What does SP mean at Bet365?

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The term SP can be confusing for those who are not very familiar with betting terminology. Using Bet365 as an example, I will tell you what SP means and when you may encounter this term. Most often SP is used for only one sport and that is horse racing. To make it easier to understand, I will also use this sport during the explanation.

SP Bet365 in horse racing

Let's start at the beginning. SP, or Starting Price, is the odds of a particular horse race at the start of the race. The odds for each horse can change at any time, sometimes even very dramatically. SP indicates the starting odds at which the horse will leave. It can also be selected to calculate the bet made.

To make it even clearer, let's look at the starting price indicator with some examples. I have chosen the Market Rasen racetrack as a basis. Within it, the horse racing scheduled participants are:

  • Woodie Flash, x3.25 odds on the winner;
  • Accidental Legend, x4;
  • Sister Michael, x7;
  • Rocco Royale, x8.5;
  • South Terrace, x10.

The odds for the outcomes shown in Bet365's betting odds may vary up or down due to external factors. The SP odds do not change in any way, which can also be used in your favor. A big plus is that this coefficient is the same for all bookmakers, as it is calculated at a centralized level.


How to use SP in your favor

With what is SP in BC Bet365 is sorted out. Let's also consider how to place a sports bet, taking into account its starting price. I emphasize once again: it is impossible to know the SP before the start of the jump. This coefficient is formed automatically at the beginning of the race. It is also called the odds on the winner.

Betting with SP is made according to the standard principle:

  1. Select horse racing among Bet365 sports.
  2. Filter the racecourse and scheduled meetings.
  3. Select one or more participants in the race and specify the SP outcome.
  4. Specify the size of the bet and publish it.

The outcome of the bet will be known as soon as the race starts. For example, if the bet amount was $5 and the SP odds are x4, the final payout for the bet will be $20. If the selected horse does not turn out to be the winner of the race, the bet is considered a loser. The same principle applies here as in betting on other sports.

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