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Is it possible to have a vibrant gaming experience at a completely free online casino? GameTwist proves that yes. It is a free site with slots and other entertainment, where the player does not win real money, but gets the most valuable thing in gambling - emotions. In the review we will talk about the main features of the platform, its availability on mobile devices, find out the strengths, note the weaknesses.

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Platform Review

The owner of the GameTwist website is Funstage. It is registered in Austria and does not violate the law in any way by offering gambling. After all, on this platform it is not possible to earn money, make real bets or win prizes valuable in real life. GameTwist is designed solely for entertainment.

Slots rotation and bets in table games here are paid with internal currency. It is called Twist. They can be bought for money in the store on the site, but it is not necessary, because the Twists are issued for various simple actions to all gamblers. They can not be exchanged for real money. This is the main principle of the platform.


The set of games on the site can compete with any paid online casino. The basis of the library of games are slots. Their number is more than 400, and the number is constantly increasing, as the list is updated with new products.


For the convenience of the player slots are divided into several categories:

  • TOP best games of the last time;
  • New that have appeared in the last month;
  • Highroller options for those who play on a grand scale;
  • Jackpot slots, where you can rip the jackpot;
  • Fruit is a classic theme for one-armed bandits;
  • Featured iconic slots;
  • Challenging games that take part in the current Challenges;
  • Free Spins where you can use free spins.

The main slots provider for GameTwist Casino is Novomatic.

The site is also developed section with table games, which includes Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat. There are also different types of poker: American, Deuces Wild, Hold'em. If you want to change the atmosphere, then go to the section with Bingo or Skill Games.

Account Level System

As a GameTwist customer, you will progress if you don't do nothing. Accounts are awarded a level depending on how much activity the user shows. You can see your level in your personal cabinet.

The platform gives each gamblemaker XP-points. The more they accumulate, the higher the level of the account. How to get these points? Very simple: play any game at the casino. 

Level Number of bonus twists Max Bet
1 3000 1000
2 3000 1000
3 4000 1000
4 4000 1000
5 5000 2000
6 5000 2000
7 5500 2000
8 5500 2000
9 6000 6000

For a new level the player receives bonuses. His maximum bet increases. For example, at level 1 it is 1000 Twists, and at level 10 already 3000 Twists. Also for the increase are accrued bonus Twists, from 1000 to 6000 and more. Even users with a high level are open to special features, such as the Daily Race (a type of competition on the site).

Slot Races

This is a type of tournaments. Held within the platform between its clients. There are different types of Slot Races, but they usually have similar rules: you need to make winning spins in the slots. The more will be the profit in relation to the bet, the more points the player gets.

To become the owner of the winnings you need to get into the top players. The number of prizes differs, depending on the race. Usually it is 3000-5000 people.


In GameTwist you can get rewards in another way to participate in challanges. These are tasks for which prizes are given out. Examples of Challenges:

  1. Spin it you only need to make spins;
  2. Stake it to place certain bets;
  3. Total Winnings try to win a specific number of Twists;
  4. Winning Spins make the required number of successful spins;
  5. Challenge slots perform tasks in a separate group of slots.

In the course of participation in the Challenge gambler can track his progress on the scale. About the prizes put for completing the task, known in advance. Examples of awards: Twists, freespins, XP or VIP-points, boosters, or several of the list. To find out how to get more free currency, visit the GameTwist free coins and spins page

Skill Games

This section is atypical for online casinos entertainment. Here you will find belote, schnapsen, backgammon, dominoes, you can even play chess and other games for which you need to have certain skills and know the rules.

In addition to table games, GameTwist offers arcades with rich gameplay and unusual card games. While most online casinos only have Blackjack and Poker associated with cards, here we have Solitaire, Bridge, and other board card games. In total, there are more than 30 games in this section.

VIP program

VIP level is not the same as the regular account level. VIP points are awarded to those players who buy Twists packages. After the first purchase the player automatically becomes a member of the club. He has a total of 8 levels.

For moving up, the gambler is rewarded with bonuses and offers, as well as reducing his waiting time for a regular time-bonus. Such a player becomes a privileged player for the club GameTwist.

Download GameTwist Casino on Android and iOS

GameTwist has its own app. It is available to owners of Android and iOS phones and tablets. You can find the link to it at our site or through the app store: Google Play or App Store.

The mobile version is no different in functionality from the computer version. It has all the same features. The games adapt to the screen, so it will be convenient to play.


The functionality of the program makes it possible:

  • run any game from the catalog;
  • participate in Challenges and slot races;
  • receive bonuses as part of regular promotional offers;
  • buy packages of twists;
  • take part in tournaments.

The app has a good rating in both stores, with an average rating of 4.5. It has already been downloaded by millions of users who have left hundreds of thousands of reviews on the company. The app is free.


The main idea of GameTwist is to make gambling entertainment available even to those who do not have a special bankroll for this. Like on similar sites of free social casinos (Gaminator Slots, Slotomania, House of Fun) you can play iconic slots and other games without investing, only if you want to do the purchase of additional virtual currency. No one is forced to purchase items on the site.

Casino gives the gambler a lot of opportunities to get virtual currency and do without any additional purchases. Bonuses are allowed for all actions: from registration to winning slots.

On the platform there is always something to do. Constantly held Challenges, races and other activities. By participating in them, the gambler becomes part of an active community and gets an interesting experience.

So GameTwist is the choice for those who are looking for a good casino for recreation, not for making money. You can participate in activities on the platform together with your friends.


How do I sign up for GameTwist?

Go to the site and click the registration button or download the application and click the same button. Enter the following information: email, nickname, password, date of birth. Check the box next to the terms of agreement. Next, the casino will send a confirmation email to you. Follow the link in the letter - now you are a full-fledged user of the free casino.

How do I download the GameTwist app?

Open the casino website through the mobile browser on your phone or tablet and find the link to the app on the home page. You can also go straight to your app store and find it by name.

How to play for free on GameTwist?

When you have virtual currency in your account, you can open any game. At the beginning, the platform will ask you how many Twists you want to use for the game session. You choose the amount, and then the Twists are used as bets.

What are Twists and how do they work?

Twists are a virtual currency. They are awarded as a bonus and can be bought in the store. They are used for betting in casino games and are not exchangeable for real money.

Where can I view the history of my transactions?

In your personal cabinet, in the Transactions section, there will be information about when and how many Twists you received, for what (as part of a bonus or purchase) and where you spent them.

How do I go up in the VIP system?

You need to shop in the Twists store regularly. If you don't make a purchase for a month, the level drops to 1, and all bonuses provided for that level become unavailable to you.

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