OnAir Entertainment and LeoVegas Group merge to expand gaming content

OnAir Entertainment and LeoVegas Group merge to expand gaming content

Combining to increase weight in the market is not a new tactic, but a very effective way to be among the leaders. Speaking of companies OnAir Entertainment and LeoVegas Group - are weighty players in the market gambling platforms and joining forces, they have every chance to significantly increase their influence in the market.

OnAir Entertainment is a gambling operator in which the portfolio, a considerable number of successful projects. Due to the popularity of operator's games among the players, the integration with such shark of gaming business, looks more than a profitable decision. So there is nothing surprising in the merger OnAir Entertainment with LeoVegas Group. But what does it mean for the market?

What the merger of OnAir Entertainment and LeoVegas Group promises to the gambling market?

When a large-scale gambling entertainment platform and one of the leading operators in the slot market merge - the competitors are getting nervous, that is how you can describe the situation in the gambling market now.

The companies have already announced that we will soon see quite a few products created in the collaboration, and not much time has passed since the deal. This means that all departments of both companies are set for a fruitful cooperation and increase their influence on the gambling market as a whole.

The press center of the companies confirmed that the first and main goal today for the joint OnAir Entertainment and LeoVegas Group is the gradual takeover of the American market. For OnAir Entertainment, such goals can safely be called a success, because its doors have opened only in 2020. The merger with LeoVegas Group bodes well for OnAir Entertainment's bright, and most importantly, profitable future.

In just two years, OnAir Entertainment has released many successful projects, and thanks to its popularity and unique design, the company has managed to attract attention. Thus, its ambition and unique approach to creating gambling games has allowed OnAir Entertainment to develop faster than its competitors.

Now OnAir Entertainment and the operator's projects are represented in Georgia, Romania, Spain, Latvia and the USA. Taking into consideration the daring start and cooperation with LeoVegas Group it can be said that in the near future OnAir Entertainment will not only be a market player, but also one of the leaders. The combination of successful projects, ambitions and opportunities promises OnAir Entertainment and LeoVegas Group to reach new heights.

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