Roobet Crash: Profitable Real Money Game from the famous Online Casino

Roobet Crash is a novelty of the Crash genre, offering players a gambling experience and unpredictable results. The developers managed to complement the classic features of the genre with original elements. The game is quite dynamic, so the rounds last no more than 15 seconds with short breaks. Strong excitement during the game is guaranteed: you only need to make a bet and watch the flight. 

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Game Review

Roobet Crash belongs to the bright Crash games. The developers have made an emphasis on the dynamism of the game, supplementing it with laconic design and gameplay. The main parameters of the device are universal: it will please not only the fans of the Crash genre, but also the connoisseurs of dynamic games.


Every player has a chance to win in the machine. It doesn't matter what budget or bet size is set. This is confirmed by the transparent table with the results - after getting acquainted with it, you can conclude which odds are falling out more often than the others. This will be useful when drawing up prize strategies. 

Roobet Crash - the main similarities and differences with other products of the Crash genre

If you run Roobet Crash, the visual similarities to the popular Aviator game or similar cash games like GetX, JetX are immediately apparent. One reason for this is the single genre of Crash. However, on a visual level, there are other similar elements: 

  • the action of the game unfolds against the backdrop of an airstrip;
  • there is a flying machine;
  • there is a scoreboard available for auto-positioning;
  • the game ends when the plane explodes;
  • similar theme tune.

There is no point in considering genre similarities, as both games belong to the Crash genre. Accordingly, you should be prepared for unpredictable results of the rounds. They depend on whether you will be able to stop the flight in time. 

Each of the considered games have different technical characteristics. It is not only about RTP and betting range, but also about the maximum winnings. To get acquainted with the main characteristics of each of the games we offer in the table below. 

Parameter Roobet Crash Aviator
RTP 98,6% 97%
Rate range x0.001 and higher 0,1-100
Range of coefficients х0,001-х1000 х0,1-х1000
Round duration 5-30 seconds 5-30 seconds
Between rounds Up to 5 seconds Up to 10 seconds
Demo mode Available Available
Auto play option Available Available
Max win 500 000 USD 100 000 USD per round
Results table Check Check
Number of betting coupons 1 2

Comparing the mentioned parameters and visual design, we can conclude that Roobet Crash is an original machine reminiscent of Aviator in many ways. Fans of the genre will easily recognize all the similar parameters. At the same time the game has features that make it a worthy competitor in the gambling market. Therefore, the choice is up to the player in any case. 

Roobet Crash game guide (how to play)

One of the advantages of Roobet Crash is the simplicity of the rules. Each player will be able to figure out how to bet and what the winnings depend on. However, we suggest to consider these parameters in detail and start with the gameplay. He intuitive, respectively, on the game control panel can be seen such buttons: 

  • Bet. Its value is set manually. Using special buttons, you can use ½ or x2 of the specified value. 
  • Autocashout. You can set the coefficient value or cancel it.
  • Place bet. Starts the round and deactivates it after the start.


There is also an auto-mode of the game. In this case a number of additional values are set:

  • bet;
  • auto cashout;
  • the total number of bets;
  • conditions for the deactivation of the auto game.

Winning in Roobet Crash is simple: you need to bet and stop the round before the plane explodes. If you win, the amount of winnings is determined taking into account two parameters: the bet and the caught odds. If you could not stop the round in time and the plane explodes, the round is considered a loss and the bet is annulled. 

Pay attention to the table with the results. It is updated in real time. The outcomes of all players' rounds are indicated there. This simplifies the prize strategy and allows you to highlight the most frequent odds of the flight. 

Features of the game algorithm and tactics

Like other crash games, Roobet Crash is based on a provably fair system. This means that every player can go to the settings of the machine and check the generated hash. This is a unique combination of symbols, which is generated automatically based on two parameters: 

  • The sids of the first three players who placed a bet;
  • The server sido generated by the casino.

These symbols are combined, which triggers the unique hash. For each triggered round it will be different. This is easy to check in person if you go to the settings and click on the result of a particular round. You can also use online calculators (any calculator will do) to check whether the declared hash corresponds to the formed sides.


The transparent algorithm of the game is a definite advantage. This allows players to easily make sure that the game is fair. This also confirms the fact that no player can beat Roobet Crash. Accordingly, using different hacking programs or bots also makes no sense. 

Strategies for winning Roobet Crash 2023

To increase the possible winnings it is not enough just to orient on the odds and try to guess when the big multipliers will fall out. It will also be useful to stick to certain strategies. The level of risk can be low, medium or high, depending on the chosen tactic.

Martingale betting system

This is one of the classic strategies that requires a minimum of action from the player. So, its main principle is to gradually increase or decrease the bet size, depending on the outcome of the previous round. In practice, the implementation of this system looks like this: 

  1. Place a bet with the set budget.
  2. If the round ends with a win, do not change your bet. If a loss, to double the value of the amount bet.
  3. Repeat until you manage to win.

This system has both pluses and minuses. So, a significant advantage is its proven status - the strategy is actively used by both experienced players and beginners. The main disadvantage is that it requires a solid budget for implementation.

Staircase Tactics

This tactic involves a gradual increase in the size of the bet. Its implementation does not require any special actions, but you will need to actively monitor the game. In practice, the implementation of the tactic looks like this: 

  1. Make a medium size bet. 
  2. If you managed to win in the previous round, raise your bet. 
  3. If the round ended in a loss, to lower the bet.

This algorithm should be applied during the whole game. The advantage of this tactic is that it can be implemented by each player, regardless of the set budget. It also minimizes financial risks, as it allows you to adjust bets taking into account the lost and won rounds.

Low odds tactic

This tactic is universal and will suit all players. It is most convenient to implement it in auto mode. In practice it looks like this: 

  1. Specify the bet size.
  2. Set the value of Autocashout to x5-x10.
  3. Start the round and wait until the specified coefficient is reached.

This tactic belongs to the medium risk tactics. Its implementation does not require a solid budget, so the size of the bet varies. Low odds tactics will allow a small but stable winnings. 

The disadvantage of the strategy is that the player deprives himself of the opportunity to hit the real jackpot, focusing on small winnings and bets. However, the disadvantage is not for all players, but only for highrollers. 

Secrets of Roobet Crash

The popularity of Roobet Crash is gradually gaining momentum, but already experts and players highlight some game secrets. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • the chances of winning 500,000 USD if you bet from 100,000 USD;
  • odds x20 and higher fall with a frequency of once every 5-6 rounds;
  • 20% of all rounds end 10-15 seconds after the start;
  • auto play mode is useful if there is a limited amount to bet;
  • between rounds it is useful to take breaks to determine which odds fall out more often;
  • If the previous round ended in a loss, the next must stop at odds no higher than x10.

Even more secrets can be learned in the course of the game. Focus should not only on the betting process and the attempt to guess the odds. Take into account the frequency with which large multipliers fall out, what winnings other players manage to get, when it is better to pause before the next round. 

Download Roobet Crash mobile app for Android and iOS

Many online casinos, including Roobet, offer a mobile app to play Roobet Crash. It is available as a free download for Android and iOS. Downloading mobile software is performed according to the standard algorithm:

  1. Open the official marketplace on the type of App Store or Google Play (depending on the type of operating system).
  2. Enter the name of the casino in the search box.
  3. Click "Install".
  4. Download the application and wait until the end of the installation.
  5. Launch the software, create a new account or log in to the existing one.


We also offer a second, simpler way to install the application. To do this you need to follow the link from our site. After that the software is installed in the standard way. For the application to work correctly, you need to make sure that it meets the minimum technical requirements. An Internet connection is also mandatory. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Unpredictable results of the rounds There is no open information about the algorithms of the game
No limit on the size of bets Coefficients of x500 and higher are rare
There is an auto play mode No online chat to communicate with other players
Maximum win 500,000 USD There is no reference section with a description of the rules of the game
Break between rounds up to 10 seconds High risks


Is Roobet Crash suitable for beginners?

Yes, playing Roobet Crash will be fun for beginners. This is facilitated by the simplicity of the rules - each player can see this for himself. It is better for beginners to start the game with small bets, gradually increasing them. This minimizes financial risks. 

What are the limits on the size of winnings in Roobet Crash?

In the Roobet Crash game, the developers have set a limit on the maximum amount of winnings - 500,000 USD. It is not possible to win more than this amount, regardless of the bet made or the odds caught. 

Which strategy will bring the biggest win for Roobet Crash?

According to the reviews of many players, it is possible to get the greatest winnings if you stick to high-risk strategies. They involve not only large bets, but also hunting for high odds. Such strategies require a substantial budget. 

What does the final winnings in Roobet Crash depend on?

The total amount of the cash prize is calculated based on two parameters: the specified bet and the caught odds. In order to win, it is necessary to stop the flight in time. The coefficient is applied to the specified bet and the winnings are automatically added to the balance. 

What do I need to withdraw my winnings?

The first step for successful withdrawal of winnings is verification. This mandatory rule applies to all online casinos. Once the account is identified, you can proceed to the withdrawal: for this, the transaction amount and details are specified. 

How convenient is it to play Roobet Crash from a cell phone?

Playing Roobet Crash from your phone is completely identical to the desktop version. Players can download a convenient application for Android and iOS. It is offered by many online casinos. In terms of functionality, the application is no different from the site, but allows you to play the game without being tied to a location.

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