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Slot Bonanza is the original gaming platform, offering users different activities. There is a large selection of slot machines, you can participate in Challenges and Collections collection, as well as get different bonuses. The game is played for entertainment purposes only, so the financial risks are 100% excluded.

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Slot Bonanza platform review

Slot Bonanza platform offers favorable conditions for the game. Registration is not required, but it opens up access to different in-game activities. For example, you can collect cards or trophies, get access to time and daily bonuses, increase the level in the loyalty program. The main emphasis is on active play with the use of virtual coins.


Slot Bonanza platform developers have made an emphasis on the variety of slot machines. Access to them opens step by step, with the increase of the player's level. For convenience, the games are divided into 3 categories:

  • Popular. This category includes slots that users run more often than others. For example: 777 Retro Spin, Amazing Africa, Pirate Legends, Vegas Spin. This category continues to expand actively.
  • Recent. Here you can find slots that have been run recently.
  • All. Collected all the slot machines in the catalog. Near some of them, you can see a number - it indicates the level at which the access to the slot. Examples: Spooky Treats, Kronos Mystery, Hidden Forest, Fishbowl Party.

Separately worth noting the category Favorites. In it you can add machines that liked more than others. Beside each slot indicates its feature. For example, the Phoenix Synergy machine complemented by a special round, and in the slot Howling Wolves operates cascading system of payments.


When choosing a game, it is important to focus not only on their themes and design. Worth considering and bonus content on the type of mini-rounds or special characters. This increases the chances of getting the cash prize.


One of the in-game activities of the platform is the collection. It comes in two variations - cards and trophies. The cash prize is only awarded if the entire collection is collected. There are 8 themed items in each, which are awarded randomly.


There are 17 card albums provided on the platform. The total number of possible cards is 144, but the collection can expand. Each album contains 8 cards, where all are unique. There are several of the most popular sets that can be identified:

  • VIP Cards;
  • Under Water Cards;
  • Old Egypt Cards;
  • Around the World Cards;
  • Mythical Cards.

For each collected album you get a different number of coins. Cards are usually divided by their status: Common (frequently encountered), Rare (rare) and Epic (special). You can get cards during the game - they are randomly assigned. To increase your chances of getting a card, it is recommended to make large bets.


The platform has the option of collecting trophies. Thus, the player can get special rewards for active play in the slots. Trophies are divided into 4 collections:

  • Easter. The collection includes 10 unique trophies. Get them only for playing the slot Bunny Hop. When playing it, the task of the player to find hidden Easter eggs. The award is credited only if all 10 eggs are collected.
  • World-Cup. Special trophies played in Goal Time slot, which has a high level of RTP. Cups are divided by rarity and value: the higher the size of the specified bet, the easier to open the trophy.
  • Love. In the Love Story slot there are 10 hidden objects, with a reference to the romantic theme. So, you can see an image of a teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, an engagement ring.
  • Dragon Eggs. Trophies for this collection can be obtained during the game in the Dragon Fire slot. Before this you will need to reach the Volcano Chapter as part of the Bonanza Trail special promo offer. This collection, like the others, hides 10 items.

Each trophy is rewarded with a cash prize. Its size is variable, which is also important to consider.

Bonanza Trail.

This is the original in-game option, implemented in the form of staged quests. Within the journey, 50 levels are available and their list keeps expanding. At each level, the player has a task to complete. For example, make 25 spins in a particular slot or get a win of x25,000 from the bet.

Depending on how well the task will be performed, are assigned special coins. They can be bronze, silver or gold. The number of coins accumulated and their type is displayed on a special scale. These coins are used to open new chapters. If there are not enough coins, they can be obtained by exchanging them for crystals. On the page with free coins Slot Bonanza describes more about bonuses and rewards gaming platform.

With each open level, the complexity of the assigned mission increases. Missions are given a limited amount of time to complete. If you fail to complete it, you will need to go through the task again.

Download Slot Bonanza - Casino Slot application for mobile

You can download the platform app on Android and iOS. You can do it in two different ways, where each has certain features. Let's examine the first way - downloading through the official App Store and Google Play markets. It is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Open the Market on your phone.
  2. Enter the name of the platform in the search box and click "Install".
  3. Wait until the download is completed and install the application.
  4. Launch the platform and log in through Facebook.

The second way is more practical - you need to select the type of operating system and follow the link from our website. Then the application is installed the standard way.


Do not bypass the authorization stage, as it opens up access to various promotional offers. The application will work correctly under two conditions: the device meets the minimum technical requirements and there is a connection to the Internet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Wide choice of slot machines There are no tournaments and draws.
Generous bonus offers Access to some in-game activities is limited for newcomers
Option to collect cards and trophies Some game options are payable
Convenient mobile app adapted to all devices No team play mode
No financial risks during the game No option to withdraw your winnings


Slot Bonanza platform is implemented as a social online casino that offers a large selection of slot machines. Like many similar gaming platforms(Slotpark, myKonami Slots, DoubleU Casino) the game is played for entertainment purposes only, which excludes financial risks.

In addition to the variety of games, impressive and well-thought-out bonus program: you can take advantage of time or daily bonus, get cash prizes for watching ads or activate the top-up bonus. Such a variety of promotional offers makes it easy to get free coins for betting.


Is wagering bonuses required on the Slot Bonanza platform?

No, wagering is not conducted on the platform for any rewards. This is due to the use of free coins and directly to the principles of Slot Bonanza - the game is played for entertainment purposes only.

What types of bonuses are available to platform players?

Bonuses on Slot Bonanza platform can be divided into two weighty categories: for example, regular and special. If regular bonuses are accrued without additional conditions and provide for a gradual increase in size, then it is more difficult to get special rewards.

How many friends can I invite to play together in Slot Bonanza?

The number of friends available for invitation is unlimited. With each new user who clicks on the link, downloads the app and logs in, the bonus amount increases.

Do I have to register on the platform to get bonuses?

No, registration on the platform is not required. Moreover, it has no effect on saving game progress, nor on the fact of receiving bonuses or their size. However, it gives you the opportunity to receive exclusive promotional offers and invite friends.

Is there a limit to the number of free coins?

Most platform bonuses are regular. Their size is tied to the level in the system and gradually increases. This allows you to talk about certain restrictions.

What is the most profitable bonus on the Slot Bonanza platform?

Regular bonuses are considered the most profitable. These include time and daily bonuses. They are accrued constantly and do not require any additional action on the part of the player.

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