What is a marker in a casino?

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Long-established casino visitors or VIPs may be offered to sign a token to continue playing - now let's break down what that is

What's it all about?

Amarker is a check or some kind of document that is offered by the casino for signing for further play on debt and with the option to close it later. It can have several parameters:

  • Closing date- a specific date is defined when the debt must be repaid, otherwise you may lose your status or level of trust in this and other gambling establishments
  • Amount owed - sometimes, the amount is not limitless and has its limits that you can spend.
  • Available games - you may not have access to all gambling tables, depending on the decision of the casino, because they know each player and have a kind of dossier under him.

How is it different from a loan or credit?

At first glance, the marker looks like some kind of loan or credit, but it is not so and the essence of their difference lies in the very foundation of the marker.


With a loan


At the marker

Presence of interest




Repayment terms

Monthly payment

Possible without interest for a short period of time in one installment

One payment until a certain date

Collateral/first installment

A few percent of the loan amount


Collateral is essentially your reputation with the casino



Not required

Not required

This table highlights all the nuances of the marker and its differences from credit and loans, it shows that the main guarantee of success in the approval of the casino of your marker is your status and reputation, and a clearer and clearer definition for the marker will be - you play now, and pay later.

Who is eligible to use the marker service?

Obviously, this service will not be available to everyone, otherwise the casino would have gone bankrupt on such generosity a long time ago, but there are several types of guests who will have the opportunity to play on the marker:

  • VIPs - a guest who has been awarded VIP status will have access to this service, as such a guest is respected by the establishment and can play for amounts ranging from several hundred thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars.
  • Celebrities- as a rule, celebrities of various echelons and spheres (from sports to cinema) are in demand at the casino because of the promoted social networks and general popularity, but the amount of the marker will depend on the degree of fame of the celebrity and make up to a couple million dollars maximum.
  • Regular guest with a good reputation - there is a certain stratum of guests who visit the casino regularly, because they live in the hotel at the casino or just in the city where the gambling establishment is located and they are in constant access to the casino staff, as well as they play honestly and always pay for drinks from the bar and food from the restaurant; such a person will be able to play on the marker amount up to half a million dollars.


How do I get each of these statuses and take advantage of the marker?

The first step on the way to playing on the marker is to get the status of a trusted person in one of the following ways: to get VIP status; to get the status of a celebrity.

Obtaining VIP status is a relatively long way, because for this you need to be a sure-footed entrepreneur or associated with a particular gambling club.

After several visits to the same casino, where you leave a decent amount of dollars in the bar or restaurant and no less decent amount on bets - you will be approached by the manager or even the manager of this institution, introduce yourself, thank you, perhaps give some grant or a nice gift, and in addition to it and put you on the VIP-list.

Becoming a celebrity is not such a long and difficult path as it may seem, because the status of a celebrity can get as a famous baseball player or actor, and a popular blogger. It is enough to have a promoted YouTube channel or a blog in Instagram with an audience of many thousands.

You are unlikely to be recognized by casino employees, but if you approach them and talk to the manager, you can get a couple of bonuses as a barter for the PR of the institution.

Having received the coveted status and reputation of a trusted guest, who can go to the cash register and ask for a marker for the game on loan from the institution - strictly observe the dates of repayment of this debt and do not abuse your position.

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