Bet Builder: How to use it?

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Sports betting is reaching a whole new level and the bet constructor, as an additional option, is a vivid confirmation of this. The first time you look at it, it seems impossible to understand it. But this is only the first impression - a little practice and betting will be much easier for you.

How the bet constructor works

First of all, let me tell you what the bet constructor is. It is a special option, which allows you to create an express or a system for the desired event. In my experience, the constructor can not be used for all sports. Most bookmakers offer them only for such popular disciplines as soccer or volleyball, but there are exceptions to the rules.

Now let's return to the constructor. To make it clearer and more understandable, I will tell you how it works on the example of BC Bet365. First, we go to the line or Live and choose a sport discipline. I most often do this using the filter system, but you can also use the calendar of events.


The second step is to choose a game or match. Here you should not forget about the odds, as the potential winnings directly depend on them. At the same stage we launch the betting constructor. This option is opened using the button of the same name in the top menu. Next, choose the outcomes that you need. For example:

  • player will score;
  • the team will win;
  • will qualify;
  • total goals;
  • double chance;
  • both teams will score;
  • cards, etc.

The lineup for each outcome is different. For example, if I choose "Team will win", it will be possible to bet money on team 1, or on team 2. If I choose "Total Goals", then here the available bets are variable - 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

Once the choice is made, I click "Add to betting coupon". The maximum number of outcomes within one expression is 20. Lastly, I specify the size of the bet and publish it. It can't be canceled and can be redeemed in 10% of cases - Bet365 only allows this for tennis games.

Using the bet constructor, you can combine live and line modes, as well as different sports. Even if you place an order and then use the bet constructor, the bets will be accepted and settled.

Odds of the betting constructor

We're done with the constructor functionality - just select the outcomes and add them to the coupon. At the same time, the final odds change. This raises a logical question: is it profitable to use the betting constructor? I would like to answer it with concrete examples.

To be fair, let's choose a soccer match between Poland and Estonia within the qualifying stage of the UEFA European Championship. Let's look at the odds on the example of several outcomes:

  • Match result. Poland will win - x1.17, draw - x7.9, Estonia - x17.
  • Qualifying. If Poland qualify - x1.05, if Estonia qualify - x7.7.
  • Total goals. Here I observe variability of odds from x1.03 to x12.5 on each side.
  • Both teams will score. Yes - x2.65, no - x1.4.

These outcomes will be enough to compare them with manual expresses. For example, I will add the following outcomes: Poland will qualify, total 2, both teams will score. The total coefficient of such a coupon is x4.092.

For clarity, I will choose the same outcomes through the constructor. As a result, the odds through the constructor increased to x6.5. I would like to note that in the constructor the choice of outcomes is much larger, compared to the usual list. For example, you can bet money not only on the exact result of the match, but also on how many goals will be scored by a particular team in the selected match or how many cards in what half a particular player will receive.


Bet constructor: for or against

According to experience, the bet constructor is ideal for those players who are not happy with the usual set of outcomes and want to expand it. With the help of this option you can create a unique express, where the odds will be at least 10-20% higher compared to the usual expresses. If you are not afraid to take risks, you will be able to make unique bets with odds from x5 and higher.

Not without nuances. For example, not always the formed express brings a win. Taking into account the variability of outcomes and the rules of making an express, there is a risk of losing. All this is because the express is considered to be winning if all the outcomes come true.

Considering the above, let's make a mini conclusion:

  • it is easy to use the constructor if you study its functionality and main options;
  • not all bookmaker offices offer the constructor, but it is available in such market leaders as Bet365 or MostBet;
  • only selected sports disciplines are available in the constructor mode, for example, soccer, volleyball, tennis, hockey;
  • the odds through the constructor are higher compared to the usual express.

I hope I managed to answer all the questions related to the betting constructor in bookmaker's offices.

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