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Spades Plus is the original platform from Zynga. In it, users can play a card game in three formats: solo, in a team, and as participants in tournaments. The lobby of the platform is divided into several rooms, taking into account the format of the game. Attracts players and holding tournaments with Challenges. The level system is also worth mentioning as a separate advantage.

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Platform Overview

Users can play on the platform in two formats: as registered players or as a guest. There are no classic Hold'em or Omaha types of poker. Instead, players have to play the original card game with simple rules. The game is played with virtual coins, which can be obtained in several ways. 


Classic Rooms Spades Plus

As soon as the user enters the lobby of the platform, he has access to Classic Rooms. To start the game it is necessary to make a bet on the "Bet" board - the desired amount is adjusted with the slider. The possible prize depends on the bet, its size changes automatically.

The principle of the game is simple: players need to try to throw the highest value card on the table, but the same suit as the others. At the beginning of the round, users indicate the estimated number of wins. If at the end of the round this number coincides with the real one, the additional prize is awarded.

The game in the classic rooms is played in teams of two players. If the user does not have a friend to keep him company, the partner is determined automatically. Gameplay is even more fun due to the support of online chat - it can be switched off at any time. 

Special rooms

The platform provides special rooms. There are 4 of them and each of them has certain features:

  • VIP. The game is played in the classic game Spades at random tables. It is possible to change the table after entering the room, but in this case, the player automatically loses the bet made. 
  • Solo. No team play or bid setting is supported. The player plays for himself against 3 other users.
  • Whiz. At the beginning of the game user specifies a bid (possible number of bets) "zero". 
  • Mirror. As the bid is set the number of trumps in the hand. 

To start one of the rooms, it is necessary to click on the tab "Special Rooms" in the lobby Spade Plus, select the desired variation of the room and press "Enter". Once the room is selected, a table opens with the possible tables. The player will have to choose one of the tables with empty seats and click "Play now". It is also possible to create your own table. 

Spades Plus Tournaments

At any time a user can join a tournament. To do this, you will need to press the "Enter" button in the platform lobby against the "Tournaments Solo" tab. After that, it will be necessary to specify the buy-in, i.e. the initial fee to participate in the tournament. There are two variations to choose from: 10,000 chips and 50,000 chips. 

The amount of the cash prize depends on the chosen variation:

  1. For first place: 120,000 coins and 600,000 coins;
  2. For second place: 20,000 coins and 100,000 coins.

Once the bets are made, it is necessary to press the "Enter" button and the game will be started. The game consists of three stages: qualifying, semifinals, and finals. At the qualifying stage the game is played in teams - in each of them compete with 4 players. The user who wins the qualifying moves on to the semifinals. Only the best players get to the finals. 


Once a player reaches level 5 on the platform, Knock-out Challenges become available to them. The game is played solo, you cannot create teams or team up with other players. In Challenges players will have to guess which hand holds the cards to make the prize combination. For each guessing hand earns 100 points. 

The player who gets the most points in the first round advances to the second round. To do so, he must win all rounds, or in other words, guess every prize hand. The user who took the 2nd place goes through the stage again. The remaining users leave the Challenge. The player who wins the final round receives the Grand Jackpot. 

Double Classic

This is a special mode of the game in which users have the opportunity to get double the prize for every round won. The game is played according to the classic principle: users make bets and start the round. After that, players need to specify the "bid" - the expected number of wins. If the final number coincides with the specified, the prize is awarded.

The winnings for each round are doubled in Double classic mode. You can stop the game and take the prize at any time. This mode is only available after the player reaches level 5 in the system and can be activated at any time. 

Turbo mode

The Spades Plus platform supports several special game modes. One of them is the Turbo mode. This can be activated during a tournament or in any of the available rooms. The principle of this mode is as follows: Cards are played at double the speed. This makes the game more interesting and makes it possible to get the cash prize faster.

Turbo mode has a drawback. It is connected with the fact that the users do not have enough time to think about the next move. This is fraught with financial risks. 

Download Spades Plus app on Android and iOS

The Double Plus platform is available on Android and iOS devices. Before you install the mobile app, you need to make sure your phone meets the current technical requirements. They are minimal. 


You can find the link to download the software on our website. It is also available in the official App Store and Google Play. The algorithm for installing the platform consists of several steps:

  1. Open the market on your phone.
  2. Enter in the search box "Double Plus".
  3. Press "Download" button.
  4. Wait until the download is complete and launch the platform.

Immediately after launching Double Plus, it is recommended to authorize on the platform - this can be done through Facebook or Google. The option to play as a guest is also supported, but the gameplay is not saved. If you follow the link, the poker room page in the market will automatically open. Then you only need to follow the algorithm of the download. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Simple game rules No reference section
Ability to participate in tournaments Lots of advertising inserts
Short breaks between rounds A small number of bonuses
Subscription option in several variations Limitations to some options due to level
Regular Challenges You can't withdraw your winnings


Spades Plus is not a classic poker room like the WSOP or a social casino like Huuuge Casino.The reason for this is that it is not possible to play popular varieties of poker on the platform. Instead, players have access to several varieties of the popular card game. It can be played solo and in teams, tournaments and challanges. Regardless of the chosen format of the game, one nuance applies - the game is played for entertainment purposes only. 


How do I progress through the levels on Spades Plus?

There is a level system on the platform. The first level is assigned automatically after registration. To move to a new level, you need to accumulate experience points.

What purchases are available on the platform?

If you go to the store on the platform (the button with the image of the cart), a list of available purchases will open. These are coins, chips, animated emoji, the ability to change the color of the table, game functions, and subscriptions.

How many chips can I get for inviting a friend?

For each invited friend who registers on the Spades Plus platform, 10,000 coins are awarded. Players can invite an unlimited number of friends.

How to become a participant of the tournament?

To join the tournament you need to press the "Enter" button in front of the corresponding tab in the lobby. After that all you have to do is to specify the buy-in amount (initial deposit) and the tournament will start. 

Can I withdraw my winnings?

No, the game on the Spades Plus platform is for entertainment purposes only. Since virtual chips are used for betting, the winnings are also virtual. 

How do I get chips to play on the platform?

You can do this in different ways - register on the platform, invite a friend, view ads or win a tournament. The available promotional offers are regularly updated.

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