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Modern man is inextricably linked to mobile devices. According to statistics, the average user spends more than four hours a day at the phone screen. The same applies to users of gambling sites. Clients of online casinos do not have the opportunity to be near a personal computer 24 hours a day. Consequently, they need adapted versions, with which you can make a bet anywhere in the world. As a result, you can play gaminators from all smartphones and tablets running on popular operating systems.

How to run gaminators with a smartphone

The algorithm for using mobile versions of modern online casinos and sites engaged in the provision of free versions of slots, including the site Gaminator, as simple as possible. If the gambler wants to spin the reels in the park or on public transport, he should perform the following list of steps:

  1. Choose the site on which the user plans to bet. The system of most sites automatically recognizes the smartphone and redirects the client to the appropriate version. Register and authorize in it. If we are talking about the demo mode of slots, these procedures are not necessary.
  2. Among the options offered on the website of the online casino to choose Gaminator, which is most interesting to the player. Click on it.
  3. Once the slot machine is running, the user has to fill in the fields with the size of bets, the way of spinning the reels and other cells displayed on the screen. This algorithm is not different from the one that is performed on the full version of the sites.
  4. After the game session, the gambler must exit the game. In case he received profit from such spins, it will be available to him for withdrawal.

In general, it is possible to get used to the spins with the help of modern gadgets rather quickly. Using such a version, the gambler is guaranteed to stay in the game, even if he has no opportunity to be at home, near his workplace.

Advantages of spinning the reels on Gaminator via smartphone

In gambling with mobile devices there are many advantages that attract the attention of users around the world.
The main advantages of playing Gaminator through a smartphone is:

  • Going to the official online casino site via phone takes much less time than on the computer.
  • Most modern devices have sufficient performance specifications to run slot machines without problems.
  • In the case of promotional offers with limited wagering time, mobile devices allow you to fulfill all conditions in a matter of minutes.
  • Companies pay special attention to the convenience of their customers. As a result, players get an intuitive interface and site navigation with which to perform various actions in a couple of clicks.
  • The main advantage, which has already been mentioned above, is that the gambler is absolutely not limited to the place where he will bet. 

The lion's share of Gaminatorov from Novomatic has no special technical requirements. Consequently, they run without problems even on old devices.

Problems arise when using mobile at the online casino - what to do

At some sites, customers have problems with performing various operations using smartphones. Among other things, users cannot launch Gaminator and start spinning the reel. In all likelihood, the problem is due to the lack of an adapted version. The player should contact support in any convenient way and find out how to solve the problem. If the issue of using the mobile version is a matter of principle, it is worth looking for another resource.


Is it possible to bet on Gaminators with cell phones?

Yes, most modern online casinos give their customers this opportunity. To switch to the appropriate version it is not even necessary to perform additional actions, as the system itself redirects the user.

Is it possible to run a demo mode in a slot machine with a cell phone?

Undoubtedly, trial bets are no different from betting for real money. Consequently, such a slot machine will be launched without any problems.

What to do if the Gaminator does not run with the phone?

In this case, you need to contact the representatives of the company. For example, through the support service.

Is the mobile version available for all devices?

As a rule, adapted versions are correctly displayed on all modern smartphones.

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