Aviator — Game of Plane for Real Money

Aviator is a popular crash game with original gameplay and instant payouts. It is based on a mathematical algorithm, and you can win even with a minimum budget. The game is based on the flight of the plane. The player has to guess at what point the flight will stop and at what odds. He made the choice depends not only on the size of the winnings, but also the result of the round. More features of the crash game in the article.

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Game Review

Aviator as Crash game provides a minimum of rules. The game consists of several stages:

  1. The player bets manually or places an auto-cashout.
  2. Launches the flight of the plane. Next, the player is required to observe the flight, acting as an air traffic controller. The round continues as long as the corn is visible within the radar.
  3. In the course of the flight, coefficients increase. The final multiplier affects the size of the payout.
  4. If the player manages to stop the plane - the winnings are automatically credited to the balance. There is another outcome: to stop the plane in time failed and the player loses the specified bet.


These are the basic rules of Aviator. Even a beginner or a player who has never before encountered the genre of Crash games in the casino will be able to understand them. More peculiarities of the game are collected in the table below:

Company Spribe
Release Date January 2019
Genre Crash Game
Winning The plane managed to stop before it flew away sharply
Lose Failed to stop the plane before it flew away
Maximum win No limits
Minimum bet 1 USD
Maximum win in a round 10 000 USD
Bonus options No

Aviator in different online casinos

Crash game can be found in different online casinos. Regardless of the chosen playground, the player will be able to bet in Aviator and withdraw the winnings in the future. Each casino has certain features - they are expressed in the number of games, bonus content, the list of payment methods. Brief features of each site let's consider further.

Aviator at Pin Up Casino

Pin Up is one of the most popular online casinos where the official version of crash game Aviator is available. It has several advantages:

  • 6000+ slot machines are collected in the catalog;
  • instant deposits and payouts;
  • Weekly bonuses;
  • Regular tournaments;
  • 24 hour support service. 

To play Aviator, the player must first register in Pin Up. In the registration form, you can specify a promo code from ReallySpins - this will allow you to get a profitable welcome bonus.

Aviator slot machine at 1Win Casino

The online casino was founded in 2018 and continues to be popular until today. The club is licensed in Cyprus and offers over 10,000 slot machines. You can also find Aviator crash game in the casino's catalog. You can run the game in the desktop version of the casino, as well as in the mobile application. You can also get a no deposit bonus for installing the application.

1xBet - Crash Game Aviator

1xBet offers players two formats of gambling entertainment - sports betting and casino. Access to both formats opens only after registration. It is performed in a couple of clicks and only adult players can pass it. The club attracts attention with low deposit limits and responsive support. The players call the extensive catalog of games an advantage.

Aviator in the Parimatch assortment

Parimatch is the first casino that added the game Aviator to the Crash catalog. It has been officially active since 2015 and has the following features:

  • 9000+ slot machines in the catalog;
  • 10% cashback from each bet weekly;
  • There is a mobile app for Android and iOS;
  • instant deposits and withdrawal of winnings;
  • special bonuses for high rollers.

You can play Aviator at Parimatch in two modes - money or demo.

Aviator at Mostbet

Licensed club MostBet has been operating since 2009. The number of active players exceeds several millions. In addition to crash games, the catalog also includes slots, card games, table games and live dealer games. The club has a positive reputation among players: the reviews indicate the fast withdrawal of winnings and responsiveness of the support service.

Aviator: how to play

To understand the game management Aviator even a beginner will be able to. The laconicism of the game panel provides the following buttons:

  1. "+" и "-". Use these buttons to adjust the cost of the round. The player can specify their own value or select one of the values from the list.
  2. Bet. This is the green button that starts the round. Immediately after the start turns into "Suspend" - one press stops the round.
  3. Auto. Scoreboard consists of two values: Auto Play - the bet is set, rounds are started automatically and Auto Keshout - the player can specify the multiplier during which the round will be stopped.


You can make two coupons on the game panel. This is useful when drawing up and testing different strategies. The gameplay can be formulated in the following algorithm:

  1. The player makes a bet and presses the button to start the round.
  2. The plane begins to take off. Along with this increase in payout ratio is displayed.
  3. The player's task is to stop the plane before it flies away. If he managed to do this, the caught multiplier is multiplied by the specified bet. If not, the bet is canceled.

If desired, the player can use the auto-mode and set the value of the bet or multiplier manually. Pay attention to the table of results. On it the bets are divided into 3 categories:

  • each player's bets;
  • user bets;
  • Top bets.

From the table you can find out the player's nickname, the size of the bet, the caught odds and the amount of winnings. If you open the tab TOP, you can sort the results for the day, month and year. Also from the control panel you can go to the help section - for this there is a button with a question mark. 

If you go to the settings of Aviator, you can adjust the volume of sound effects and background music, disable animation, activate the bonus betas.

Tricks of the game algorithm

Crash game Aviator is built on a provably fair system. This is due to the use of cryptographic technology Probably Fair. Thanks to this technology, interference in the game by third parties is impossible.

The result of each round (the finish flight multiplier) is not generated on Spribe's servers. It is generated by the players who participated in the round. The Aviator algorithm is 100% transparent, so it is impossible to control it or predict the outcome of the round. Each player can check and confirm the integrity of the round. 


To understand the principle of the algorithm, it is worth considering some of its features. The result of the round is formed by four independent participants: the gaming operator and the first 3 players who have bet. The operator or casino generates a server sid (random 16 characters). This sid in an encrypted version can be checked before the start of the round. 

The client sid is generated on the side of each player. Once the round starts, the first 3 players who placed a bet participate in forming the outcome or flight multiplier. Once the round is started, the game combines the server sid and the 3 player sids. A hash is generated from the combined symbols, and from it the outcome of the round - this data is specified in the public domain. 

The player can check the fairness of each round. To do this: pay attention to the table with the results. There is a green button next to each outcome. In the opened window is published:

  • server sys;
  • Sides of 3 players;
  • combined hash;
  • the result of the round.

If a player wants to participate in the formation of the results of the round, he should make sure that he plays among the first three players. The correctness of the hash can also be checked with any online calculator.

Strategies for winning Aviator 2023

There are over 100 strategies for playing Aviator on the Internet, but not every one of them deserves the attention of players. 50% of the strategies have no evidence base - their principle of action is related only to the conjectures of the players. Below we analyze several strategies that have positively proved themselves - they can be divided into 3 categories: low, moderate and high risk.


Low-Risk Tactics

If you evaluate the results table, you can see that the most frequent multipliers are x2-x3. So players should try to catch these multipliers during the round. They can be placed in a cashout or used as a hedge bet.

Low-risk tactics involve minimum bets - their size does not exceed $1-2 per round. This will allow you to get stable winnings even with a limited budget. 

The disadvantage of the tactic is that the player deprives himself of the opportunity to get big winnings. This disadvantage will be doubly significant for highrollers. Therefore, this strategy should be used by beginners who begin their acquaintance with the Aviator crash game or players with limited budgets.

High risk tactics

This tactic is based on the Martingale system: with each losing round, the bet increases by one value in the next. This continues until the player gets a win. After that, the bet is lowered to the minimum value. This high risk tactic has such advantages:

  • can be implemented even with a small budget;
  • high winnings;
  • ease of implementation;
  • the multiplier is always different;
  • is based on mathematical calculations.

Martingale system provides a few disadvantages. It is suitable for players who have no budget constraints. The disadvantage of the strategy consists in high risks: there is no 100% guarantee that the round will be winning. Because of this, the player can continue betting and remain with nothing.

Alternative tactics

This tactic is suitable for players who do not want to risk much money. To implement it, you need to use the auto-cashout option. The algorithm for implementation is as follows: 

  1. Open the form "Auto" in the coupon.
  2. Switch the slider to the active position opposite the inscription "Auto Cashout".
  3. Specify the multipliers at the level of x2-x3.
  4. Start the round.

Low odds strategy is suitable for players with a limited budget. As soon as the multiplier on the game screen reaches the specified value, auto cashout will automatically finish the round and the winnings will be credited to the balance. The main advantage of this tactic is the ability to get stable winnings in every round.

Secrets of Aviator

Crash game Aviator has a high payout - the RTP is 97%. This means that with 100 bets made, 97 rounds will bring you a win. These calculations are theoretical in nature. In practice, the size of the winnings may be larger or smaller. 

Players should pay attention to the established limits: 

  • the minimum bet - 0.1 USD;
  • the maximum bet - 100 USD;
  • the maximum winning for one bet - 10 000 USD;
  • the maximum winnings - not limited. 

One of the main advantages of Aviator is the results table. This makes it possible to see the outcomes of other players' rounds.

Automatic betting

One of the secrets of Aviator is using Automatic Betting. It is activated on the game panel and provides two options:

  1. Autoplay. Specifies the bet that will be involved in each round.
  2. Auto Cashout. Sets the multiplier at which the round automatically ends. 

Activate the option Auto cashout can be simultaneously for two coupons. This option is useful for different strategies, as well as for backing bets. For example: in one coupon sets the auto-cashout at a multiplier of x2-x3 (the average value of 90% of rounds), while the other specifies the size of the bet. Even if you fail to stop the flight in time, the winnings will still be credited to the balance.

Download Aviator for Android and iOS

The Aviator game can be opened from your phone. It runs from the mobile version of the casino website or in a separate app, if it is available in the casino. The game is adapted for all types of operating systems - Android and iOS. Find the link to download the application on our website, on the official casino website or in the App Store or Google Play market, respectively.


If you click on the link, the market will immediately open with the desired download page. Then the player needs to click "Install" and wait for the end of the download. If there is no link, you will need to follow the algorithm:

  1. Open the market from the phone.
  2. Enter the name of the casino in the search box.
  3. Press the button "Install".
  4. Wait until the download is complete.
  5. Run the application.

To start playing, you need to register an account or sign in with a username and password. After that, you will need to make a deposit, if the player is ready to risk money. Crash game is also available in demo mode in many casinos - in this case, bets are made on virtual coins.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Simple rules of the game Betting limits
Real odds of winning There is a risk of losing
High impact No live version
Two coupons with bets are available Team play is not supported
Auto game mode is supported Restricted winnings per round

Comparison of Aviator with slot machines

Aviator Crash game like GetX Crash, JetX and Plinco differs from the usual arcade games in several aspects. First of all it affects the format of the game. The principle of slots is to spin the reels and collect prize combinations of the same symbols. The Aviator game involves starting a round and instant payouts.

This type of game combines excitement and an equal chance of winning and losing. There are also similarities in the algorithm - in both formats, the payout is calculated using a random number generator. This means that it is impossible to beat or hack the machine. More differences between the Aviator game and the slot machines are collected in the table:

Parameter Aviator Slot machines
Structure The playing field has a control panel and an airplane Slot has paylines and reels
Payout Calculated by the formula: bet x caught  On the amount of winnings affects rates and multipliers assigned to each symbol
Payback 97%, volatility is not provided From 95% - each slot is different
Maximum payout No restrictions Set by the provider
Bonus features No restrictions Special symbols (Wild, Scatter), bonus round or double risk game
Number of bets You can place two bets at the same time For one rotation is set at one rate
Demo mode Available Available

How to withdraw money from Aviator

The player can withdraw the winnings at any time. To do this, you must follow a simple instruction:

  1. Wait for the payment to be credited to the in-game balance.
  2. Exit the game and go to the "Cashier".
  3. Choose a payment instrument.
  4. Specify the withdrawal amount and details. If you selected a bank card, it is necessary to specify the card number, CVV code and expiration date.
  5. Check the correctness of these data and click on "Withdraw".
  6. At the page that opens confirm the payment with the code from the SMS.

Button: only registered users who verified their account can withdraw the winnings. In order for the money to be correctly withdrawn, the player is required to comply with the established payment limits. Withdrawal time in each casino is different: from 15 minutes to 3 working days. 


Can I win at Aviator with a minimum budget?

Yes, it is available to every player. The amount of winnings depends on the bet amount and the caught multiplier. So, if the bet is $2 and the flight multiplier is x3.5, then the payout amount is 2 x 3.5 = $7. The higher the multiplier, the bigger the winnings. 

What bets are available in Aviator?

There are betting limits in the crash game Aviator. The minimum amount is 0.1 USD, the maximum is 100 USD. With this in mind, you can win no more than 10,000 USD in one round. 

How is Aviator different from other crash games?

Aviator is the founder of the crash game genre. Therefore, the features of games like JetX, Plinko or GetX can also be observed in Aviator. The only difference is in the mathematical algorithm used to calculate the winnings. 

Which casino is better to play Aviator?

Choose a casino to play at Aviator should be based on several criteria: the license, bonus program, the size of the welcome bonus for registration, available payment instruments and the reputation of the club among players. 

Is it possible to hit the jackpot in a crash game?

No, Crash game Aviator does not provide jackpot drawing. Bonus features are not available in the game either. The amount of winnings is affected by two parameters: the specified bet and the caught multiplier. 

How do I allocate my budget to play Aviator?

The bankroll should be allocated taking into account the chosen strategy of the game. If it's a low multiplier tactic, then make small bets. If it is a high risk strategy, then gradually increase the bet. 

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