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Crazy Fox is a casual game with gambling elements. In it the developers of Astak Tech offer to watch the adventures of the Little Prince and his Fox. High-quality graphics are complemented by an interactive machine and various bonus options. As players progress through the levels, they can unlock new levels, accumulate prizes and collect collectible cards. 

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Crazy Fox is a prime example of a game with interactive elements. Despite the simplicity of the rules, the game captures from the first spin. Contributes to this not only the presence of the in-game machine, but also thoughtful bonus content. The developers have provided a number of opportunities to get coins to pass the levels. 



Understand the gameplay of Crazy Fox will be easy for every player. It is intuitive and familiarity with the game is done in stages. At the first launch there is a brief briefing, which tells about the in-game machine, symbols, modes of attack and theft, the rules of progression through the levels. Access to additional options opens as new levels are opened. 

In-game machine

The action of the game depends on the combinations dropped on the in-game machine. It is divided into 3 parts and is triggered by a separate button. There must be enough spins on the balance to start the spin. 

As you progress through the game, the bet per spin can increase - from x1 and up to x10. It will be valid for winnings received for combinations, as well as for the cash prize received as part of the attack or steal mode. If you increase the bet, the number of spins written off per spin will also increase.

Crazy Fox symbols and combinations

Crazy Fox symbols can be divided into several groups:

  • Coins. Presented in two variations: in the form of a stack of coins and in the form of the chest. The more coins fall out at the same time, the higher the total payout. 
  • Bomb. 3 of these symbols trigger the attack mode. If they fall 1-2 images, they are paid separately. 
  • Fox. Starts stealing or theft mode.
  • Flask with a potion. 3 flask symbols activate 3 additional spins. If you increase the bet, the number of spins will also increase. 
  • Shield. If you manage to collect 3 of these shield, the village will be protected from the attacks of other players. Additional symbols of the shield turn into spins.

It is impossible to predict what symbols will fall on the in-game machine. This adds an element of surprise to the game. Note another aspect: as you progress through the levels, the design of the symbols will change with the concept. 

Attacking other players

Attack mode opens if 3 bombs are dropped on the playing field. In it, the player will have to choose a target and attack it. If the target is successfully defeated, a cash prize is added to the balance. With each level and open village, its size increases.

Other players can repel the attack. They must have enough shields on their balance to do so. If the attack is unsuccessful, you will also receive a cash prize, but significantly less. 


Steal mode is triggered if three fox symbols roll. In this mode, it is to steal the hidden treasure from the other players. There will be 4 loophole points in the village, of which only 3 can be chosen. Each loophole can hide a different amount of coins. On the page with free game currency Crazy Fox, you can learn more about rewards and bonuses. In some cases, the loophole is empty and the player leaves with nothing. 


Moving around the map

With each new level the player will move around the map. The levels are thematic and can be dedicated to fairytale characters, historical events, eras, and countries. For example, it is worth noting such levels: "American West", "Cinderella", "Garden of Eden", "Detective Agency".

Theme of each level is thought out to the smallest detail. This is expressed not only in the costumes of the main characters, but also in the symbolism of the in-game machine available for the construction of buildings. The exact number of levels is unknown, as the developer continues to expand the map. At the time of writing the review, their number was 460. 

Buying level buildings

Each level has 5 basic objects and 4 improvements for each level. The cost of the objects differs and gradually increases with each level completed. A new level opens once all the buildings in the previous level have been purchased. A star is awarded for each purchase. If objects are attacked during the game they will need to be restored at an additional cost. 

Advancement through Levels

To complete a level, you must completely build an object. This involves 20 purchases. After that, a new level automatically opens. Players receive a prize for advancing. This is a chest with different rewards: cash prizes, additional spins or valuable cards. The higher the level, the more rewards become available. 



In Crazy Fox the course of the game is accompanied by pets. They are accessed in stages:

  • Raccoon. Becomes available when you reach level 4. If you activate it, you can get extra coins in steal mode.
  • Dragon. To unlock it, you need to collect the card collection of the same name. Gives extra coins in attack mode.
  • Slot. Opens when the Dinosaur card collection is full. Increases the percentage of defense against attacks.

Pet needs food. You can get it for participation in tournaments or as part of daily bonuses. Pet efficiency can be increased by accumulating experience points. 

Collecting of cards

As soon as the player passes to level 3, he has the opportunity to collect cards. They are distributed in albums, each album has 9 cards and they are themed. For example: "Dinosaur" or "Fish". For each album is filled out for a cash prize.

Access to some albums opens only when you reach a certain level. You can get cards in chests. Depending on the type of chest differs the number and value of cards. Cards can be exchanged or received from friends. 

Download the Crazy Fox app for Android and iOS

You can run Crazy Fox from any smartphone. It does not matter the version of the operating system - both Android and iOS. The application can be downloaded through a link from our website. In this case, it is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Go to the link.
  2. Download the installation apk files and unzip them.
  3. Following the instructions, install the application.


After launching the game, you can register in it or continue playing as a guest. It is also possible to download the application through official marketplaces like Google Play or the App Store. In this case, you will need to enter the name of the game in the search box and click "Install"

Advantages and disadvantages 



No registration required, you can play as a guest

There is a risk of attack or theft by other players

Variety of bonuses

Tournaments and special events are limited in time

Detailed levels

Team game mode is not available without registration

No need to top up your account

The cost of buildings is gradually increasing

There is a game mode with friends

At the beginning of the game access to some options is closed


Crazy Fox is a bright casual game with original gameplay. Players will appreciate the exciting gameplay, which is implemented in a simple way. Like in other games of similar genre (Pet Master, Coin Master, Island King, Pirate Kings), during the game you will need to spin the machine, buy objects and advance through the levels. The developers paid attention to the smallest details and added various bonuses to the game.


Do I have to register at Crazy Fox?

No, registration in the game is not required. The player can play as a guest. In this case, he misses the opportunity to get additional prizes.

What bonuses are available to Crazy Fox players?

The game's promotional offers can be divided into several categories: cards, free coins, and spins. You can get them in different ways: by promo code, daily, for participation in a tournament.

What are the limitations of the game Crazy Fox?

The main limitation of Crazy Fox is that the winnings cannot be withdrawn. There are also limits on the amount of bonuses, which are accrued daily. This does not affect the enjoyment of the game.

Can I play Crazy Fox with friends?

There is no separate team mode. Instead, you can invite friends to get extra prizes, as well as exchange cards with them and send gifts.

What are the most valuable symbols in the game?

The greatest value in Crazy Fox is the fox symbol. He attacks steal mode, in which you can steal from other players from 150,000 coins to several million.

How many levels on the map Crazy Fox?

The map is actively expanding - 10 additional levels are published at the beginning of each month. This makes the game endless.

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