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WSOP is a poker room where you can play two popular varieties of poker: Hold'em and Omaha. The game is played for fun and for virtual chips. You can get them in different ways, including participating in tournaments, completing tasks, or activating various effects. The advantage of the platform stands and clever bonus program.

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Poker Platform Review

To explore the features of the WSOP platform, you must first register. There are two ways to do this - via email or Facebook. As soon as the account is created, the user has access to the poker room lobby. In it you can see the range of available games, tasks, championships, conditions of participation in clubs and loyalty program. The platform has an intuitive interface, so it will be easy to understand it. For new poker players, our site provides a quick tutorial on poker.


This is a special game mode based on the popular variety of poker - Texas Hold'em. The game is played directly against the dealer, whose name is Olivia. This mode supports faster play and generous payouts are available. 

To start the game, you need to make a buy-in, which is a starting fee that is charged from the player's balance. All users make bets at the same time. The game is divided into several phases:

  1. Ante. Players specify ante - make a blind bet. After that, the dealer deals closed cards and opens the flop. 
  2. Flop. The user can either equalize or discard cards. 
  3. Qualification. Before the flop, the dealer reveals his hand. Users must have a pair of fours or higher to qualify.
  4. Showdown. Players reveal their cards. If the combination of the user's cards is more valuable than the dealer, he wins. The bet is paid 1: 1, and the ante is according to the strength of the hand.

Before playing Hold'em, users should learn the peculiarities of this type of poker. This will avoid financial risks and increase the chances of making a profit. 


Omaha is another type of poker available in the poker room. Its main rules: 

  • Blinds are placed (mandatory bet);
  • The flop of three cards is dealt and the first round of play is played;
  • The turn is dealt and the second round is played;
  • After the opening of the next card, players open their cards.

The player who manages to collect the most valuable five-card combination wins. It can be composed of two closed cards, as well as 3 open cards lying on the table. 

Slot machine

A slot machine is provided on the platform. It is activated by pressing the lobby button "777". The slot machine is implemented according to the classical principle: the player makes a bet and starts spinning the drum. The winnings are determined by the combination of symbols that fell on the line. For example, the biggest payout will bring a combination of three chips Poker - for it has a multiplier of x2000 of the bet. 


Championships are special tournaments, in which each player can participate. There are 6 types of tournaments available: New Orleans, Los Angeles, Rio, Macau, Monaco and Dubai. Championships differ in the size of the buy-in and possible winnings for the first place. 

The number of players changes with each championship. Also the type of poker can change, but mostly it is Hold'em. You can read the features of each championship in its description. It will also be useful to study the conditions of winning - for each winning deal points are awarded. Then they are summed up and displayed in the tournament table. 


In the lobby of the platform you can notice the tab "My Quests". If you open it, you will see the available tasks. Completing them is not mandatory, but gives you the opportunity to win additional prizes. A limited amount of time is given for the execution. 

As soon as the player finishes one quest, he opens up access to the next. Tasks can be different. For example, to play two hands or bet more than 25,000 chips. In addition to monetary rewards and special bonuses, "follower" credits are also awarded for completing quests. As their number increases, new prizes are unlocked. 

Active Effects

Special active effects are provided on the platform. These are activated by completing quests and come in several varieties - Momentum, Turbo time, XP and Follower. Effects are activated if the quest is completed before the specified time. The activation of the effects is notified to the player by a special notification on the game panel. 

Champions circuit

The Champions Circle is a series of six championships. Depending on the championship chosen, the buy-in and the prize money vary:

Championship Buy-in First place prize
New Orleans 250 000 chips 750 000 chips
Los Angeles 3 M chips 15 M chips
Rio 20 M chips 60 M chips
Macau 120 M chips 600 M chips
Monaco 625 M chips 1,8 B chips
Dubai 1.58 M chips 4,58 B chips

You can only participate in the circle in stages. In other words, you have to win the New Orleans tournament first and only then move on to Los Angeles. It is impossible to bypass any of the championships. 

WSOP Clubs

Clubs are an in-game feature that allows you to get more benefits for active play. There are a total of 6 clubs available: 

  • Jacks;
  • Queens;
  • Kings;
  • Aces;
  • Masters;
  • Grand Masters.

Each of the clubs is divided into 5 ranks. To advance through the ranks, you need to win chips at the cash tables, win in tournaments and on the slot machine. Ranks provide for a safety threshold. It lasts for 48 hours and guarantees that the player's rank will not be lowered. 

With each rank, new benefits open up. For example, the club membership bonus increases, the daily bonus increases, and you get a gift for inviting a friend. To get the maximum amount of game currency you can see the page with free chips and coupons WSOP.

Download WSOP app for Android and iOS

You can download the poker room on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems. The download link is presented on our website, as well as available in the official markets Google Play and App Store. The download follows a simple algorithm:

  1. Go to the marketplace from your phone.
  2. Enter the name of the platform "WSOP".
  3. Click on the button "Install".
  4. Wait until the end of the installation. 
  5. Start the poker room.

If you use a link from our site, you will be automatically redirected to the page in the marketplace. Then you only need to click on the "Install" button. Once the platform is installed, you need to log in to it or create a new account. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Intuitive platform interface A limited number of types of poker
Variety of bonuses Only one slot machine is available
Ability to participate in tournaments Large buy-ins
Two loyalty programs Mandatory registration
Quest System You cannot withdraw your winnings


The WSOP is the top platform for poker fans. Despite the fact that there are only two varieties of this game on it, users will have fun. For betting, virtual chips are used, which can be obtained in different ways - as part of the daily bonus, for participating in tournaments or spinning the wheel of fortune. As in many similar platforms (like Spades Plus) the game is played solely for entertainment purposes. 


What welcome bonus can I get on the platform?

As soon as a user registers, he is entitled to a cash prize. One million chips can be used for betting and learning the features of the platform.

What types of poker are available at the WSOP?

There are two main types of poker available on the platform - Texas Hold'em and Omaha. Each of them has its own features.

Is there a loyalty program on the platform?

There are two types of WSOP poker room loyalty programs - Playtika Rewards and WSOP Clubs. You can participate in both at the same time.

How do you become a member of the Champions Circle?

To join the Championship Circle, you must choose a series of events and pay the buy-in. If you manage to win the first series, you can join the next one.

What bonuses are available on the platform?

The platform offers a variety of rewards. Among them are the Wheel of Fortune, a time bonus, gifts for inviting a friend and subscribing to the newsletter.

How do I get free poker chips?

Free chips are awarded as part of the daily and time bonus. Every active WSOP player is eligible.

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