When should we expect the legendary Tomb Raider on smartphones?

When should we expect the legendary Tomb Raider on smartphones?

The Tomb Raider series can rightfully be considered a legend in the gaming industry. Thanks to several named parts, as well as the success of the films, the company has managed to reach unprecedented heights. However, since the release of the last part of Lara Croft, which was seen as a AAA project has passed many years and in the near future a continuation of the series in the world of consoles and PC is not expected.

At the same time, the owner of the series, Embracer Group, plans to offer players their own fun based on the legendary series and it will be released on mobile devices. With the support of experienced designers, the company has launched the work on Tomb raider reloaded.

The new game is likely to be different from previous AAA projects and will be aimed at players who do not have time to play for a long time. Since the project will be released on mobile devices, we are waiting for quite standard mechanics and quite colorful design. You can make sure of this personally by watching the gameplay project's trailer.

When to expect Tomb Raider on mobile devices?

The development of mobile games for smartphones is much faster than for PC, so we have to wait a little longer. In accordance with the official statement of Embracer Group new Tomb Raider part release date is scheduled for February 14 on all platforms.

According to the plans of Embracer Group game should be released on all mobile platforms, as well as on the streaming service Netflix. As for what critics said about the project, there are different opinions. But what should players expect?

What awaits the players in the updated Tomb Raider

Using well-known names to create mobile games is not a new strategy for a long time. However, before this strategy has never justified itself. Despite all the power of mobile devices they are simply unable to provide the player with the proper level of graphics and quality of gameplay, because of which most projects of this format fail.

It should also be noted that the visual component and the purpose of the new Tomb Raider is strikingly different from all the previous parts, positioning themselves as AAA projects. Thus, if you expect a new level of graphics or an interesting story in a multi-hour single-player game, it is definitely not about Tomb Raider reload. However, if you are looking for the game you need to relax and not spend too much time on, you will definitely like the new Embracer Group's project.

Well, the opinions of critics and expectations of gamers differ from each other, so it's impossible to predict the future of the project. All we have to do is to wait for the official announcement, after which everyone will be able to evaluate the success or failure of Embracer Group in the field of mobile gaming.

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