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Gaminator is a whole era in gambling. Novomatic company for over 30 years is considered the largest provider of slot machines, and its way in the gambling market it started with land-based establishments, where it passed its software. Gaminator have an army of fans around the world, so the details of their development in the gambling industry are interesting to many players around the world.

History of the emergence and development of the Gaminator platform

Cult gambling provider Novomatic first appeared on the market in 1980. Then were released the first slots for land-based casinos, called Admiral. Already in the middle of the decade, the Austrian company is known throughout the world.

Gaminator is a game complex in a single slot machine, presented by Novomatic in London in 2005 at the world exhibition ICE Totally Gaming.

The complex of games contains a set of 10 video slots (games) in one slot machine with five reels and nine paylines.  Have a wide theme of games included in the complex: the water world, ancient Egypt, magic, fruit, space. For the first time applied animation symbols in the design of slots.

If we talk about the production of gaminators in the online market, the important date is 2010. That's when the provider acquires Greentube Group. Most of the Gaminator that are available in the modern gambling platforms, were released under this brand. Now anyone can spin the reels on such slots, because they are available at all online casinos.

Why have gaminators become so popular

Many fans of gambling have a fair question: "Why do gaminators continue to enjoy great popularity? There are several reasons for this:

  1. The gaming performance of Gaminators from Novomatic is much better than most analogues developed by other providers. This applies not only to the maximum odds of winning combinations, but also the level of RTP, the average value of which is 95%.
  2. Similar software has all the necessary licenses, so players should not worry about possible deception from online casinos. 
  3. This is a slot machine in the classical sense of the word. They will suit not only those players who prefer to spin the reels in land-based establishments, but also fans of movies about Las Vegas. 
  4. Intuitive rules allow you to quickly understand the principles of the game. All Gaminators are very similar to each other, although they have different characteristics. Consequently, the user who can understand the intricacies of one slot, will profit from the other.
  5. Graphics of slot machines from the noughties like most players, noting not only the process, but also the audio accompaniment.

Given the above factors, we can say that the Gaminator will not lose its popularity, in the near future. This is the part of the history of gambling, which influenced the formation of many successful gamblers.

The relevance of Gaminator at the current stage of development of gambling

Any modern online casino offers its customers a choice of thousands of slot machines, each of which is very popular among the target audience. Most of the slots are associated with modern graphics and interface, available to play on any PC or mobile devices. As a result, they are more like a full-fledged computer game than a money-making program. However, players who prefer traditional games, most of the actual machines were not to their liking.

It is for this part of the target audience, gambling sites publish Gaminators from Novomatic. As a rule, this is fully licensed software, the rights to which are given directly to the iconic provider.


Is it possible to wagering on Gaminator bonus offers?

It all depends on the conditions prescribed by the online casino regarding a particular promotion. If there are no restrictions on the slot machine in the rules, the gaminator is ideal in the wagering process.

How can I improve my game on Gaminator?

Modern online casinos offer their customers a trial mode in the slot machines. Using it, you can get acquainted with the algorithms of Gaminators, thereby developing a suitable strategy.

Why Gaminator got the demand in the online market?

This is directly related to the nostalgic feelings of most experienced players. After all, they spent a lot of time on Gaminator, betting in ground establishments.

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