Deleting an online casino account

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Tired of playing casino games or feel that it has a bad effect on you? Then it's better to delete the account, at least for a while. In different casinos, the option of deletion is realized in different ways. There are gaming platforms where you can go to your personal cabinet and delete the account in a couple of clicks, but most often you need to contact support. Next I will tell you step by step about each of the options.

How to delete a casino account on your own

Self-deletion of the account is less common, but still possible. This option is implemented through the personal cabinet of the casino and assumes 2 scenarios of actions. I will start with the first one. Once the casino personal cabinet is opened, next you need to do the following:

  1. Open the settings and select the "Personal Data" section.
  2. Find the line "Delete account".
  3. Carefully study the terms of account deletion.
  4. If everything is suitable, apply for deletion.

Once again, I will clarify a few nuances. If you delete an account today, you will not be able to restore it tomorrow, or in a week or a month. This is an irrevocable process. In parallel with the deletion, all bonuses are canceled, including those not played and the balance of funds on the account is paid.

If you can not delete the account yourself and do not want to contact support, there is an alternative. For example, you can use the self-restriction tool. Its main function is to temporarily limit access to the casino. Delete the account in this way will not be able to delete, but authorization in it will be prohibited.

Use the tool self-limitation is simple - I suggest following the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open your personal account and go to the settings.
  2. Among all the options, find the self-restriction tool.
  3. Specify the reason why you want to restrict access to the casino.
  4. Enter the terms of blocking the account.

As soon as the application is considered, access to the account is immediately blocked. Even if you then write to support and ask to unban, it will do nothing. Access can be blocked for a week or 2 years. As soon as the term expires, you can reapply and so on indefinitely.


How to delete an account through the support service

Some casinos, including world casinos, do not let you delete the account on your own, being wary of the consequences. The only way on such sites to close the account once and for all, contact support. In different casinos it can be done in different ways: specialists answer both via email, and in messengers or by phone.

To request a removal was accurately considered and accepted, I recommend as detailed as possible to describe the reason for deletion. For example, do not like the payment terms, tired of playing, not sure about the safety of personal data. As soon as the request is considered, the money from the account is paid out and the account is deleted forever.

In parallel, the casino administration must remove from the database all your personal data, including information about payments and data obtained during verification. If you simply self-limit access to the account, all data is saved, but not processed in any way.

Both deletion methods work. Which one to choose - decide for yourself. It is also important to consider the casino's policy on account deletion. On some sites after deletion over time you can create a new account, but most often it is prohibited.

Lastly, I will note the following. Think well before deleting your casino account once and for all. Sometimes the best solution is to freeze the account and come back to it over time. If you do decide to delete, use one of the possible ways.

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