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Hero Wars or Chaos Chronicles is a popular free game set in a fantasy world. It comes in two variations: browser-based (the game is played online, without downloading additional software) and mobile. To play from your phone you can download the application for Android and iOS. The main principle of the game is based on epic battles. For this purpose, Chronicles of Chaos has separate heroes and categories of characters. For each hero has a certain skill and a special ability. Next, let's analyze what characteristics of the heroes you need to pay attention to.

Main Characteristics of Heroes

Chronicles of Chaos has familiar elements to all players - levels, experience, armor and attack stats. There are also innovations, such as characters and lines and evolution. Each of the game elements has a specific meaning.


Levels and Experience

This is a variable parameter that is assigned to each character. Most of the game players have to pump up the level of the hero, because his strength depends on it. You can level up in Hero Wars by completing the Campaigns: 1 energy spent brings the team 1 unit of experience. Also pumping occurs when participating in the mission - in this case the number of units of experience is accrued differently.

Game Role

As in other games of this genre, the casual game Hero Wars characters are divided into groups, depending on the role performed. There are 7 roles in total and they are conditionally divided into 3 categories: tank, damaggers and soppers. In order to make a balanced group of characters, it must include heroes of 3 types. Some characters in the game belong to one category, some belong to two at the same time:

  1. Fighter. Melee Damager.
  2. Healer. Replenishes the health of a single character or the entire team. Healer or Healer is vulnerable, so his health level is limited. 
  3. Mage. Deals high levels of magic damage.
  4. Rifleman. Uses a long-range weapon to deal heavy damage.
  5. Tank. Is in front of the team, has a lot of health and high defense, but deals moderate damage.
  6. Support. A character whose skills allow to enhance the skills of a character or the whole team. 
  7. Control. Affects enemies - weakens their defenses, destabilizes, stuns, and throws a silence. 

These are the categories by which the characters in Hero Wars are divided. The hero's role is definitely taken into account when building a team. 


Each character has a certain skill, which is to be pumped in the course of the game. A total of 4 abilities assigned to the character, which are opened in stages. The first active skill is pumped in battles as you accumulate energy. The other three are passive and do not require the player's participation. 


This is another important criterion that is assigned to each Hero Wars character. Each fighter has a certain characteristic: strength, intelligence or dexterity. Additionally, there are special characters that can also be upgraded. There are 5 of them for each hero. For example, physical or magical attack, armor, protection from magic.

Building a cohesive team

There are no inherently weak or useless characters in Chaos Chronicles. Each character has a skill and in-game role that can be used to do more damage or heal in a cohesive team. When making a team, it is important to consider the likelihood of pumping in the long run. 


It is important to pay attention to the balance of the team. It is very difficult to build a strong hero combos from only healers or tanks. The number of characters of a given role in the team is selected at the player's discretion, but it will be useful to stick to the following scheme: 1 healer, 3 tank, 3 fighters (demage dealer). This will increase the chances of destroying the enemy and completing the mission. 

Now that we have the main characteristics of the heroes, their skills and parameters, consider the top characters from each category. This will allow you to pick combinations of characters to pass chapters.

The best characters to pump


This is a good tank that has a lot of armor. He attacks poorly, but this disadvantage is compensated for by high survivability and several useful skills. Astaroth is able to protect the whole team with his shield and burn energy from distant enemies. His skills also include damage transfer from teammates to himself. He also has the unique skill of being able to resurrect or bring back to life other teammates. 


Qing Mao

This fighter is suited to make up a strong team. He has proven himself in battles against armored heroes. With this character you'll be able to take out enemy tanks faster. Qing Mao's first skill is to hit, torch and repel, his second skill is to dazzle on impact, and his third skill is to deal percentage damage. 



A healer who deals heavy damage. The character is assigned 4 skills:

  1. Summons a flower that makes the healer invulnerable and heals the entire team at once. 
  2. Poisons foes.
  3. Poisons and pulls down foes.
  4. Skill triggers when the flower dies - immobilizes and poisons characters. 


Maya has also proven herself in team fights. Combined with another healer, players can boost their team's survivability to the max. 


This hero is worth adding to the team because he deals a lot of damage, has a long life expectancy and increases the critical hit chance for the whole team with his artifact. 


The first skill activates the demonic form of the character - Ismail attacks faster and deals more damage. With the second skill the player can dodge blows. The third and fourth skills are passive: vampirism and stunning the attacked target. Because of his power Ishmael can pass the entire Tower by himself. 


A character who simultaneously serves two roles: connoisseur and control. Given the 4th skill, we can also talk about the character's magical potential. The first ability allows Celeste to switch between the dark and light side - only 50% of her energy is used. 


In light form, the character heals and cleanses, and in dark form it prevents the enemy from being hit. The fourth skill activates additional magical damage when dealing basic attacks. Celeste is an indispensable character who is a great addition to a team. The combination of the two entities in her gives twice the skill applied in physical and magical attacks. 


Pay attention to this character for the reason that Kira is a good mass attack shooter. Let's break down every skill separately:

  • First. Launches blades, which pass through all players several times. Additionally it activates the silence.
  • Second. Attack is accelerated by 5 seconds, as well as the application of abilities. 
  • Third (passive). Basic attacks from enemies will be directed in their direction. 
  • Fourth. When armor is fully penetrated, the attack power increases by 3-4 times.


It is worth choosing Kira for physical attacks. Her artifact increases the damage dealt by the whole team. 

Useful Tanks and Fighters

Each team should have at least 1 tank and at least 3 warriors. This will create a balanced and cohesive team that deals heavy damage to the enemy in both magical and physical attacks. Several Hero Wars characters can be included in this selection. 


This is the strongest tank in the game. To activate him you'll need to spend a lot of diamonds (360 soul stones) or use the donation. The knife knife drops right away with a full evolution, but only in the hero's chest. The advantage of the character is his main skills:

  1. Drow. Strikes enemies with the cleaver, which stuns them and causes great damage; 
  2. Heavyweight. A character permanently gains extra strength. 
  3. Rusty Hook. A hook is thrown at a distant opponent, dealing damage. Also, the opponent is moved to a forward position, making it easier to attack further. 
  4. Rot. Deals net damage to yourself and nearby opponents for 5 seconds. 


This combination of skills explains why every Chaos Chronicle player is eager to get Tesak on his team and put him at the top of his game. 


This character is capable of performing at 100% with the right team. He has low defense and health parameters, but his skills make up for these shortcomings. Here are the main skills assigned to Karh:

  • Tosses 3 opponents with the lowest health into the air;
  • Blocks some of his physical health and recovers faster;
  • Deals damage to all tossed opponents;
  • Damage to tossed opponents works as a heal.


This is a really strong fighter who is both popular and hated among the players. This contradiction is easy to explain: if Karh joins a team, it becomes twice as strong. If Karh is on the opposing team, it creates high risks of losing. 


A good mage who is easy to pump up and use for magical attacks. This is aided by the character's main skills:

  1. Ice Punishment. Christa hits opponents with 5 ice crystals. 
  2. Frost Chains. Enemies' magical defenses are reduced by several times.
  3. Needles of Cold. Gives great support to her brother Lars. Field below opponents freezes and ice needles are created. 
  4. Crystallization. This skill becomes available once you reach purple rank. With it, Krista is able to take a lot of external damage. 


You should also take into account the fact that the character is assigned different guises. Their change also activates additional skills and abilities. 


This is one of the most powerful shooters in Hero Wars, which is excellent in a team game. His advantages lie in his established skills:

  • "I can't be stopped". For 7 seconds the character becomes enraged and his attack speed increases. 
  • "I'll take your life". Each attack inflicts additional net damage to the opponent. Two percent of Ju's health is deducted. 
  • "I See You". For a short time the damage from the attacks is increased. Ju concentrates on a distant opponent. 
  • "Spirits Heal Me". Some percentage of health is restored. 


It's worth the time to train Ju if your team needs a strong player who can deal significant damage to opponents. His strengths also include stability on the field. 

Best Mages

It's unrealistic to create a complete team without mages. They increase the damage dealt and allow to defeat the opposing team faster. 


This character copies someone else's skills and has a decent showing when paired with Karh. He can be good for teams with a lot of physical or magic attacks. He also seems to be weak at first levels, but is 100% worth it when you first level up. 

The character is capable of:

  • lift the nearest opponent into the air and drop him in the center of the enemy team;
  • deal damage with a magic projectile to three nearby opponents and stun them;
  • increase the team's magical defense. 


In order for the character to show himself properly, you need to be careful in choosing partners. 


This character is a very good ranged attacker. He is able to lower the defenses of the opposing team quite a bit. Some of his stats are set up to do just that:

  • Fires six guided missiles at the opponent with the most health;
  • Stuns opponents for 4 seconds with an explosion;
  • Each attack gives additional energy. 


Orion is quick to replenish health, which also speaks to his strength as a mage.

When putting together a cohesive team, it's important to consider how the characters complement each other and interact. This is doubly relevant when it comes to characters with different skills and levels. Groups of characters can be compiled as for physical or magical attacks, as well as by mixing heroes. 

Separately, it is worth considering sets for certain players - such groups are often created by experienced players who understand what characters should be used to perform the tasks at hand. When putting together a team, it is important to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each player. 

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