What happens to betting if the match is postponed?

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This question is asked by bettors most often, which is quite obvious - few people want to be left without money, even through no fault of their own. I hasten to dispel all speculations and worries. If the match is postponed, the bet remains valid: its size, type, selected outcomes and odds do not change, but there are a couple of nuances. I will consider them on the example of the bookmaker Bet365.

The date of the match has been postponed

Suppose you bet money on a soccer match, but it is temporarily canceled due to heavy downpour and wind. In such a situation, the bookmaker does not refund the money, but simply pauses the bet for up to 2 days. This time is enough time for normal weather to return and the match to take place. The result of the bet in this case depends on the outcome of the game.

I will note a few more nuances:

  • If with the postponement of the match also changes the venue or other essential conditions, the bet is calculated with odds x1 - the balance is returned the entire amount bet.
  • If live bets are selected, the rescheduled match will take up to 10 hours to be played. If the match is postponed by the organizers for a longer period of time, the bet will be automatically canceled.

These nuances are valid on the example of the bookmaker Bet365. If you choose another bookmaker for betting, I recommend you to familiarize yourself with its terms and conditions - some BCs have pitfalls that you should know about in advance.


The match has been canceled

If the match has been canceled and it is not planned to be held in the near future, the odds x1 is applied to the bets already made. Even if the odds were originally much higher, up to x10, etc., they will be leveled. Instead, the entire bet is returned to the balance. This happens automatically, the player does not need to apply anywhere.

The rescheduled match is played by 20-50%

The matches that have already been partially played, but for some reason were interrupted and the date was shifted deserve special attention. If only 50% has passed since the start of the game, the bet is canceled and the money placed is also returned to the balance.

The exception is when the match was postponed, but the outcome is already known. For example, you bet money on a goal in the first half and it was scored. Then the bet is calculated according to the odds specified in the coupon.

Both the transfer of matches and their cancelation has many nuances. I advise you not to ignore them in order to get the maximum benefit from sports betting.

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