The first blockchain tabletop role-playing game The Glimmering

The first blockchain tabletop role-playing game The Glimmering

Blockchain technology has taken another step forward. GRIPNR offers the world's first board game with NFT role-playing characters. We are talking about The Glimmering. It implements a classic TTRPG model: players can focus on strategizing while engaging in combat and upgrading characters. But first things first.

The board game with NFT elements will be released in late spring or early summer of this year. The company is asking users to sign up for a wait list to be the first to test the novelty.

The main feature of The Glimmering is that players can choose from 10 thousand characters. According to the classics, each of them is assigned different traits and attributes. And of course, the selected hero, his skills directly affect the course of the campaign. The gameplay will be displayed in the blockchain, which acts as an innovation.

Back to the features of The Glimmering. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • Characters develop in real time on the blockchain;
  • development will be handled by renowned NFT collections artist Justin Camerer;
  • the action is set in the Moonstone Empire on the edge of the north of the world;
  • there is room for magic, mysticism, and sorcery;
  • 15+ magical locations are planned, which will change chaotically;
  • the first six adventures will be available to users of levels 1-3.

If the player was previously familiar with the D&D system, he will not have any difficulties or any questions during the game in The Glimmering. There will be no need to spend time learning the new system.

Using Polygon blockchain, you will be able to monitor the development of the selected hero in a completely transparent way. In addition, it will be possible to track the course of the game campaign and the obtained loot. As the heroes are pumped up, the level in the process will also change. Thus, the results of the campaign will directly affect the visuals. This will enable NFT owners to influence them.

In addition, players will have the opportunity to resell heroes, obtained weapons, armor, collectibles. This is another confirmation of the fact that the GRIPNR studio is in the lead. It perfectly manages not only to retain the features of classic TTRPG games, but also to expand the game's horizons.

There is no doubt that the novelty will be positively received by users. There are many reasons for this and blockchain support is only one of them.

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