DoubleDown Company switched to real money games

DoubleDown Company switched to real money games

The company and the developers of DoubleDown are known to users who are passionate about online cash games. Thanks to their hard work, DoubleDown has managed to build a loyal community around their products, which has fueled further growth. Today, DoubleDown has made great strides in moving from social gaming to real money gaming.

The executive director of DoubleDown shared his opinion on the acquisition of the Swedish online casino. Recall that the final amount of the deal was about $ 35 million. According to In Keuk Kim acquisition of a new casino allows DoubleDown to showcase itself on its best side in the European gambling market and expand its sphere of influence in other regions.

What other acquisitions does DoubleDown have in store?

In order to understand the scope of this company, it is worth considering that today DoubleDown has a license in Malta, Sweden, the Isle of Man and the UK. This allows DoubleDown to legally offer its gambling games to potential players. 

In addition, the company's management says that DoubleDown will continue to look for the most favorable offers for acquisitions. Today, the company's goal is to gradually expand its portfolio of online platforms and increase its presence in different gambling markets and we are not talking about one region.

Gradual expansion of its sphere of influence by absorbing promising projects - now the DoubleDown strategy looks exactly like that. In addition, the large number of licenses allows DoubleDown to acquire online casinos in several regions at once, so SuperNation is just the beginning.

Thanks to the large number of fans, DoubleDown can count on a significant profit, even despite the impressive amount spent on the purchase of SuperNation. According to analysts and company representatives, this is not the end of the series of DoubleDown purchases. Through the absorption of projects DoubleDown can become a significant figure in the world of online casinos, so it is unlikely the company will abandon this strategy in the near future.

As for the SuperNation deal, DoubleDown's financial department plans to finally close the acquisition in the second quarter of this year.

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