Tap Tap Heroes - New and Current Promo Codes (Gift Codes) 2023

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Fans of the fantasy mobile game Tap Tap Heroes with simple controls will benefit from promo codes. Using coupons, you can get valuable bonuses to effectively pass the game. This will allow you to focus 100% on collecting characters from different clans, pumping their skills, earning rewards and defeating the boss.

List with working promo codes

The most beneficial and effective promo codes for TapTap Heroes are collected in the list below. They are free and available to everyone. Hurry to use them - each coupon has a limited expiration date. 

Code Description Valid until
S59IIVGPQBQ 800 diamonds and 5 gold keys 23.04.2023
4OOLS2023 500 diamonds, 5 gold keys and 2 advanced fortune chips 30.04.2023
RVNSDSL0EQ9 2 treasure chests 15.04.2023
SPRING2023 500 diamonds, 5 gold keys and 2 advanced fortune chips 31.03.2023
KJKKPIQIUXX 800 diamonds 22.03.2023
ZCX2DUBUIPX 800 diamonds 28.02.2023
GLEXBIVLCK5 800 diamonds 19.02.2023
FEB2023KING 2 advanced chips, 500 diamonds, 2 gold keys 28.02.2023
TH777 20 Gold Keys Indefinitely

Using current promo codes for Tap Tap Heroes, you can expand your collection of crystals to strengthen your team. Now you don't need to waste time looking for coupons. Their list is updated daily on this page. Everyone can use them for free. The action of each promo code is unique, so you should not hesitate to get additional benefits. 

Briefly about Tap Tap Heroes

Tap Tap Heroes is an adventure RPG with original gameplay. The game has a bright, artistic design, immediately attracting attention. To participate in a single-player campaign or create an alliance with other players, it is necessary to assemble a powerful team of heroes. Each of them has a certain set of skills, so they will be useful under certain conditions. 


Few players will be able to defeat strong bosses in iconic dungeon wars or defeat other users. To create a productive team you will have to invest valuable resources. 200 characters, 6 groups to choose from - each player's optimal team of warriors will be different. So as you progress through the game, you'll have to determine which characters are valuable and worth resources, and which are not worth wasting your time on.

To make the game in Tap Tap Heroes more effective on a variety of parameters, you can use promo codes. How to use them and where to get them - tell us below. 

What are promo codes Tap Tap Heroes and how to use them

A promo code is a special digital code that is entered into a special form. Each code or coupon is unique. This is expressed not only in the combination of letters and numbers. Uniqueness also affects the prize that is given for the activation of the promo code. More often than not, a set of items is hidden behind a promo code, with the help of which you can make the game more effective. 

Such promo codes for Tap Tap Heroes will help advance, improve characters, or contain valuable resources like gold. The promo code also gives the opportunity to improve the equipment of the hero, to develop his abilities. At the same time, this will increase the overall power of the team. 

Gift codes or promo codes are issued only by the developers, but they are regularly published on our portal. Each promo code can be used for different purposes, depending on its content. Game developers use coupons not only to encourage active players, but also with promotional purposes. 

Algorithm of a promo code activation

To effectively use a promo code, you need to activate it correctly. We offer a step-by-step algorithm that will allow you to avoid possible mistakes: 

  1. Copy the code to the last letter. It should be copied and not entered manually. 
  2. In the game menu, open the "Events" tab. It is located in the upper right corner of the screen. 
  3. Go to the "Special Events" tab.
  4. A list of promotional offers will open. Here you will need to select "Promo Code" and enter the code copied below. 

The incentive is awarded automatically. A message also appears about the successful activation of the coupon. If a mistake is made, a notification will appear. 

Why Codes Do Not Work

TapTap Heroes coupons are provided by the developers of the game themselves. This means that we don't know the exact expiration date of the promo code and what restrictions it has. If you have used a code from this page and it doesn't work, make sure to spell it correctly. This affects both capital letters and missing punctuation marks. 

A technical error also occurs when you re-enter the code. These situations occur when using coupons from unverified sources. Each code and coupon is original, one player can activate it only once. If a mistake is made, re-activation will not be available. 

If everything is entered correctly and the code still does not work, there is a high probability that it has expired. You can write to us (contacts are on the site) to have it removed from the page. In the message please specify what the code is - this will speed up the processing of the request. 

Rules for activating promo codes

Even with the apparent simplicity, the activation of promo codes is done by the rules. They must be followed by each player. Otherwise, an error will occur each time a promo code is entered. Because of this, you can't get a prize for activating a code. Here are the main rules:

  • The coupon is valid for a limited time. As a rule, its activation is given 24 hours from the moment of publication. After that, it loses its relevance and ceases to be valuable. 
  • You can only activate a promo code once. When you re-enter it in a special field, a technical error will occur. 
  • The prize for activating a promo code cannot be changed. The size and type of encouragement is set by the developers in advance. It is not possible to affect the amount of the bonus in any way.
  • If a mistake is made in the spelling, the promo code will not be activated. An error can be connected with the case, extra spaces, extra letters. You will need to fix it before activating it again. 
  • The action of the promo code is summed up with other promos. If other promotional offers are activated in addition to the coupon, they will act separately. Such a combination is allowed by the Tap Tap Heroes rules.
  • Several promo codes can be activated at the same time. If you enter a coupon in the field, activate it, and then use another coupon, they will act separately. The rules of the game do not prohibit the number of promo codes used. 

The rules also apply to bonuses issued under a promo code. They come into effect automatically after the message that the coupon has been successfully activated. If it is gold, it is automatically added to the balance, if it is artifacts, they are added to the inventory. If a promo code opens access to a discount promo, it is worth considering its terms and conditions. 

Where can I find or get promo codes from developers?

Original promo codes are only available from developers. They come to us under special conditions and as a result of an active search for actual codes. This page contains only official codes. Their relevance is verified. This ensures that they can be used without the risk of blocking your account. 

New codes are published every day, irrelevant promo codes are regularly deleted. In order not to miss out on a profitable coupon, it is recommended that you:

  • Check this page daily;
  • Add our site to your bookmarks for quick access;
  • Keep track of new articles on the Tap Tap Heroes game blog.

There are several other ways to get a promo code. For example, it is accrued for participation in events and promotions, as well as for subscribing to social media. Such coupons are published less frequently compared to those found on Reallyspins. 

Playing effectively with promo codes

If you go to the built-in Tap Tap Heroes store, you may be surprised by the variety of items. These can be gold or purple dust, gear, fortune chips, keys and more. These items can be obtained not only as part of the purchase in the store. They are also issued for the activation of a promo code. This allows you to make the game more effective. 


Consider the main artifacts that will be useful to use during the game:

  • Shards of the Star. This is the strongest artifact, which is suitable for the hero with control. It gives a significant advantage in PVP.
  • Ancient Vows, Crown of the Queen, Cannon of Disaster. These artifacts increase the speed of heroes. They give a strong advantage over opponents with lower speed.
  • Spell Breaker, Cursed Eye, Frost Scythe. Artifacts that allow you to do maximum damage.

These artifacts give advantages during the game. VIP level should also be taken into account - we'll tell you about it in more detail later, but now let's note: the higher the level, the more bonuses are available and the more profitable they are. Daily activity also plays a role. This will unlock some features like spinning the wheel of fortune or summoning energy, as well as expand your inventory. 

With equipment and artifacts you can increase a number of attributes of the hero and his combat ability. Experience has shown that the higher the star level of equipment, the higher the bonus to the hero's skills. 

In these subtleties should be able to understand each player to make the game in Tap Tap Heroes more effective and to advance with the team. It is impossible to defeat the boss or defeat the opponents on pure enthusiasm - this is proven by personal experience of many players. 

Therefore, the use of promo codes remains relevant. They are free, unlike the purchases in the store, where the player has to use real money. Rare and most valuable promo codes give the opportunity to get artifacts to pump abilities and increase the level of heroes. They are popular among players because of their value. 

Gold for Tap Tap Heroes by promo code

Experienced players of Tap Tap Heroes will confirm the importance of gold. It can be obtained in several ways:

  1. Farming. The income depends on the number of heroes and their level of strength. The number of levels mined also depends on the VIP level. 
  2. Rewards. Accrued as part of weekly events. Need to actively close stages, where gold is awarded.
  3. Passage of an expedition. It consists of several stages, where gold is awarded for the passage of each. 
  4. Alchemy. Gems are exchanged for gold.
  5. Daily Event. The amount of gold depends on the level and VIP-status.

Gold may also be obtained for the activation of a promo code. It is important to consider its terms and conditions of obtaining and adding to your balance. In most cases, this occurs automatically after the promo code is entered in a special field. Only the amount of gold changes. This amount is always fixed and stated in the promo code terms and conditions. 

VIP status in Tap Tap Heroes

In Tap Tap Heroes it is possible to get VIP status. This is the goal of most players who are seriously passionate about the game. Experience is awarded by purchasing gift sets or crystals. Each level is assigned privileges. Accordingly, the higher the level, the more there are. When you move to a new level, a special reward is given.

It is not possible to get points by promo code. According to the rules of the game, they are accrued only when buying for real money. So, if you go to the store, you will notice that next to each lot indicates the number of points. They will be automatically added to the balance after the purchase. 

Promocodes really do not give any points, nor provide for accrual of VIP status. However, there is another side to the coin. Coupon activation provides for the receipt of artifacts, weapons, gold and special bonuses. In terms of benefits, such a promotional offer is not inferior to the VIP status in Tap Tap Tap Heroes. 


Tap Tap Heroes is a fascinating RPG game that is at the peak of popularity. It attracts audiences from all over the world and is regularly improved. Players note a lot of advantages of the game, from the simplicity of the gameplay to the originality of the features.

One of the pluses of the game is the ability to activate promo codes. They are available to every player, and their activation is done in a minute. Promocodes vary in terms, validity period, type and size of prize, and number of activation attempts. There is only one similarity - a prize is awarded for activation.

Promo codes are updated daily. Every day our portal publishes lucrative coupons for special prizes. It is easy to find the code with the right prize in the list - you only need to follow the updates of the list. Promo codes are issued free of charge, which doubles the benefit of their activation. 

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