What are trixie bets and how to make them?

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Trixi is a complex betting system consisting of 3 events. Our editorial staff does not advise to make such bets for beginners, as the risks of losing are very high. For those who still decided to master a new type of bets, I will tell you in detail how to make trixie bets and for what outcomes they are suitable.

Step-by-step trixie betting

Let me start with the basics. Trixie bets consist of 1 triple express and 3 double expresses. The bet made is equally divided into 4 shares. Here is an important nuance: Trixie winnings are the sum of winnings for each of the 4 bets. The final odds are calculated in a standard way: multiply the odds of all events and the bet made.

To clearly show how to make a trixie bet, I will go to the bookmaker Bet365. It is one of the few on the world betting market, where bets of this type are available. I will place my bets on the scheduled UEFA Champions League matches:

  • Real Madrid and Manchester City;
  • PSG and Barcelona;
  • Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund.

In each of the games I am betting on a draw. The total amount of the bet will be 150 dollars, 50 dollars for each match or each variant of the system. To make it even clearer, I show the available options of outcomes:

  • A draw in each event of the system - the win will be $4,428 (x3.6*x3.75*x3.6*x3.6*50+x3.6*x3.75*50+x3.6*x3.6*50+x3.75*x3.6*50). The final coupon coefficient is x48.6.
  • Tie in the first and second events - total win of $675 (x3.6*x3.75*50). The betting odds are x13.5.
  • Tie in the first and third events - potential payout will be $648 (x3.6*x3.6*x3.6*50). Coupon odds x12.96.
  • Tie in the second and third events - potential payout would be $675 (x3.75*x3.6*50). Maximum odds x13.5.
  • One draw or no draw - the bet is considered a loss, the money will not be refunded.

If you make a trixie bet and put 150 dollars on it, if you win, the final payout will be 7920 dollars, taking into account the final odds x48.60. A small conclusion can be drawn from this.


So, if you place a trixie bet, the potential winnings for it are lower compared to regular expresses. However, there is a solid plus: trixie bets give you the opportunity to reduce potential risks and losses.

If at least one event in a spread is a loser, the winnings from the whole bet will be 0%. In the case of trixies, it will be possible to get a payout, as at least one of the expresses will be a winner. For comparison:

  • the probability of winning in a 3 event spread is up to 10%;
  • the probability of winning on a Trixie bet is 30% and higher.

As it follows from simple calculations, trixie bets are more profitable than regular expresses. If I failed to convince you, here are some more advantages of this type of bets:

  • One mistake is allowed. It is more profitable to place a trixie bet on outcomes of one type or even one game. This levels out the risks. For example, I'll put money on the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City and choose as outcomes: Real Madrid win, draw and Manchester City win. In any case, one of the outcomes will be correct.
  • Variability of outcomes. For a Trixi bet there are no restrictions on the sport, nor on specific events or outcomes. This unleashes the hands and allows you to easily implement the planned betting strategy.
  • Greater winnings compared to the ordinaries. Provided that only one event from the whole system is losing or all three events are correctly guessed.

If trixie bets still seem confusing, use a special calculator. Many bookmakers offer such calculators. If not, you can find it on many thematic sites dedicated to betting.

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