What to do if the casino does not pay winnings?

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The goal of any game is to have fun and get a cash prize. At the stage of withdrawal of winnings, players may encounter unpleasant difficulties when the casino does not pay winnings. There may be many different reasons for this. Some of them are the fault of the player, some of the reason lies with the casino. Depending on the cause of the delay, changes the course of action. Read more about this below. 

Procedure, if the casino does not pay winnings

If after filing a request for the withdrawal of winnings passed 3 or more days, it is worth to start acting. Such a period clearly exceeds the established time limits for the withdrawal of winnings. There are 2 actions that need to be performed in the first place: 

  1. Contact the support team. Ideally, this should be done in writing with a request to argue the reason for the delay or denial of payment. The letter should be sent via email, linked to an account. Additionally, specify the date of the withdrawal request and the amount of expected payout. 
  2. To fix the delay in payment. For this, it is better to make a copy of the letter, screenshots from your personal account and messages sent to support. If the casino behaves illegally, it will save all the required evidence of his case.

The following is a discussion of the reasons why the casino delays payments and what to do with it, to get the winnings in full. 


Main reasons for refusal of payment

A gambling club, even a licensed and trusted one, may delay the payment of funds for several reasons: 

  • There is not played bonus on the deposit. Let's look at examples: if a player has received a bonus of 100 USD with a veager of x20, the amount of wagering will be 2000 USD. The winnings can be withdrawn from the account only if the bonus is 100% won. 
  • There are differences in the way of deposit and withdrawal. For example, the player made a deposit through a bank card, but the withdrawal of winnings requested through a cryptocurrency wallet. In many casinos this is considered a violation of the rules. 
  • Failed verification of the account. In 90% of cases, this is the main reason why withdrawals are blocked. As soon as a player applies for withdrawal, he will receive notification of the identification. It is easy to pass it, as it is necessary to specify personal data and upload the required documents. 

These reasons are common - every second player encounters them. There are other factors such as rule violations or account blocking. They will be more difficult to deal with, so they require more attention.

Technical problems

If there are technical difficulties in the withdrawal of winnings, you need to be patient and wait until the breakdown is eliminated by specialists. In rare cases the reason is related to maintenance work, in rare cases it is due to upgrades or technical bugs. 

More often than not, once the technical problems are fixed and the casino site/payment system works properly, the payment is made in a standard way. In this case, delays at this stage are excluded. 

Violation of the rules of the gaming club

There are also situations: a player contacts support to find out the reason for the delay in payment and learns about the violation of the rules. Ideally, the rules of payment processing should be familiarized in advance to avoid such situations. In any case, the player needs to compare his actions with the casino rules and decide whether there has been a violation or not. 

If there really was a violation of the rules, you should try to correct the situation. The best way to do this is to contact a support team and try to explain that the violation was not by malice. This does not guarantee a refund, but it is worth an attempt. 

In the case where there has been no violation, you should prepare for a lengthy trial. The administration will check the history of transactions, whether verification is passed, whether there have been no violations before. If all is well and the withdrawal is blocked by mistake, the money will be credited to the balance shortly. 

Not verified

It is one thing when a player did not know about the verification and simply missed this step, but it is quite another thing when the identification was not passed due to mistakes. They can occur because of incorrect data or missing documents. 

The main purpose of verification is to make sure that the player's identity is real. If the procedure is not passed, although all the documents are provided, the casino administration may require re-identification. In rare cases, there is even a video conference with answers to questions. 

Withdrawal refusal without explanation

This is the saddest outcome of the situation, as in most cases it will not be possible to get a refund. This is due to the fact that the game club conducts illegal activities. Accordingly, the administration of the casino does not adhere to any regulations. 

Such gambling clubs are created for the purpose of swindling money from customers. In this case, all that remains for the player is to write a statement to law enforcement agencies and hope that the cheaters will be found. 

Contacting the support service of the casino

This is the first step to solve the issue with the withdrawal of winnings. It will be useful if the casino rules are not violated. In addition: if any violations have been noticed, the administration of the club will tell about it.

The fastest way to contact support through online chat, in some cases, you need to write a letter to the official email. It is recommended to prepare in advance screenshots of the balance, the status of the account (verified or not), whether there are unplayed bonuses. 

As soon as an answer is received, you can move on to the next steps. The information received from the support service will help determine them. It also happens that the specialists remove the restrictions and offer to reapply for withdrawal. 

Appealing to the regulators

If the problematic issue still cannot be solved, it is worth resorting to other measures. One of the most effective methods is to contact the regulators. To do this, you need to clarify in advance whether the casino has a license and what international commission issued it. On the site of the regulator can easily find the contact information, where you need to send the appropriate requests.

When you send a request to provide the necessary screenshots of the personal account, as well as electronic copies of correspondence with staff support. In this case, there are chances for a successful refund even for those players who have had their account blocked. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you will have to argue your case. 


Situations with delays in payments occur very often. They are faced by both experienced players and beginners. Moreover, they may occur in new casinos that have recently appeared on the market, as well as in gaming clubs with a proven track record. Because of the frequent delays in payments, you need to know how to deal with them.

The first thing to do is to check whether the rules are followed: passed verification, whether there are unplayed bonuses or not, whether the limits are not exceeded. If all is well, you can contact support. Further action depends on their response. The main thing to remember: in 90% of cases, you can get your money back if you actively act and assert your case. 

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