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On this page you can get even more lucrative rewards for Slot Bonanza platform. Each unique bonus is available for activation only once, so you should not miss the opportunity to take advantage of it. You can do it for free.

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Slot Bonanza current list of links to daily free game currency and spins

Above published an actual list of links for bonus coins. The list is regularly updated, so there is no doubt in the validity of the links. They are available to all players: you just need to click on the link and the coins will be automatically credited to your balance.

Slot Bonanza rewards, bonuses and tips

Slot Bonanza platform offers players a lot of rewards. They are presented in such variations:

  • level bonus (cash prize and betting increase);
  • time and daily bonuses;
  • special promos for inviting a friend and subscription;
  • bonuses for donat;
  • VIP Lounge.

Access to some bonuses and their size depend on the player's activity. Do not forget about the specific conditions of each of the above rewards.


Level System

Like many gaming platforms, Slot Bonanza has a system of levels. The player becomes its participant immediately after linking the account to facebook. Advancement through the levels occurs with each bet. The higher its size, the more it fills the scale. There is an indication in the percentage of how many more bets need to be made to reach the required level.

For the transition to a new level players are awarded special prizes. They are presented in two variations: free coins for betting and increasing the maximum bet. With each new level reached the size of the bonus also increases.

Let's look at the system of levels in more detail. For example, upon reaching level 4 in the system, 500 coins will be added to the balance, and the maximum bet will increase to 700 coins. In some cases, in addition opens access to the novelties of the catalog. Linked to the level system and the daily bonus, respectively, its size also increases.

Time Bonus

Every 2 hours on the platform, you can get a time bonus. He for each player will be different. For example, the first level gets 10,000 coins. If the player advances to the third level, the bonus will increase to 20,000 coins. Accordingly, the further the player advances in the system, the more lucrative the bonuses become. If you collect a time bonus 5 days in a row, the Grand variation is credited.

Daily Bonus

The daily cash bonus is available to all players - it is awarded on a one-time basis when you enter Slot Bonanza. The size of the bonus is tied to the status of the player: the number of coins gradually increases. So, if the bonus is 5000 coins for newbies, for players of level 25 the bonus is raised to 825,000 coins.

It is not necessary to activate the bonus separately. When you enter Slot Bonanza for the first time, a pop-up window will appear with information about the bonus. You only need to press the "Collect" button and free coins are immediately credited to your balance.

Bonus for inviting a friend

Team game mode on the platform is not provided. This cannot be said about the option of inviting a friend. To do this, you need to be an authorized player on Slot Bonanza. You can find the invitation link in the platform settings, and send it in any convenient way - directly in a message or via social networks/email.

Invitation bonus is credited if three conditions are met:

  • the new user followed the referral link;
  • the player has not registered on the platform before;
  • the player after downloading the application is authorized and starts to play.

Cash prize is credited immediately after successful authorization. Its size varies, but not less than 20,000 coins.

Bonuses of social networks.

The platform is quite active on both Facebook and Instagram. This gives players the opportunity to keep track of current updates and receive special prizes. 50% of bonuses are implemented in a link format: you need to click on it and the prize will become available. It is important to be a registered player.

50% of promotional offers are implemented in the form of in-game activities. For example:

  • guess in which chest is hidden prize;
  • solve a crossword puzzle;
  • choose the right question in the quiz;
  • solve the rebus;
  • take a survey;
  • to find the differences.

Such promos require players to take certain actions. So, the correct answer will need to write in the comments to the post. The link to the bonus will come in a reply message from the administration of the platform. As a prize, regardless of the variation of the promotional offer, free coins are always accrued.


As players progress through the platform, they will have access to Challenges. Each Challenges is divided into 3 stages, where each stage differs in the amount of bonus. Challenges are assigned to a particular slot machine and are available in three variations in difficulty level: bronze, silver, and gold.

Let's look at examples of tasks:

  • make 70 spins;
  • Collect 20 Wild symbols;
  • Activate the risk game;
  • to participate in the jackpot drawing;
  • get a win of 100,000 coins or more.

Access to the chelledges is opened in stages. So, you must first pass at least the bronze level of quests to gain access to the next ones. You can check the available Challenges on a special map. Their list continues to actively expand.


For completing each task a cash prize is accrued. Its size is variable. The higher the level of the completed task, the greater the reward. If you are unable to complete a challenge, you can always skip it - this option is subject to a fee.

For subscription to the newsletter

There is no separate bonus for subscribing to the newsletter, but its registration opens up a number of advantages for users. For example, if you give permission to the newsletter, you can be the first to know about current promotional offers, as well as updates to the platform.

It's easy to set up a mailing list by following 3 steps:

  • Authorize on the platform through Facebook;
  • give access to email;
  • keep track of emails.

The newsletter comes once every 2-3 days. If it includes bonuses, they are implemented in the form of a link. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, but you should not miss out on such a profitable opportunity.

Bonus for viewing advertisements.

Players can get free coins for watching commercials. One commercial will automatically earn 10,000 coins. Ads will be available to view at regular intervals. On average, one ad per hour.

Important: the more ads you watch in a row the higher the reward is. For example, for the 1st video you get 10,000 coins, for the 2nd - 20,100 coins, for the 3rd - 30,300 coins and so on.


In addition to regular and special bonuses, the Slot Bonanza platform can also highlight donates. These are exclusive rewards that are awarded for purchases. They are higher in size compared to the usual promotions. Donate bonuses are presented in two variations: for recharge and VIP.

Refill Bonus

If you open the store, you can notice a special button "Collect My Bonus". When you click on it, the balance is automatically credited with coins. Their number is variable. The higher the level in the system, the bigger the bonus. The bonus is credited once a day, which makes it regular.


VIP Lounge is available after reaching the 250th level in the system. Since not all players will be able to do this, the lucky ones get access to exclusive promotional offers and original slot machines.

It is about such significant advantages:

  • A large selection of slots;
  • The maximum bet raised to 10,000 coins and above;
  • unlimited access to games;
  • The size of regular bonuses (time and daily) increased many times;
  • Receipt of special promotional offers to the mail;
  • periodic jackpot drawing.

VIP Lounge is not divided by status; accordingly, the list of rewards is the same for all players. However, the program continues to actively expand. This is expressed both in the addition of exclusive slots to the catalog, and in the expansion of the bonus program.


Is wagering bonuses on Slot Bonanza required?

No, wagering is not conducted on the platform for any rewards. This is due to the use of free coins and directly to the principles of Slot Bonanza - the game is played for entertainment purposes only.

What types of bonuses are available to platform players?

Bonuses on Slot Bonanza platform can be divided into two weighty categories: for example, regular and special. If regular bonuses are accrued without additional conditions and provide for a gradual increase in size, then it is more difficult to get special rewards.

How many friends can I invite to play together in Slot Bonanza?

The number of friends available for invitation is unlimited. With each new user who clicks on the link, downloads the app and logs in, the bonus amount increases.

Do I have to register on the platform to get bonuses?

No, registration on the platform is not required. Moreover, it has no effect on saving game progress, nor on the fact of receiving bonuses or their size. However, it gives you the opportunity to receive exclusive promotional offers and invite friends.

Is there a limit to the number of free coins?

Most platform bonuses are regular. Their size is tied to the level in the system and gradually increases. This allows you to talk about certain restrictions.

What is the most profitable bonus on the Slot Bonanza platform?

Regular bonuses are considered the most profitable. These include time and daily bonuses. They are accrued constantly and do not require any additional action on the part of the player.

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