Blaze Crash: Play Online for Real Money, Review and All the Useful Information

Blaze Crash is new among Crash games. It will appeal to fans of dynamic and fast games with unpredictable results. The developers have managed to convey the peculiarities of the genre Crash: to predict with 100% accuracy at what point in the round will not be able to break. This reinforces the risks on the same level as the gambling experience.

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Blaze Crash is a game of the Crash genre with concise gameplay and a high payout rate of 97%. Each player has a chance to win, but under certain conditions. The game is played by the standard rules: the winnings are accrued if you stop the round in time. There is no flying apparatus, and instead there is a laconic line on the control panel.


The game impresses not only by its laconicism, but also by the coefficients set. Depending on the multiplier caught and the bet made, the maximum winnings can reach up to 500,000 USD. The game is identical to other machines of the Crash genre in terms of parameters, but it is notable for its reliability. The reason for this is the provably fair system that is at the heart of the machine.

Blaze Crash - how reliable is it compared to other crash games?

Players often compare Blaze Crash to other crash games. The comparison is made according to such parameters:

  • Genre features. The principle of the game is standard for all Crash games: you have to make a bet, start the round and try to stop it in time. If you manage to do this, you get a cash prize. If the round ends in a loss, the bet is not returned.
  • Gameplay. The control panel is standard: you can place a bet using special buttons, specify autocashout or activate the option of auto play. Varies only the number of coupons for betting and the names of the main buttons.
  • Betting range. This is a significant difference between Blaze Crash and other games. For example, in the usual Aviatore or JetX the minimum bet is 0.1/1 coin, and the maximum does not exceed 100 coins. The developers of Blaze Crash offer favorable ranges: the minimum bet of 10 coins, the maximum of 3000 coins. Accordingly, the maximum winnings are also increased.
  • Communication between players. In each machine it is implemented differently. For example, in Plinko there is absolutely no communication, in JetX there is a built-in chat for communication, and in Aviator you can track the results of other players. In Blaze Crash the emphasis is on the detailed statistics of all the rounds - they are published since the release of the game.

What makes Blaze Crash different is its reliability. For example, the Plinko algorithm is based on the usual random number generator, while the Aviator and JetX use cid generation. But Blaze Crash has a provably fair Probably Fair system. It does not just generate the sids, but additionally filters them according to several parameters.

You can compare Blaze Crash with the crash games not only by design and gameplay. It is important to pay attention to the technical characteristics. They can be found in the table below:

Parameter . Blaze Crash Aviator JetX Plinko
Genre Crash Crash Crash Arcade game with Crash elements
RTP 97% 97% 99,7% From 98% (strategy and chosen level of risk influence)
Betting range 10-3000 1-100 0,1-100 1-100
Unique Features Laconic gameplay and detailed betting statistics Pioneer of the genre, two coupons are placed simultaneously Animated gameplay Varying structure and risk level
Maximum winnings 500 000 USD 100 000 USD from bet 100 000 USD from bet 100 000 USD from stake
Coupons for betting 1 2 1 1
Round time Up to 30 seconds Up to 15 seconds Up to 15 seconds Up to 10 seconds
Break between rounds Up to 10 seconds 5 seconds 5 seconds No
Number of bets at a time 100 2 1 1
Table with results Check out Yes Check Check (only player results are displayed)
Auto mode Supported Supported Supported Supported

Blaze Crash how to play and bet

In the game Blaze Crash developers have kept the main rules of the game. Due to this, users will have no difficulty in getting acquainted with the gameplay and betting. Let's analyze step by step how the game takes place:

  1. Placement of bets. You can set its value manually or adjust with the special rates.
  2. Start the round. After this automatically begins to increase the coefficient.
  3. Wait for the end of the round. If you manage to catch the coefficient in time, the round ends with a win. If the round abruptly stops, it is calculated as a loss. The bet is not returned.

The total amount of win depends on two parameters: one of them is set manually, the second is not adjustable. We are talking about these characteristics: the bet and the caught coefficient, respectively.


Pay attention to the auto-mode of the game. It is implemented in a simple way: you specify the bet, the multiplier for autocashout and the number of automatic bets. This mode offers players a number of advantages:

  • suitable for the implementation of strategies;
  • the game becomes more dynamic;
  • allows you to get a stable winnings;
  • Eliminates the need to constantly monitor the results.

If the round ends with a win, there will be a corresponding notification. If losing, the countdown line to the next round can be seen on the playing field. The break between them is up to 10 seconds, but you do not have to participate in each one. This gives an opportunity to make changes to the strategy or check the results of other players.

The algorithm of the game, tips how to win + guide

Before you start playing Blaze Crash for money, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • register at the casino and replenish your account;
  • Read the established limits on bets;
  • Check the range of odds;
  • Learn the algorithms of the game;
  • Choose and test the gaming strategy.

Difficulties do not arise with either beginners or players with experience. About algorithms, strategies and secrets of big winnings we tell further.

Strategies for winning Blaze Crash 2023

The chances of winning at Blaze Crash are for each player. This is due to such factors:

  • A high level of RTP (payout);
  • a wide range of bets;
  • high odds.


Increase the chances of winning by resorting to strategies. They are divided by the level of risk (low, medium and high), the ease of implementation, and the main principles. With popular and proven tactics of winning we suggest reading below.

Budget strategy

Let's stipulate: a bet of 10 coins is unlikely to be enough to get a big win, but for players with a limited budget this is the best option. It is recommended to use the welcome bonus, which will reduce the risks. Implementation of the strategy is done as follows:

  1. Place a 10 coin bet.
  2. Expose autocashout at the level of x1,5 x2.
  3. Start the round.

In case of a loss, the player wins 15-20 coins, in case of a loss he gets 10 coins. Budget strategy is suitable for the auto-format: you can set the rate, auto-cashout, and the number of rounds is adjusted from the set budget. The trick is that in Blaze Crash in almost every round fall odds of x1.5, respectively, the risk of losing is minimized.

Pros of . Cons
The average level of risk. The size of the winnings are less than possible.
It does not require a large budget to implement The risk of loss remains
Suitable for auto mode  

Martingale Tactics

Martingale system is familiar to fans of crash games. It can be implemented in Blaze Crash. To do this you need:

  1. Specify a bet depending on the budget.
  2. Start the round. If it ends in a loss, the specified rate is doubled. If winning, the value of the bet is reset.
  3. Repeat the previous step until you win or get the desired winnings.

The disadvantage of the strategy is that it is impossible to predict the results of the round with 100% certainty. Because of this, you can spend the entire bankroll and never win back. Also, the system provides an instant reaction - increase or decrease your bet within 5 seconds after the end of the round.

Pros Cons
It is difficult to predict the winnings for each round. Requires a solid budget
Tested by many players Not suitable for auto play, as it requires constant monitoring
Mathematical basis  

Automatic withdrawal tactics

The strategy will suit fans of the auto play. Its implementation is done in three steps:

  1. Specify the value of the bet, focusing on the set budget.
  2. Set the autouchout at the level of x1.5.
  3. In the line Total Bets to specify 40-50 rounds.

After this it is possible to start the game and observe the winning. You can not pay attention to the results of each round, as the final profit is a priority. If the tactic proves to be excellent, it can be repeated and the autocashout value can be set at x1.8, and then increase it to x2. Increase the odds as long as you can win.

Pros of Cons
Easy and quick to implement. There is a risk of a solid loss.
An average level of risk Not suitable if you have a limited budget
Unlimited number of rounds  

Blaze Crash Secrets

Blaze Crash is based on 100% transparent algorithms that are published in the public domain. Despite this, the crash game has a few secrets. They may not be evident to both beginners and experienced gamers. We are talking about such secrets:

  • if you bet after a long break, the multipliers will be from x10 and higher;
  • multipliers x25 and above fall with a frequency of once every 5-10 rounds;
  • especially large multipliers from x100 can be obtained once an hour;
  • once every 10 rounds the game ends in the first seconds;
  • at peak activity (when most players are playing) rounds most often end in a loss;
  • the biggest winnings are played if you play early in the morning or at night;
  • the chances of winning increase if you bet in manual mode.

More secrets players can learn from personal experience. It will also be useful to study gaming forums and communities. A plus is that the game is supported in demo format. This eliminates financial risks, which makes it possible to test different strategies.

The final winnings, regardless of the strategy involved, depends on the bet set, and hence the budget. With this in mind, select the game tactics for Blaze Crash be so that even if a loss it did not affect the bankroll and can be recouped. That is why many players prefer low-risk strategies and make the minimum bets.

The above secrets are important to consider not only when drawing up a strategy. They can also be implemented in a single format: run the game, make a bet, get the winnings and withdraw them. There is a second option: use secrets to get stable, but small payments.

Features of the game algorithm

Blaze Crash algorithms are based on the Provaby Fair system. This means that the results of each round are determined randomly. To do this, a server sido (generated by the casino) and a client sido are used. It is impossible to change the results.

Let's start with the principle of server sido generation:

  1. Reliably randomized bytes are selected. This is a combination of random characters.
  2. The previous combination is run through a special algorithm about 10 million times.
  3. The generated syndrome is loaded into the sha256 function - the basis of Blaze Crash.
  4. The final combination is read in reverse order from the standard one.

This principle allows players to be 100% sure that the results of the round are random and do not depend in any way on the online casino. It also gives confidence that the results of rounds with the same characteristics (bet, number of players, specified autocashout) do not repeat.


The next stage of the game algorithm is the generation of client sids. It happens as follows:

  1. The game round begins.
  2. The first 3 players make bets.
  3. Individual Sides of each of the three players are copied.
  4. The sids are mixed and run through the system to form a unique combination.

There is a nuance: each player is assigned a unique Sid, which does not change under any circumstances. It is impossible to determine beforehand which player's sideline was used during hash forming.

Then the client and the server sido are combined and that leads to the creation of the hash. This randomly generated combination of characters can be checked in the game settings. We offer a step-by-step instruction for this:

  1. On the game panel, press the " i" button.
  2. Go to the tab "Probably Fair".
  3. In the "Chain Generation" copy the combination of characters.
  4. Open any hash calculator and paste it.
  5. Check if the characters match the specified ones.

Those players who understand the code also have the opportunity to check the Crash point: the moment at which the round stops. This information is specified in the public domain in the game settings.

Features of the graphical interface

Blaze Crash stands out from other crash games due to its concise interface. To begin with, let's take a look at the betting design panel. It presents the following buttons:

  • Bet. You can manually specify the value of the bet, reduce it by pressing ½ or increase it by pressing 2x.
  • Cashout at. Automultiplier is indicated on the board - at achievement of the specified multiplier the round automatically comes to the end.
  • Enter Round. Starts the round, and pressing the button again stops it.

There is a nuance: Blaze Crash supports auto-mode, which has a separate control panel. It features the same buttons as the main one, but with a slight difference. Additionally there is a tableau Total Bets - it shows the total number of bets with the specified value.

Minimalism is also expressed on the playing field. There are no flying objects that explode at the end of the round. Instead, the developer has made an emphasis on the line, which grows as the odds increase. At the end of the round, a scoreboard labeled Crashed is indicated. It also displays the final multiplier.

In the game, you can easily track the statistics. It shows the betting history of all rounds for the selected period. If you click on a certain multiplier, it is possible to trace when the round was launched, as well as to check the generated hash. In a separate scoreboard it is possible to check the player's nickname, the size of the bet and the profit received. This will be useful at the stage of drawing up prize strategies.

Current Blaze Crash 2023 promo codes and coupons

You can make the game in Blaze Crash more profitable with the help of promo codes and coupons. Their list is regularly published on our website. Behind each promo code there are different bonuses: free coins for betting or cashback. It is easy to use the coupons if you follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Copy the combination of coupon symbols. If you enter it manually, there is a risk of making a mistake.
  2. Open activation form. Each casino places it in a different section. Most often, you can find the form in a personal cabinet or when making a deposit.
  3. Insert the code and click "Apply". If the promo code is relevant, a message will appear about the successful accrual of the bonus. If the coupon has expired, an error message will be displayed.


There are several rules for activating promo codes. Each promo code offers unique bonus terms. One coupon can only be used once. If you activate it again, an error message will appear. The bonus received is subject to mandatory wagering. Both the promotion and the promo code are limited in duration.

The best bonuses for playing Blaze Crash at online casinos

Online casinos offer bonuses of various types. Not all rewards are suitable for playing Blaze Crash, so let's consider the main ones among them:

  • Welcome Bonus. Credited one-time bonus to new players. Most often realized in the form of bonus money. The advantage of the bonus is the low Wagering Wager and a long validity period.
  • Deposit bonus. The size of this promotion is variable and depends on two parameters: the amount deposited and the percentage set bonus. Once the gift is wagered, a solid amount will be credited to the balance. It then can be used for betting.
  • Cashback. This bonus has a special accrual principle: it is calculated on the amount lost. Since Blaze Crash is a game with a high level of risk, with the help of cashback can partially reduce the total loss. It is important to consider the percentage set and the conditions for accrual of the bonus.
  • Reload. This bonus is implemented as a bonus on the second, third, fourth deposit. With each deposit, the amount of bonus will increase. They can be withdrawn only after wagering - for this, a vager and a limited time.


Each casino has different ways of calculating bonuses. They are mainly awarded as part of the main bonus program, which is regularly updated. You can get prizes for participating in the loyalty program. It consists of several statuses, the transition between which is automatic, once the required number of points is accumulated.

Blaze Crash cracking programs (cheats, bots) and increase the probability of winning

Even with the newness of the game Blaze Crash, on the network are available to download the variation of programs for hacking, cheats and bots. They work in different ways, but have the same goal - to increase the likelihood of success and cash prizes. Let us analyze a few of them.

To begin acquaintance is worth with the mod Blaze Hack. With his download will not have problems, but let us focus on the main principles :

  • The mod is released in the form of a program installed on the phone;
  • After you run the software, you must log in;
  • The account connects to the profile of the casino;
  • After launching the mod, the coefficient for each round is automatically specified;
  • The player's task is to stop the round before the multiplier is reached.

You can use the mod for free and an unlimited number of times. There is a disadvantage: the mod does not guarantee that the round will end at the multiplier displayed on the screen. The decision to stop the round is up to the player. Other programs are similarly designed. Here are some popular variations:

  • Blaze Crash 2022;
  • Blaze Crash Double;
  • Blaze Crash Info Apk;
  • Blaze - Crash & Double.


These programs are available online and can be downloaded in a couple of minutes. Even with a similar principle of operation, there are differences. For example, the bot Blaze Crash Double is active for auto-mode game. After starting the bot, you can connect it to your account and manually specify the number of rounds. This will form the coefficient for autocashout.

It is necessary to take into account these subtleties (without reference to the variation of the program):

  • analysis of results in priority;
  • it is important to adhere to the rules of the game;
  • Allocate and monitor the budget for the bets necessary all the time;
  • take into account the outcomes of other users' rounds;
  • before the beginning of the game to distribute odds according to the frequency of falling out.

Programs can be used only as an auxiliary tool. If you focus only on them, the financial risks increase many times and the level of dynamism decreases.

Download Blaze Crash mobile app for Android and iOS

Download the game Blaze Crash is available in many online casinos. Downloading the software is possible on all types of operating systems, including Android and iOS. Difficulties with the download will not arise if you follow a link from our website. There are 3 simple steps to do this:

  1. Select the type of operating system and click on the icon with its name.
  2. Download the installation apk files.
  3. Extract the files and install the application the standard way.

There is also a second way to download - through official marketplaces like Google Play or App Store. For this, the following installation algorithm works:

  1. Open the section with mobile software and select the type of device.
  2. Click on the icon with the operating system - the market will automatically open. You can also open the market directly on your phone and enter the name of the platform.
  3. Press "Install".
  4. Wait for the software to download.
  5. Install the application by following the step-by-step instructions.

There is an important aspect: if the application is installed on Android, you need to give permission in the settings to install files from unknown sources. It is recommended to make sure that the device meets the technical requirements.


The application will work correctly only with a quality Internet connection. Otherwise, technical failures and bugs will occur. This will affect the moves of the game.

If you already have an account, you do not need to register again through the application. If there is no account, you will need to create one. This can be done in the standard way - by phone number or via email.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Retained features of the Crash genre Only one coupon can be redeemed at a time
Laconic gameplay No team mode
Based on a provably fair system No dynamism
Supported betting statistics for a long period High risk of loss
Winning per round x100 000 from the specified stake There are restrictions on the maximum winnings


Blaze Crash is a great example of a game where the developers managed to combine laconic gameplay with a high level of risk. In terms of the main parameters the game is universal: it will appeal to beginners who are just getting acquainted with the features of the genre, as well as high rollers who are trying to break the cash kush.

Provaby Fair provably fair system, which is the basis of the algorithms, acts as a clear advantage. This allows you to be 100% confident in the honesty and reliability of Blaze Crash. The size of the cash prize is also impressive: if luck smiles, you can get a winnings of 100,000 exceeding the specified bet. Accordingly, this is 100% justifies the high risks.


How do I start playing Blaze Crash?

Preparation for the game Blaze Crash is done in a few steps. First, you need to register at the casino - by phone number, email or through social networks. The next step is to deposit by one of the proposed methods. Then opens up access to the registration of monetary bets.

Is Blaze Crash suitable for a beginner?

Yes, Blaze Crash is a versatile game. It will appeal to beginners, experienced players, and high rollers alike. You can play it without reference to the set budget. Contributes to this a wide range of bets. In this case, the chances of winning everyone has, because 60% of them depend on luck, and 40% of the selected strategy.

What is the betting range of the game?

One of the advantages of Blaze Crash is its wide betting range. This makes the game versatile. You can bet from 10 coins to 3,000 coins per round. Another advantage of the game is its high RTP - 97%. A conditional betting amount of 1000 coins will return 970 coins as winnings.

How do I reduce the risks of losing at Blaze Crash?

This can be done in two ways: by specifying a low bet and following a low-risk strategy. There is also a second way, which for many players may not be obvious: set a low but common coefficient for autocashout. This can be done both in manual and auto play mode.

Is it more convenient to play Blaze Crash on your phone or PC?

Each player can choose his own format of the game. If there is a desire to enjoy a full-screen version of the game, it is worth opening the casino website. Playing through a mobile version or app is suitable for those players who do not want to be tied to a place.

Is it possible to hack Blaze Crash?

Predicting the results of the round with 100% accuracy has not yet succeeded for every player. However, it is possible to increase the probability of winning to 90% by using various bots and cheats. They require connection to an account, which is also important to consider. Such programs work as follows: they indicate at what odds the round will stop.

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