматы 
Структура предусматривает игровое поле, панель управления и летающий аппарат как основный элемент Структура предусматривает определенное количество линий и барабанов
Размер выплаты рассчитывается с учетом ставки и установленного коэффициенты Выплата зависит от собранной комбинации и размера ставки
Отдача от 97% RTP от 95%
Нет ограничений по размеру выигрыша Провайдер устанавливает возможный выигрыш
Одновременно можно оформить 2 купона Одно вращение барабана предусматривает одну ставку

If you choose Crash games, you need to consider: winning and losing has an equal chance, namely 50%. Increase the chances of the prize money can be achieved by using different strategies. They should understand in detail. 

Strategy of low multipliers

This strategy is suitable for beginners and users who are aware of the risks. In crash games, this strategy can be implemented in two ways:

  1. Manual. The player specifies the bet and starts the flight of the plane. Then he needs to closely monitor the course of the round and stop it as soon as the desired value is reached. 
  2. Auto. The coupon activates the auto-cashout mode - multipliers up to x3 are set. As soon as the plane reaches the desired value, the round is automatically stopped, and the payment is credited to the balance. 

This strategy provides low risks. This is due to the fact that x1-x3 multipliers are the most frequent in most crash games, including Aviator and GetX. 

Insurance Strategy

If a player is unsure of the outcome of a round, possible multipliers and does not want to lose money, he should resort to this strategy. It provides for several features:

  • two coupons are made at the same time;
  • multipliers can be set manually or using the auto-mode;
  • odds of different ranges are specified: up to x3 and from x7 and above;
  • low risks of loss are kept;
  • easy to implement in practice.

It would also be useful to briefly formulate the main principle of the strategy. The player makes out two coupons simultaneously: in the first specifies the bet and sets the auto-cashout for the multiplier to x3, and in the second only specifies the bet. Then the flight of the plane is launched. If the first bet brought a win, for the second it is necessary to wait for the multiplier from x7.

This strategy steadily brings winnings: if any of the bets turns out to be a loser, the second can be used for backup. 

Martingale strategy

This is a well-known strategy that is popular because of the simplicity of implementation. Its main principle is based on the fact that if you lose, the bet in the next round is doubled. This strategy is suitable only for players with a large budget, who are aware of the possible risks. Implementing the strategy in practice is simple: you need to monitor the course of the round and raise your bet on time. If you manage to get a win, the bet after that is reduced to the minimum. 

Useful tips on how to win in crash games

There is no single answer to the question how to win in crash games. The size of the payout depends on two parameters: the bet set and the multiplier caught during the flight. In order for more rounds to win, you need to adhere to a few tips:

  1. Make moderate bets;
  2. Do not chase large odds;
  3. Rationally control the budget for the bets;
  4. Study the statistics with the results of other users.

Do not forget about the rules of responsible gaming. Crash games bring instant payouts, but they are high-risk games. 

Concentration on the game

The game panel provides a table with the results. In it you can keep track of what bets were made and what payouts were obtained. Studying the table is useful, but concentrate on your game. This will increase the chances that you will be able to guess the highest multiplier.

If you focus on the results of other users can miss a profitable moment. Because of this, the plane will be stopped early or it will fly away at all. Neither in the first, nor in the second case, will it be possible to obtain a large cash prize. 

Distribute the budget wisely

None of the strategies can bring a guaranteed win. Therefore, users should rely on luck and intuition during the game in Aviator or JetX - rates should be distributed wisely and do not strive to catch large multipliers. With small bets can also get a substantial cash prize.

Testing algorithms

It is impossible to beat crash games. They are based on a random number generator and are also based on a provably fair system. But that does not stop the player from testing the algorithms and figuring out which multipliers fall out more often than others and with what frequency. For example, in JetX the flight of the plane often stops at a multiplier of x2-x3. This information can be used when placing a coupon with a cash bet. 


Crash games are now at the peak of popularity in online casinos. This can be explained by several reasons: 

  • fast payouts;
  • easy rules;
  • A strong excitement from the game;
  • the presence of competitive elements;
  • a wide range of bets.

The industry leaders include three crash games: Aviator, JetX, and GetX. They have similar features: winning or losing depends on whether you can stop the plane before it flies away. The payout amount is calculated by the same algorithm: the specified bet and the caught multiplier are taken into account.

Despite a number of similar elements, each of these games has its own peculiarities. They are expressed in the design, algorithm and possible winnings. 

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