Moon Active acquired the Turkish mobile game Zen Match

Moon Active acquired the Turkish mobile game Zen Match

The Moon Active company, which owns such well-known games as Coin Master, Pet Master and Family Island has decided to expand its gaming portfolio and acquire another popular project - a mobile game Zen Match. In addition to buying all the rights to the game mastodon Israeli gambling market will also get a team of developers Zen Match, which will provide the project not only support, but also a continuation. The deal has already been confirmed by the former owner of the rights to the game - the company Good Job Games.

In November last year Moon Active held several rounds of additional funding, during which any investor could increase their influence by investing in new projects of the company. All told, Moon Active managed to raise roughly $300 million in investments, which allowed the company to move forward at an even greater pace.

Moon Active decided to expand its sphere of influence and acquired Zen Match, making good use of the investment package the company received. Thus, the company decided not just to invest in the prospect, but to get a project in return that could contribute to the expansion and development of the brand.

How the past owners of Zen Match responded to the purchase offer

Zen Match was developed by a company owned by another Israeli giant in the world of online gambling, Good Job Games. The company owns the rights to a wide range of games and until recently was the rightful owner of the promising project Zen Match. However, after receiving an interesting and extremely lucrative offer, details of which are not disclosed, Good Job Games has decided to transfer its rights to Zen Match company Moon Active.

According to the director of Good Job Games for Zen Match, acquiring the rights to the game is a great opportunity to attract even more potential players. Thanks to the interaction between the original team and the new rights holders and the budget that Moon Active can allocate to develop the project, it's safe to say that Zen Match has a great future ahead of it.

We'll find out what awaits Zen Match next and whether Moon Active will be able to give the project even more success, we can very soon. According to the official data, the deal to buy Zen Match is fully completed, but it seems the conditions of the deal and the final cost of Zen Match will remain a secret to the gaming public.

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