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Pet Master is a casual game with gambling elements from the Moon Active studio. The dynamic game is complemented by bright graphics and a variety of special options. The player will not just rotate the machine, but also buy buildings, attack other players and thus advance through the levels.

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Pet Master is the usual casual game in most respects. As the player advances through the levels, he will be accompanied by a raccoon. In his company will have to open villages and attack other users. The developers added to Pet Master with original options like raids or Dice Roll. This made the game more dynamic, which attracts many users. 



The gameplay of the game should be considered in two aspects. The first is the in-game machine. The rotation of the reel determines the fallen out symbols, combinations and activation of special options. Pay attention to bonus modes - Dice Roll, raids, attacks or events. Access to them opens as you advance through the levels. 

In-game slot machine

The basis of gameplay in Pet Master is an in-game machine. It is divided into 3 reels and rotates by pressing a special button. Combinations rolled on the machine determines the further course of the game. For example, if you fall chest with coins, accrue a cash prize. With a roll of special characters activates the bonus mode.

To start the reel rotation, the balance must be a special flask with a potion. They can be obtained in the course of the game on the machine, passing the level, the attack on the other players. Five free spins are awarded every hour

Symbols and combinations of Pet Master

The further course of the game depends on the symbols that have fallen on the in-game machine. They are themed and visually stylized features of a particular village. There are 3 groups of symbols that trigger special modes:

  • Raccoon. Activates raid mode or stealing from other users. During the raid to select the safe and guess where the hidden cash prize.
  • Firecracker. Activates the attack mode on other players. During the round you'll need to choose one of the objects and attack it. If you manage to destroy it, you'll get a cash bonus.
  • Shield. 3 of these images give the opportunity to get a special shield. It protects against attacks by other players.

Separately worth noting images of coins and the treasure chest. They provide for a cash prize. Its exact size is determined randomly and depends on two factors: the number of similar symbols falling out in a combination and the level of the player. 

Moving around the map 

Moving around the map is carried out gradually village by village. Each village is themed and dedicated either to a time period or a specific individual. This is expressed not only in appearance, but also in the smallest of details. 

For example, if you open the level "Mouseketeers", it will be a direct reference to the Musketeers. Access to additional options also depends on the open village. This is especially noticeable at the beginning of the game. The exact number of levels or villages is unknown, as the developers are constantly expanding the map. 

Buying (Constructing) Level Buildings

Each level has 5 basic buildings or objects. Each object provides 4 improvements. This means that you will need to make 20 purchases per level. Each improvement increases the value of the object.

Once a village is 100% equipped, the player moves up the map and a new level is revealed. Also for the successful development of a special prize - 250K coins (gradually increasing in value) and 25 free spins. More about how to get a lot of free game currency on the page with freespins and free coins Pet Master.

Advancement by Level

For each building constructed and purchased improvement is awarded a star. It determines the level of the player. Stars can be obtained for moving to a new village, participating in special events or pumping cart in the Dice Roll. Their number is displayed on a separate scale, so it is easy to track. Depending on the stars, the player's rating is determined. 


Dice Roll

When you reach level 4, a bonus mode opens - Dice Roll. This is a mini-game during which dice are rolled. Dice rolls are available in several varieties and are opened as the game progresses. The number of moves depends on the numbers rolled on the dice. The rolls can either be bought or obtained for opening a new village.

There are two types of special marks on the board. Hidden behind the image of the cart is a cash prize - its exact amount is variable. Periodically, you can upgrade the "cart". Due to this, the amount of incentive doubles. The board also has a symbol of dice - if you manage to get on this cell, you get a free throw. One free roll is available every 4 hours. 

Raid Pet Master

As soon as three raccoon images are displayed on the in-game machine, a raid begins - the player must attack another player's village. The user's nickname and the size of his treasure is displayed on the upper scale. Once the raid begins, the player has to choose one safe out of three - each has a different sized prize hidden behind it. If luck fails to smile, the safe will be empty and the player will be left with nothing. 

Attacking other players

Attack mode is activated if the machine falls a combination of three images of firecrackers (fireworks). During the attack the player has to choose an object to attack - it can be absolutely any building. If the attack is successful, the building will be destroyed and it will accrue a cash prize. Its exact size depends on the player's level.

Other players can prevent the attack. Shields are used for this purpose. Regardless of the result of the attack, the prize will still be credited to the balance. The only difference is its size. We should separately consider the superattack mode. In it, instead of one object to choose 3 at once. With this in mind, the size of the reward will be much higher. 

Collecting a collection of cards

Once a player reaches the 3rd village, he will be able to collect albums of cards. Some of the albums, such as the Rascal Rabbit or Squirell Scouts, will only open once you reach a certain level - 45th and 100th respectively. This can also be said about the cards themselves. 

To fill an album, you must collect a complete collection of cards. For each album, the number of cards varies. The cards are divided into levels:

  • Regular;
  • Golden;
  • Royal.

The higher the level of the card, the harder it is to get and the higher its value. Cards can be found in the chests - they are opened when moving to a new level or during raids. Also chests of different types can be bought in a special store. Identical cards can easily be exchanged with other players. If there is not enough of a certain card to collect a collection, it can be requested in the community. 

Download the Pet Master app for Android and iOS

You can launch Pet Master from any phone. The developers have adapted the game for Android and iOS. You can download the application via a link from our website in a couple of minutes if you follow the instructions: 

  1. Go to the link or open the official App Store/Google Play market, respectively.
  2. Click on the "Download" button and wait until the download of the installation files is complete.
  3. Run the application.


The game is designed to support HTML5 technology, so technical bugs are excluded. The application is updated automatically, and for its correct work the Internet is required. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
No registration required to start the game With each level the cost of buildings increases
The game is played with virtual coins Some options are blocked at the beginning of the game
There are a number of bonus options There is a risk of attack and theft by other players
Collection of cards Exact size of the cash prize is variable
Ability to interact with friends Special events are limited in time


Pet Master is a fascinating casual game that will appeal to users of all ages. Simple rules combined with bright graphics make the game more dynamic. As in Island King, Coin Master, Pirate Kings contributes to this and the variety of bonus options. Players will not only move up through the levels, but also to actively collect coins, participate in events and play with friends. 


What characters are most valuable in Pet Master?

Each symbol in the game is unique and activates different options. According to observations, the raccoon symbol brings the most value - it triggers the raid mode, which allows you to get a large cash prize.

How do I get collection cards?

Collection cards are unlocked over the course of the game. They can be obtained in several ways: by leveling up, opening chests, or participating in events. Cards are also given out as part of an exchange with other players. 

How often are free spins charged?

Getting spins to spin the reel is easy. Five spins are awarded every hour. You can also get them as a prize for opening a new village or participating in an event. 

Can I play Pet Master with friends?

There is no full team mode in Pet Master, but you can interact with your friends and get valuable prizes for it. For example, you get a bonus for inviting a friend. 

What are the limitations in Pet Master?

The main limitation of Pet Master, affecting all players, is the inability to withdraw winnings. This is due to the use of virtual coins to buy buildings. 

Do I have to register to start the game?

No, registration in Pet Master is optional - it is possible to play as a guest. To expand the functionality and gain access to additional options, it is recommended to link your Facebook account. 

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