MONOPOLY Slots: Build your profitable dream city!

MONOPOLY Slots is an original social casino based on the popular board game. The player has to take on the role of a city planner and build a network of casinos, attracting tourists around the world. In the course of the game should not just play slots, and pass the quests and buy different objects. Become a true monopolist will only be able to active players.

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Review of the platform MONOPOLY Slots

MONOPOLY Slots platform impresses with the variety of slot machines and the original gaming area. Moving through it is staged, opening access to new games and bonus rounds. The presence of tasks and periodic jackpot drawings are an additional advantage. 


Moving around the game zone

The player has to rebuild cities, add new buildings and attract an active flow of tourists. The game is divided into zones, depending on the objects - for example, Mediterranean Ave, Baltic Ave, St. Charles Place and others. As soon as a player buys a new object, he moves around the game zone. At the beginning you have to choose a token or token to move - it will display success on the game zone. 


Access to the slot machines on the platform opens in stages - players need to gradually pass the quests and buy new objects. Each quest is assigned to a specific slot. In addition, the player can open a new city and in front of him will appear even more choice of slot machines. 

In MONOPOLY Slots original slots. These you will not find in other social casinos or regular gambling clubs. Here are a few examples: 

  • "Winds Olympus";
  • "Battleship";
  • "Monopoly Party Train";
  • "Clue";
  • "Dragon North." 

Each game is unique. This is expressed not only in the design and theme, but also in the in-game features. For example, different structure, bonus content, the range of bets. Advancing through the game, the user can choose the device that meets preferences. 

Bonus rounds MONOPOLY Slots.

To make the game in the slots more interesting, the developers have provided platform bonus rounds. They are presented in several varieties. So, it may be bonuses, multipliers, and mini-games. Bonus rounds can be activated either at random or on a roll of certain characters on the playing field, such as Scatters. 

Rounds with multipliers

In some slot machines behind the symbols are hidden multipliers. They perform a simple role - increasing the value of previously received payments, taking into account the multiplier. Their value varies and can be either x10 or x1000. Multipliers most often act within the jackpot drawing, so focus on slots with a special note. 

Rounds with bonuses

Slots on the platform are complemented by various bonuses. Each of them is unique and activated, as a rule, at random. Consider their principle of action on the example Tycoon Bonus - it is activated in the machine "Monopoly Super Grand Hotel"

As part of this bonus will select the number of guests who are distributed to the hotel. Their distribution is automatic, so the player has the role of an observer. Depending on the number of guests and which rooms they occupy, a cash prize is awarded. It may increase or decrease as the guests are distributed to the rooms. 

Round with in-game play (Monopoly)

During the game of slots can activate Monopoly. This is an in-game game, participation in which provides the opportunity to receive additional cash prizes. On the field of Monopoly, as in the real game, you can see different cells. Some of them provide for the purchase of objects - their value is deducted automatically from the balance, some provide for the sale of objects.

These objects can be different, as well as the price of them. At the beginning of the round, the number of characters that will occupy the cells on the playing field is also determined. They are placed automatically, so the player only has to watch their movement. At the end of the round determines the size of the cash prize - it is automatically credited to the balance.

Like the usual Monopoly, the in-game is dynamic. With each character can be activated additional options. The amount of winnings also depends on it. 

MONOPOLY Slots quests

On the platform, the player has to perform tasks and get special bucks for it. The tasks are very different, such as "Total bets 300,000 coins" or "Make 10 spins". Once the right number of tickets are accumulated, quests are accessed. As part of the quests, you can build new buildings in the city. For example, you have to pay 12 tickets to build a hotel. 

Hold Onto Your Hat

Hold Onto Your Hat is a special bonus option. It is activated when a player reaches level 10. Free coins are awarded as part of the promotional offer. Their number is variable. On the page with bonuses and free coins MONOPOLY Slots describes more ways to get the available game currency.

To start the round, you need to go to the slot "Lock in Link Hold Onto Your Hat" and wait until the gold hat falls out. After that, all the hats on the playing field will start to turn into multipliers - the final payout will be increased by taking into account their value. The more hats on the playing field, the higher the total winnings and the more weighty is the jackpot. 

Download MONOPOLY Slots app for Android and iOS

You can run MONOPOLY Slots on any smartphone. Also social casino has a desktop version. Find the link to download the application on our website, as well as in the official markets App Store and Google Pay, respectively. The software is downloaded according to a simple algorithm:

  1. Go to the link or open the official marketplace.
  2. Click on the "Install" button.
  3. Download the installation files and unzip them.
  4. Run the application.


On the platform it is recommended to log in through Facebook. This will save in-game progress, as well as additional bonuses. Social casino and slot machines are developed with the support of HTML5 technology, so technical bugs are excluded. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Large selection of slot machines Access to slots opens in stages
Gradual progression through the levels You can not withdraw random winnings
Simple and intuitive gameplay Gradually increasing the value of objects
Original slot variations The maximum bet depends on the level
Over 20 cities and over 100 quests No tournaments or championships


MONOPOLY Slots is the original social casino on a par with Slotomania, GameTwist and DoubleDown Casino, which offers author slot machines with bonus options. There is a tiered system on the platform, the promotion of which opens up access to various promos. Impressive and the presence of tasks - for their performance accrued bucks, which can be used to build up the city. This sets MONOPOLY Slots apart from other social casinos. 


Do I have to register to play at MONOPOLY Slots?

No, registration on the platform is not required. The player can go through it in order to keep the gameplay, and get a welcome bonus of 1 million coins. 

What are the most popular games on the MONOPOLY Slots platform?

The variety of slots on the platform is impressive. Each slot is original, as it is developed specifically for the casino. The top 3 games are Cash Wizard, Twin Fireworks and Griffin Rider. Separately we should note the Monopoly Super Grand Hotel

How can I get free coins on the platform?

Coins are issued as part of daily and time bonuses. You can also get them for completing missions and participating in bonus rounds. In each case, the size of the cash prize is different. 

Can I play MONOPOLY Slots with friends?

No, the platform does not provide a team game mode, but players can invite friends and exchange gifts with them. You can send an invitation link in the settings. As soon as a player joins the platform, a special bonus will be awarded. 

How do I start the bonus round on the platform?

Bonus rounds on the platform are activated automatically, no additional actions are required from users. As soon as the desired round is reached in the system, a special bonus is launched. 

Will I be able to withdraw my winnings at MONOPOLY Slots?

No, the withdrawal of winnings on the platform is forbidden. It can only be used to buy objects and advance through levels. 

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