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The gambling industry continues to evolve. Modern gamblers get a large selection of gaming programs, including slots, table games, poker, etc. Naturally, every customer of online casinos have doubts about whether it is possible to win real money from spinning reels. Gaminators from Novomatic is a whole era in the world of gambling. Consequently, every user of modern sites should understand what makes them stand out from other areas that are popular among players.

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When choosing Gaminator slots it is important that the online casino has a license. So, the player will not have thoughts that even if he wins he will not get the money.

Platforms with a limited number of available Gaminator machines should also bypass. After all, the low range reduces the likelihood of finding just the right slot, which will gambler receive a stable income. Demo mode - an opportunity that increases the player's chances of success. After all, in it you can do trial spins for free, using virtual money. 


Customer online casino receives information about the algorithms of the slots and can develop its strategy, which will help him receive a stable profit without risk.

General Information:
Manufacturer Novomatic
Year of release 2005
Slot count ~ 50
Dispersion level Medium and high
RTP On average 95%
Platforms PC, Smartphones
License and regulation The Gambling Commission in Great Britain
License № 45352


Gaminators now

Classic slot machines from the company Novomatic available in many online casinos. In principle, they are similar to their predecessors, but now players can spin the reel through a personal computer, or sitting in the park with a mobile. All Novomatic slots have licenses confirming their algorithms and overall quality.

Features of the game in Gaminator machines 

Like any type of online slot machines for Gaminator peculiarities that distinguish them from other slots. To them prnadlit:

Features Description
Clear rules Classic rules of the game, which came to the online segment of the land-based institutions.
Gambling symbols As the main characters premenyutsya proven to be to the liking of the players fruit, BAR, sevens, etc.

Quality random number generator

All Gaminators from Novomatic have a small risk of falling into a series of unsuccessful bets, due to which you can allocate large sums.
Bonuses The presence of bonus games, allow you to increase the final profit in half.


The algorithm of this slot machine is fully identical to modern slots, so it will be a great option for betting.

Using Gaminators in demo mode

If a player doubts his abilities and is not ready to bet for real money, then a great option for it will be a demo mode. It is available in almost all online casinos. Activate it can even unauthorized user. The specifics of the mode is to bet on the virtual funds that are given to him by the system. In general, the algorithm of rotation here is identical to the real rates, but with one exception. It is impossible for the Gambler to withdraw the profit made in this way. 

The bottom line is that the demo mode is designed to get acquainted with Gaminator machines. This will give him a chance to develop his game strategy and understand what bets are best to do in a particular situation.

Free coins for Gaminator

In social networking groups, external resource sites and bonus aggregators like Really Spins there are daily updated bonus links with free game currency for the application Gaminator. They can be used when you run out of coins in the main account to continue to play for free in your favorite online slots from Novomatic.

Advantages and disadvantages of Novomatic slot machines

Like any modern slot machines, Gaminatory from Novomatic have both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages are:

  • Immersion in the atmosphere of classic land-based establishments. This point is more relevant to the players with experience, who bet on the machines before the mass creation of online casinos.
  • Intuitive rules. Already five minutes after the first bet player understands all the subtleties of the game and can build its strategy to increase the chances of winning.
  • Gaminators from Novomatic have a high RTP and minimum risk of falling into a string of bad bets.
    Online casinos offer trial bets using bonus funds, or demo mode.


  • Not all sites have a large selection of Gaminators.
  • Rather simplified gameplay may not cause a long lasting fascination for today's gamblers.
  • The same elements in a lot of slots over time bore users.

In general, Gaminators continue to stay afloat and have success with the target audience.

Parameters of Gaminator slots

Slots Minimum bet Maximum bet Maximum payout RTP%
Book of Ra 0.01 50 250 000 95.1
Sizzling Hot Deluxe 0.05 50 50 000 95.66
Multi Dice 0.4 100 50 000 94.91
5 Line Mystery 0.1 50 25 000 95.6
Super Dice 0.4 100 50 000 94.98
5 Line Jokers 0.4 100 50 000 95
Lucky Lady's Charm Deluxe 0.01 50 450 000 95.13
Roaring Forties 0.4 200 200 000 95.48
American poker II 0.04 10 6 000 95
Power Stars 0.02 100 173 900 95.54
Mega Joker 0.01 40 80 000 95.05
Ultra Hot Deluxe 0.2 1500 225 000 95.17
Fruits'n Sevens 0.4 100 100 000 95.04
Just Jewels Deluxe 0.4 100 50 000 95.42
Supra Hot 0.4 50 50 000 95.2

The most popular Gaminator games

Users now have a wide choice of Gaminator games. Of which stand out classics captured their time:

  1. Book of Ra - a gambling classic released back in 2004. Despite the "old age" slot continues to take a leading place in the list of the best slot machines in the number of spins by players. Users are attracted by the high winning odds, blyagodarstvuya them can multiply the original bet amount of more than 10 thousand times. Return Percentage (RTP) game has an average of 92.13%. Ancient Egypt storyline for decades users like, so this machine contains all the most attractive element to the player. It is designed in a 5 * 3 format with 9 winning lines.
  2. Super Dice - a striking representative of the classic slots with lots of elements that evoke nostalgia in players. Immediately catches the eye a high RTP, reaching 94.98%. The 3*3 scheme allows you to use most of the progressive strategies gambling, increasing the chances of success. The usual images are used here as symbols, including fruit, bells, BAR symbol, sevens, etc. Statistical indicators show that the chance of falling out a winning combination here is quite high.
  3. Mega Joker. It is with this character that many people associate the gambling industry, in principle. Consequently, the use of the Joker as an element of the gaminator is an interesting decision from Novomatic. However, not only it brings popularity to the slot. All the main indicators point to good chances of the gambler to get the desired profit. For example, the low chance of hitting a string of bad spins, as well as the RTP, exceeding 95%.
  4. Power Stars. The first release of this slot machine was back in 2008. During this time, it has been updated several times, but continues to bring nostalgia to fans of classic casino games. The return rate here is truly high and is 95.54%. Winning lines 10 on each side. As with most representatives of this top, as the characters Power Stars uses familiar to users elements.
  5. Supra Hot. Another gaminator with excellent gaming characteristics. Suitable for fans of land-based casinos, as the algorithms and the basic elements are identical. High RTP of 95.2%, as well as the opportunity to bet in the bonus rounds, allowing to increase the final profit in half.
  6. Roaring Forties. Relatively "young" slot, released in 2015. Contains all the necessary elements inherent in gaminators. According to statistics, this machine has a low probability of getting into a series of bad bets. The return percentage of 95.48 also indicates a significant chance of the player, in the confrontation against the system.
  7. 5 Line Mystery. This game catches the eye precisely because of its mystical plot, as well as the dark shades of the playing field, immersing the gambler in an atmosphere of fear. At the same time, as symbols are still used fruit and sevens. RTP is one of the highest in this list and is equal to 95.6%.

This is not all of the Gaminators available to gamblers on the pages of the popular domestic online casinos. To increase your chances of winning, you need to study each slot in more detail, choosing the right strategy for each. 

Gaminator Vs GameTwist

FunStage is known for releasing GameTwist and creating Gaminator. There are similarities as well as features and differences between these gaming products.

Gaminator is a set of games with the same structure in a single slot machine. Now under Gaminator is considered to be the classic games that can be played in demo mode.

GameTwist is a kind of service that allows you to play slots, both for free and for real money. To bet in the free game is used currency for the game - Twist, which is used in all games.

  Gaminator GameTwist
The company Funstage GmbH Funstage GmbH
Release year 2005 2012
Play for money
Game types Slots Slots, Poker, Bingo, Table games
Quantity of slots 15 402
RTP % ~95.3 ~96
Site traffic 16 100 a day 324 000 a day
Android app
Downloads on Google Play 5 mln+ 5 mln+

Google Play Score

4.5 4.3
iOS app
App Store Score 4.7 4.6

Free play mode is a common link between Gaminator and GameTwist. If the first case, it is activated automatically, the second need to run the slot in the demo version. Such a possibility is at many casinos.

The disadvantage of GameTwist are financial risks when playing at online casinos, which in this case the Gaminator is absent. If we talk about the advantages, the GameTwist can boast a variety of bonus features and jackpots.

Play responsibly

Every player must follow the rules of responsible play. They can be described in a few points:

  • Regulate the size of the bankroll for betting;
  • Do not try to win back immediately after wagering;
  • Limit the time spent at the slot machines;
  • Periodically switch to free play mode;
  • judiciously estimate the chances of getting the jackpot.

In order to prevent players from becoming addicted, many online casinos allow only adult users to register. If a player feels the absorption of the game, the uncontrollable desire to win back, he should seek help from qualified professionals.


What are Gaminators?

Today, many people think that gaminators are directly synonymous to slot machines. In fact, they are classic games released by the provider Novomatic. Now most of them are adapted for online casinos, which attracts the attention of players around the world.

Is it possible to make a trial bet on Gaminators at online casinos?

Yes, modern sites give their customers the opportunity to spin the reels for virtual money. The only difference from real bets is the impossibility of withdrawing profit.

Are there profitable strategies for Gaminators?

Yes, there are many techniques of spinning the reels in the public domain. To master each of them, the player can make trial bets in the demo mode. The most effective, at a distance, is a "fixed bet", which allows to keep the player's bank "afloat".

How much time should I devote to slot machines?

Like any gambling game, slots can addict the user, which subsequently leads to a significant loss of money. Experienced players enter online casinos for no more than 20-25 minutes. They recommend completing the session after the first large odds, which will be obtained during the rotation.As with any gambling game, slots can drag the user, which will subsequently lead to a significant loss of funds. Experienced players enter online casinos for no more than 20-25 minutes. They recommend completing the session after the first large coefficient, which will be obtained during the rotation.

Is it important to bet on Gaminators on licensed sites?

Naturally, certificates confirm the quality of the resource and significantly reduce the player's risk of interaction with cheaters. In addition, the presence of licenses in the slot machines allows the user before starting to bet clearly understand what RTP is laid in it by the developer.

Is it possible to bet on slot machines with a cell phone?

Of course, almost all companies have already developed fully adapted mobile versions for their clients. They can be used by owners of devices running on Android and iOS.

Is it worth it to go to the bonus rounds in Gaminator?

This question is purely individual and depends on the preferences of the particular player. It should be taken into account that an unsuccessful bet at this stage leads to the annulment of the whole winnings. Consequently, the question of expediency of risk play should be considered in the context of profit after the spin. 

Is it possible to win bonus offers on Gaminator?

Of course. Such slots, by their principle, do not differ from their analogues at all. With a competent approach to the wagering process, you can easily make a profit.

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