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Minesweeper is a game everyone knows . Under the simple design was hidden logical game, capable of equally effective test of deduction and your luck. No wonder that Mines has become popular in the circles of gamblers and came to the front pages among gambling games. But how to play Mines in online casinos? And how does it differ from the classic sapper?

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Game review of the Mines game

The classic Mines consisted of a field with empty squares. Your task was to guess where there were no mines on the field and choose the appropriate square. If you made a mistake, your sapper was blown up and the game was over.

To help players as long as possible to play Mines - the creators have provided a number of intuitive hints. For example, opening an empty square you open and the area next to it, which was marked with numbers how many more mines around you.

Thanks to the native and useful hint, players could spend hours trying to "clear" the entire canvas without taking a break. But is this the way to play Mines for real money?

Types of Mines in different casinos

Unlike the classic game of Mines, where you need to clear the canvas without getting caught on a mine - in the online casino for the performance of this task offers a cash reward. Each move that continues the game gradually increases the final amount of the winnings, but if you make a mistake - you lose everything.


It is worth bearing in mind that all casinos cannot offer the same machine to users. To interest players, you need something unique. Therefore, operators and developers have taken up refinements of the mines and offered the market several of its variations, namely:

  • Classic Mines with the winnings. This category of games fully copies the classic mines in the rules of the game and partially borrows the style of the original. However, the playing field differs from project to project. It remains static, the player can not affect its size.
  • Redesigned Mine Field for real money. Games in this category are still preserving the essence of sapper, but offer a new design of the graphical component of the project. In addition to the design of the game offer players more variability. For example, at the beginning of the round the player can choose the size of the field. The smaller the field - the more chances to win, but at the same time, the higher the risk of running into a mine and lose everything.
  • New games with old traditions (Minesweeper). In this category we have put games that use the mechanics of the classic Minesweeper and interpret them in new designs. Some casinos offer you to play Minesweeper in which you can only move forward, others use obstacles or wild animals instead of mines. Gaming projects offer a new gaming experience while still using the mechanics of the classic game.

The minesweeper game has become surprisingly popular in online casinos and it was difficult to predict the reaction of players. However, among all casino software developers there were those who were willing to take the risk, and they weren't wrong. But how to explain the popularity of Mines online casino?

The main reason for the popularity of the minesweeper simulator in online casinos can be considered variability. Unlike classic slots, where there is a single "start" button - mines for money offers to test intuition, logic and strategy. Thus, in the course of the game, your winnings depend on the actions taken, you almost do not rely on luck. This is the main reason for the popularity of the mines.

If you like online entertainment and are interested in mines - then before starting the game, it is worth to get acquainted with the rules. 

Rules of the game

At the beginning of the game in front of you open the field, divided into equal rectangles. The number of rectangles depends on the particular version of the game or on the risk factor. The game starts as soon as you select the first square.

The first move in Mines is a win-win. This is so the player doesn't lose money without playing properly. The second turn can be your last in the game.

If the square you chose for the second turn is not mined, the game continues. Your final goal is to open all unmined cells. If you manage to do it - the winnings are yours.

How to play free Mines Casino?

Demand for the opportunity to play Mines for free forced operators to take action, and as a result, today you can play Minesweeper for free.

  • Demo versions. Most popular casinos offer you to try to play before you start risking your money. So, using the demo version you can quench your curiosity while not risking losing everything.
  • Freespins. Free freespins are another method of playing the trawler for free. Freespins allow you to play slots without the risk of losing money, while you get access to all the features of the game, unlike the demo version.
  • Free platforms. Among online casinos, there are platforms that do not allow you to spend any real money at all on the game. Such platforms are designed for gamblers who need entertainment, but they are not ready to make deposits and lose money.


Freespins, demos, and platforms without deposits make Minesweeper projects increasingly popular. However, each individual minecraft project will be different from the previous one. But what bonuses and features are available to players on different platforms?

Mines in various online casinos

To compete in the casino market, platforms must offer their players something special. In the aspect of the classic Mines game, there are dozens of unique projects and special playing conditions. We will tell you about a few of these projects below.

Game Mines (Minesweeper) at Vulkan VEGAS casino

At online casinos Vulkan Vegas players can test their tactics and luck trying not to get on a mined field and choosing risk tactics. At the beginning of the game you choose the size of the field. The larger the field, the lower the risk of quickly hitting a mine, but the longer the game will last. Choosing a small field, you can finish the game in a few moves, but the risk of hitting the mine will be much higher.

Mines by 1WIN Casino

Casino 1WIN decided not to stray far from the original Minesweeper and offers players its interpretation in the work of the provider Betsolution. Playing at 1WAN you have no option to change the size of the field, instead the platform offers a classic mines in a new design and with a nice odds of winning.

UP-X - Real Money Mines

Having chosen UP-X as a gaming platform you can risk your savings by playing an updated mines simulator. Here you will find a medium-sized field, an interesting design and a solid pot if luck is on your side. The platform supports different methods of payment, so there is a place both credit card holders and owners of cryptocurrencies.

Play Mines with bonuses at Stake Casino

Stake Casino trying to cope with the high level of competition among platforms has solved the problem quite elegantly. Given the popularity of cryptocurrencies today, the casino offers increased bonuses for those who have switched to decentralized coins and are willing to take their chances.


Online Mines for Money at Roobet

Casino Roobet offers not quite a standard field and the opportunity to assess their deductive abilities for free. So, a demo version of Saper is available on the service. If you are confident in your tactics of the game, Roobet will offer you a large field with minimal risk and a large number of moves.

1xBet - Mines online (Saper) with payouts

To attract potential players, the platform gives users the opportunity to try out their abilities in a 5 by 10 field demo version of the game. Such a seemingly insignificant change changes the rules of the whole game, because now it becomes more difficult to calculate the location of mines. However, the proposed winnings for a successful round with more than covers all the risks.

Minesweeper at BetWinner

In order to compete with other projects, BetWinner has enlisted the support of a leading operator and gambling provider. This allowed BetWinner to offer players a new visual design of Minesweeper. The platform allows you to play a demo and pay with cryptocurrency. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the size of the field depending on the desired risk factor. This possibility was an additional reason to play mines on this platform.

Secrets of playing Mines

Minesweeper is a game that has long entered the hall of fame of classic amusements. The game was first introduced to the general public as offline entertainment on the Windows operating system. Today, this harmless pastime has become a popular game of chance.


Over the years, mines has survived more than a hundred attempts to unravel its secret. Some have succeeded, but it is worth considering that it is impossible to cheat this game. But what is the difference between online casino Minesweeper and the classic game on Windows?

Features of the game algorithm

Like the classic Mines - his online reincarnation of gambling does not try to cheat the player. As in other crash games like Aviator, GetX, JetX and Plinko mechanics mines is built on a combination of logic and the illusion of chance.

Unlike classic slot machines called one-armed bandits - the mines has no backstory where he tries to cheat the players. All mines on the field are placed immediately after your first move and do not change their location. 

Despite the use of the mechanics of the classic Minesweeper - in his gambling reincarnation of the features that came from the world of casinos. Multipliers and payoffs have never been part of the minesweeper simulator, but today they are the ones that determine your winnings in this albeit classic, but fascinating game.

Multiplier Formation

Multiplier is a feature inherent in online casinos. The essence of the multiplier is that at a certain point in the game, a player has the opportunity to increase his winnings. Thus, the gambling platform gives the player to raise the stakes and get an opportunity to further test their luck.

The principle of multiplier formation in online minesals depends on the platform and the imagination of the provider. Some casinos offer a multiplier after 3 or 5 lucky moves, while others give players a raise after opening 25%, 50% or 75% of the field. The amount of increase in winnings depends on the multiplier offered by the platform and is unique to each individual online platform.


The payout is how much money you can theoretically win back in a game. To find out your payout percentage for a particular game, use the data provided by the gaming platform itself. There are also dozens of services where RTP is calculated using the data provided by casinos + the personal experience of players.

The optimal rate of return for online casino gambling is 95%. Indicator at 90% is considered to be low while the rate of return of 99% admit almost ideal. Finding a project with high rates of return is not easy, but devoting enough time to this process you can find a platform with optimal RTP rate.

Existing and current strategies Mines 2023

mines is an iconic game that was introduced to players many years ago. During its existence, it has survived more than a hundred attempts to calculate all the probabilities, and is still considered quite difficult even among experienced players.

There are two types of strategies when playing minesal, their list looks like this:

  1. Logical strategies. Strategies in the game of mines emphasizing the logic of putting the goal to calculate the number of mines by using the data provided by the game. The tool of logical strategies is the proof. If you can prove that there are no mines in a particular point, that's your next step.
  2. Probabilistic Strategies. Strategies of this format are built entirely on probabilities. Based on the number of mines you can calculate the probability that to the right or left of it is also a mine. The problem of strategies based on probabilities is a wide range of variables, so their efficiency is rather low.

There are dozens or even hundreds of different tactics behind these types of strategies. However, no one has yet been able to create a sequence of moves for the mines that always results in a win for the player. The reason for the impregnability of the minesal is - the location of mines in the projects from online casinos is formed after the first move and is completely random.

Pros and cons of playing Minesweeper for real money

As any online project - Mines for real money has advantages and disadvantages. They are worth considering before you decide to play your first game. By integrating the classic mechanics of Miner and new online platforms, operators and developers of gambling software have literally found a gold mine.

Pros Cons
Variety of styles game High level of tension during the game
Presence of multipliers Absence of strategies with at least 50% probability
Game simplicity Long playing session
Control of the game in the hands of the player  
Delight in the game regardless of the result  

For someone the tension, the length of the game and the lack of strategies is a plus. However, before you get to know an online mines and risk your money, think carefully. This will allow you to avoid disappointment.

Mines (Minesweeper, Mine Field) - download the app for mobile (Android and iOS)

Given the popularity of Minesweeper on gambling sites, it is not surprising that there is a sea of apps on mobile devices as well. If you are using your computer less and less often, you have two opportunities to enjoy the game at once:

  1. Online casino apps - using official online casino apps you can transfer the entire gaming experience and play gambling games, including minesals - using your smartphone.
  2. Mobile games - the catalog of apps for Android and iOS offers many games based on the mechanics of the classic mines. To find them, you'll need the search built into your platform's app store.


In the casino app you can test your luck and earn some money using only your smartphone. If you're not interested in winning and taking risks, you just want to play the new version of minesal - mobile app stores have something to offer you.


To summarize, a great future awaits this as well as the game. The combination of maximum player control, multipliers and all the familiar mechanics make it a project that is relevant at all times. Bonuses from the casino, such as cryptocurrency payment bonuses or the ability to customize the field of play affect the risk factor, only add to the excitement of players and make minesal online a great choice for gamblers.


How to start playing online Mines for money?

It is enough to choose an online casino and find an alternative to the classic miner in its catalog. You can do this with a convenient search directly on the website of the platform.

Can I play Mines for free?

Yes, for this you can download one of the games based on the classic Sapper from the app store of your smartphone, run a demo version or use freespins on the casino website.

Is it possible to beat an online mines?

As in the case of the classic simulator mines - a guaranteed winning strategy does not exist.

Are the games based on Minesweeper different from each other?

Often the proposed projects use the classic mechanics of the miner, changing only the visual design. That said, sometimes casinos offer games where more actions are available to you, such as adjusting the size of the field and changing the risk factor.

Can a casino cheat a mines player?

Online casino is a platform, access to the code of the game have only the operators who have developed the game. Because of the reputational risks, the probability of cheating by the operator or casino is zero.

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