Rudeus Sanches

Editor 30 years old

Welcome to the Really Spins website. I am its editor-in-chief, Rudy Sanchez. My main occupation is writing articles. On this site, I work on online casino and app reviews, sharing news and useful information with you.

I like to write and tell stories ever since I was in high school, so I decided to link my adult life to this activity. At the time when I started, online publications were already more popular than newspapers and magazines, so I worked online from the beginning and wrote on general topics. Now you can count more than 150 articles of my authorship on various sites on the Internet.

Even if your work is your hobby, you still need a break from it. And for me the ideal solution were casual and near-gambling applications. With their help I could relax and give my brain a break from texts. I liked these games because they have simple rules. You don't have to have much skill or training to play them.

Later, the hobby intertwined with my job. I began to write reviews of different games, keep track of news from the industry, learning to distinguish between high-quality entertainment from low-quality. Over all the time I have accumulated enough experience in this field. One day Herbert Lee noticed my article in an online publication and contacted me to propose cooperation. Of course, I agreed, because I want to share my knowledge and help develop platforms like Really Spins.

This is where I began to learn more about gambling. I like the idea that you can play them for free. After all, this protects against unnecessary risk and gambling addiction. Therefore, analyzing free online casinos seems to me not only interesting, but also useful.

I hope that the articles on this site, I will help you understand the subject and find the best place for fun!

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