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There are a number of board games in which the main component is cards. They create a special mechanic of the game, making the process more dynamic and diverse. Due to their small size, these games are easy to take with you, and they often surpass board games with many different components.

Card games and their types

Card games are a significant category of games in social casinos. They are represented in such types: poker, baccarat, blackjack and others. Each type of game has its own characteristics. 

Poker and its varieties

Poker is the most popular card game that requires certain skills from the player. At the beginning of the deal, each player receives 2 cards. Then the deal begins: players place bets, raise them or skip their turn. The dealer puts a card on the table with each betting round - 3 cards in total. 

The player who manages to collect the most valuable combination of cards wins the deal. The value of the cards depends on the combination - there are 10 of them. Poker is such a popular game that it is presented in several varieties. The main ones are: Omaha, Texas Hold'em, Oasis. 


The principle of playing baccarat is simple and based on card counting. This makes the game easy even for beginners. Once the cards are dealt, players need to make two decisions - specify the outcome and the bet amount. Next, the dealer takes the cards and counts the points according to the rules. The player's task is to score as many points as possible with two or three cards. 


Blackjack is popular for several reasons: simple rules, fast hands and the chance to win if you apply special strategies. The goal of players is to score more points than the dealer, but no more than 21. The game uses 52 cards. 

Players take turns receiving two cards each. With each turn, you can stay with your cards or take more. Points are awarded for each card, which are taken into account when determining the winner. 

Features of the game online

Card games in the casino are implemented in the format of a familiar slot machine. Therefore, it will be easy to play, taking into account the rules of the chosen game. The dealer will act as an opponent. The distribution of cards is done automatically. This can also be said about "trading" cards, for example, in poker. The player only needs to click on the desired card and it will automatically appear on the table. 

The advantage of playing online is the automatic calculation of combinations or points for the cards in hand. If in a real casino for this was responsible croupier or dealer, the online format is performed automatically and is displayed in the center of the screen. This makes the game more dynamic. 

Free play in social casinos

The main feature of social casinos is that the game is played for entertainment purposes. Players do not need to fund their account for betting. Instead, virtual coins are used. They are automatically added to the balance after registration, as a time bonus or wheel of fortune, for participating in quests and tournaments. 

In other words, players have a lot of opportunities to get free coins. They can be used in any game presented in the catalog of the casino at your discretion - there are no limits on the number and size of bets. The winnings are also credited to the virtual balance, so they cannot be withdrawn in cash equivalent. 

The importance of experience and skill in card games

Card games require players to have certain skills. This is really true - not every beginner will be able to play poker and win right away. You need to understand the principle of the deal, the rules of the trade, which combinations are the most valuable, how many points are given for a particular card. Without this, it is impossible to win even in the online format.

There is also a significant advantage - online skill to bluff and understand the psychology of the game is not needed. The game is played against the computer, there are no real players, respectively, the value of experience is relegated to the background. This will be a double advantage for beginners. 

Abundance of competitions and championships

Social casinos emphasize interactive elements. This translates into the ability to play in teams with friends or other players. The game can be played in a single player format or as a competition. There are also full-fledged championships. They consist of several levels and provide for the drawing of cash prizes. 

The abundance of tournaments and championships and adds social elements to the casino. Players can not only play card games, but also test their strength. Participation in tournaments is most often free, but occasionally a certain monetary contribution may be required. 


Card games are popular in social casinos. It's easy to explain: simple rules, a wide range of stakes, and a variety of variations. Such games attract both beginners and experienced players, including high rollers. In addition, if you play with social casinos you can not worry about funding your account - the game is played for virtual, free coins. 


What card games are popular?

In terms of popularity the leader is the unchanged classics - poker, blackjack, baccarat. These card games are presented in numerous variations.

How to play card games for free?

To do this, you should choose to play social casinos. They use virtual coins for betting, so you do not need to replenish your account.

Can I bluff in card games online?

No, you can't do that. The game is played against the computer, so you can't show emotion and skill.

What are the benefits of playing at social casinos?

Playing in social casinos opens up access to championships and competitions. You can participate on your own or with friends or other players from your team.

Can I win at baccarat for a beginner?

Yes, it is possible, if luck smiles. Baccarat is considered to be the simplest card game, as it is based on the principle of card counting.

What card game is suitable for high rollers?

High rollers are fine with poker. Especially Omaha. This variety provides a wide range of bets and high odds for valuable card combinations.