What happens when a match is suspended at Bet365?

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Sports matches are often paused due to weather conditions, fan behavior or other external factors. If you have bet money on such a match, you don't have to worry about your bet.

How a bet is calculated when a match is stopped

Bookmaker Bet365 in the rules clearly prescribed the time after which bets on the main outcomes are calculated on pre-match quotes. If it is a soccer match, 90 minutes, for hockey 45 minutes are allotted and for basketball 35. Matches from other disciplines must be played at 70-80% for the bet to be calculated.

Another outcome is also possible. If the match is suspended and it is impossible to continue further, the bet can be canceled. In this case, no payout is out of the question, but the amount bet is returned to the main balance by 100%. There are some nuances that are fixed in the rules of Bet365. It is most practical to consider them on the example of soccer:

  • if the match ended earlier than the official 90 minutes, but the outcome of the bet is known, the bet is calculated in the standard way;
  • if the match has finished earlier but the outcome of the bet is not known, the bet is canceled;
  • if the match is interrupted but can be continued and played to the end within 48 hours from the scheduled start, bets remain valid;
  • if the match has been interrupted and replayed from the beginning, the previous bets are canceled.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of nuances. This applies not only to soccer. For example, the match can be interrupted in tennis, but here the rules are not so strict. If the date or time of the match is changed, the place is changed, the court from open to closed or vice versa, the bet is still considered valid and it will be possible to get paid.

The table contains the time for the main sports disciplines, which must pass from the start of the match for the bet to be successfully counted:

Type of sport

Minimum time


90 minutes


45 minutes


50 minutes


35 minutes


50 minutes

American soccer

55 minutes

Beach soccer

24 minutes

The nuances don't end there. There are a number of situations when the match is interrupted, but the bet is placed on such outcomes:

  • total;
  • victory of one of the teams taking into account the handicap;
  • handicap.

In this case, it is calculated by the coefficient x1. In other words, how much you put on the bet, so much will be credited as a payout. I advise you to take into account not only the type of sport and the minimum time to calculate the bet, but also the reason for the stoppage.

Match stoppage due to technical faults or player injury

If it's bad weather or disorderly behavior on the part of fans, that's one thing. In such situations, the match can be rescheduled or continued once the normal playing conditions are restored. The situation is completely different if the reason for stopping the match is a player injury or technical problems. In such cases, I advise you to pay attention to the following:

  • Player injury. If it is a team sport, such as soccer or basketball, the injured player leaves the field and a substitute is installed in his position. If it is tennis or boxing, the cause of the injury plays a role - if the athlete is injured himself and cannot continue the match, the victory is awarded to another player. Exception - the injury was received as a result of unworthy behavior of the other player.
  • Technical faults. It can be a broken net in volleyball, a broken backboard in basketball, improper quality grass at the stadium in soccer, etc. In 90% of cases such problems are solved quickly, but sometimes the match can be postponed to another date. The bet made on the outcome in this case remains valid.

Finally, I will make a mini-conclusion. If the match is interrupted, there are only 2 scenarios: the bet will be canceled or calculated in the usual way. Here it is important to take into account the reason for stopping the game.

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