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Mutants Genetic Gladiators is an anime-style arcade role-playing fighting game. The player will have to take on the role of a psy-captain and lead a selection of genetic gladiators. Battles are based on a sequential exchange of attacks - opponents will appear on the map gradually. Victory is scored if you manage to completely destroy and annihilate the enemy. There is one nuance: each mutant has its own vulnerabilities and abilities, additional elements and abilities. It is important to keep this in mind during the game to get additional rewards and prizes.

Mutant types and value

The developers of Mutants: Genetic Gladiators allow you to get custom warriors by crossbreeding. Each recipe is different in basis. It can either be characters or consumables from the inventory. There is no exact algorithm for crossing to get the right characters or items. This makes the result of each crossing unique.


It is a system of random gene distribution. Mutants can be distributed by type, which determines their value and ease of creation. Here are the main types of mutants:

  • Normal. They are easy to recognize if you see a blue-yellow background. These mutants are easy to cross if you focus on the right recipe. That said, there is room for experimentation. For example, if you want to get Medusa, you should choose mutants with Mythic and Zoomorph genes as parents. Demon and Beast will be suitable for this role. 
  • Secrets. The gray-green background makes these creatures stand out from the rest. There is also the "Secret" icon. Such mutants can be obtained only if there is a special recipe. However, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the desired result. Because of the random selection of genes you can get a mutant with a different set of genes. 
  • Zodiacs. These mutants are easy to identify if guided by the blue background and the icon of the same name. In terms of characteristics they are leaders. The disadvantage is that they cannot be bred by crossing. Even if one Zodiac is used as a parent. There are two ways to get them: buying them in the store or winning at roulette. 
  • PVP mutants or tournament mutants. The big difference is the red-orange background. Separate attention to their characteristics, including their high speed and health. To breed such a mutant, you need to use it at the crossing stage. It is also necessary to choose the right genes to rule out obtaining creatures of a different type. 

To conclude the review of mutants is worth the category "Legendary". They are the most valuable and this is due not only to the difficulty in obtaining them. About everything in order. 

The golden-orange background and the Legendary signature is the easiest way to distinguish the Legendary mutants from the rest. Such creatures have increased health and damage when compared to regular or secret mutants. However, crossing them can be difficult if you do not use unique recipes. Spoiler: these can be found later in the article. 

Legendary Mutants

To make it easier to breed legendary mutants, it must first be obtained. Then the second stage of crossbreeding opens. On it you need to select mutants with the same types of genes. This is easier to explain by looking at examples.

For example, Ragnar can be bred only by crossing Warrior, Zombie, Leach King, Nightmare King of the North. In other words, you can get a certain legendary mutant by crossing it with other mutants. For example, you can breed Thor with unique abilities if Thor is one of the parents. 

In Mutants: Genetic Gladiators you can get 20 legendary mutants by ordinary crossbreeding. You do not need to possess such creatures to breed them. This distinguishes them from normal "legends". We are talking about such legendary mutants:

  • Invadron;
  • Master Oida;
  • Monocerus;
  • Ragnar;
  • Scare Bear;
  • Sentry;
  • Star Trooper;
  • Thor;
  • Triple-B;
  • Wampara;
  • Absolem;
  • Anubis;
  • Blood Berry;
  • Buck Maurice;
  • Cobrakai;
  • Cosmo Kong;
  • Cursed Rider;
  • Dezinger;
  • Galactic Guardian;
  • H.U.M.A.N.

If you compare legendary mutants and ordinary mutants, there is a significant difference. It consists in the fact that the legendary can be immediately after crossing to the desired star. The output is done in a standard way: the right genes are selected and crossed. It is better not to use superfluous genes, as this makes the results unpredictable. We will look at this further with specific examples.

Buck Maurice

Buck Maurice is a rare mutant that is heavily used in attacks. He has two rubaka genes, which is important to consider at the selection stage. Preference in the crossing process should be given to mutants that have such genes predominantly. To make it easier, we offer these crossing recipes:

  • Nightmare Knight + Frankendwarf;
  • Droll + Nightmare Knight;
  • Nightmare Knight + Interceptor;
  • Nightmare Knight + Spartacus. 


This mutant is notable because its attack level can be upgraded. This parameter also depends on the star. For example, a bronze Buck Moriss will deal an average attack, but a gold Buck will have no equal in strength. 

The shunner gene is skeptical of many players, but it has advantages during battles. Especially when it comes to combos of this gene. 

Star Trooper

This is another rare mutant that will be particularly useful in attack mode. It combines two genes: Galactic and Mythic. His damage power depends on the star he gets, but it will be easier to get this mutant than the others. 

There is only one nuance: since the mutant combines two genes, and during the crossing they are chosen randomly, it is difficult to guess which of the genes will turn out to be a priority. Because of this, it may take more than one crossing attempt. Here are some recipes to help with getting this mutant:

  • Aquapunzel and Orcas;
  • Droll + Cosmo Kong;
  • Aquapunzel + Cosmo Kong;
  • Orcas + Drusella.


Getting a Star Trooper is much easier through the Right Parents approach. However, it is only suitable for players who already have one rare mutant in their arsenal. 


Anubis, as a rare creature, combines two genes: mythic and necro. Here are the proven recipes for obtaining this mutant:

  • Orias and Necrobot;
  • Moira + Fearmonger;
  • Lord of the Underworld + Brittany;
  • Lich King + Blood Berry;
  • Mokrushnik + Lich King. 


If we talk about the advantages of Anubis as a mutant, there are several. First and foremost is its normal speed during attacks and its high level of healthpoints. His main ability is to lower the attack of the enemy. He is excellent against galaxies and robots. 

Master Oida

This mutant is weak in attacks, as his main advantage is his very high speed. That means he will be able to deal damage as soon as the enemy appears, but it's better to use him in combination with other fighters to win. 

It combines two galactic genes. The easiest way to get this mutant is to follow the recipes below: 

  • Master Oida + Astro Surfer;
  • Alien + Alien;
  • Hint + TY3.


In addition to crossbreeding, this mutant could be bought in the store. The opportunity was valid for a limited time, so not all players were able to take advantage of it. In addition, crossbreeding triggers the most unexpected combinations, which is also important to consider. 

Cursed Racer

Cursed Racer refers to the legendary mutants that are based on two genes, Necro and Necro. The following recipes are suitable for crossbreeding: 

  • Excavalipsis + Lich King;
  • Leonidas + Babayka;
  • Zombie + Zombie;
  • Free + Qwe.


In the course of the attack it takes the life of one of the opponents. It attacks very slowly, but in other respects it is a super-fast mutant. It has an average lifespan. 

Blood Berry

This mutant is familiar to fans of mythical stories. It combines two genes: Necro and Necro. Accordingly, parents with these genes should be chosen for crossing. You can use these proven recipes:

  • Absolem + Gud1/-/1;
  • Brittany + Cursed Racer;
  • Brittany + King Lulu;
  • Van Helsing + Zombie;
  • Lichlock + Brittany. 


Crow's Eye's main ability is to cast curses. He has good speed and is good at first and subsequent attacks. You can also get the mutant in the store, but that offer is limited in time. 


Thor with the mighty hammer has a small amount of life and shows average speed during attacks. However, he deals solid damage. This is due to the presence of the rubaka and mythic genes. You can get this mutant with the following recipes:

  • Grim Reaper + Dark Lord;
  • Buck Morris and Diana;
  • Nightmare Knight + Lord of the Underworld.


The "Right Parents" approach can also be applied at the crossing stage. It is important to keep in mind that it will not be possible to breed this mutant if the parents have cyber or zoomorph genes. 


Invadron is a legendary mutant whose main ability is the shield. It is formed from the cyber-galactic genes. If it is a priority to get Invadron, you need to take a mutant with the cyber gene and a mutant that has one or two galaxy genes. Also suitable mutants with a set of galactic and cyber genes. 

Here are some recipes to get Invadron:

  • Longshanks and Robot;
  • Buck Maurice and Desinger;
  • Captain Patriot + Master Oida;
  • Colossus and Deus Machina.


The result of each crossing can be unpredictable, which is also important to consider. 

Mistakes when crossing mutants

It happens that even when using a proven recipe, it is not possible to get the right mutant. This is possible for several reasons:

  1. Extra genes are taken. If you want to get a mutant with the cyber gene, his parents must have one or two such genes. If you take for crossing parents with genes of necro and mythic, for example, it will not be possible to achieve the desired results. From each parent, the new mutant gets one gene. What kind of gene it will be is determined by chance. 
  2. The level of the Crossbreeding Center plays a role. The higher it is, the higher the probability of successful crossbreeding. This also determines whether a legendary and rare mutant can be obtained. The level of the Center increases for gold - this is a necessary expenditure, which will more than pay for itself in the course of the game. Especially if the priority is to breed legendary mutants. This will also reduce the crossing time. 
  3. The combination of genes is selected randomly. For example, if you choose an Alien and a Warrior as parents, the main gene can be either a Rubak or a Galactic. Because of this the results of the crossing will also differ. For example, it will be possible to get either a Martian Warrior or a Galactic Hunter. 

As a summary, we want to note the following: if you can't breed the right mutant, you need to try again and again, following the rules. In Mutants: Genetic Gladiators, most of the time is devoted to crossbreeding. Therefore, it is only possible to get a legendary and rare mutant by multiple attempts.

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