Angry Birds creators negotiate their takeover by the Israeli company Playtika

Angry Birds creators negotiate their takeover by the Israeli company Playtika

Buying and selling companies today has become the absolute norm, because it is through such operations that consumers get the highest quality content. Not always companies involved in the development of ingenious titles are able to pay for the entire development procedure on their own, and then they have to ask for help.

In the case of Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds, the situation is similar. According to an official statement of the company now their legal department is in talks with Playtika corporation, based in Israel. The company already has a lot of well-known studios in their portfolio, and referring to the official press center statements, we can say that they will not refuse to add to their family.

What does the takeover of Rovio mean for the users?

The takeover of the game studios, as we have mentioned before, is an absolutely normal process, during which the developers get the necessary financial support from the parent company. At the same time, the future of the famous series and titles that Rovio designers and developers worked on will directly depend on Play Tica's further plans.

Based on the experience of buying and selling companies in the game industry, one should not expect Rovio to be deprived of the opportunity to continue working on its successful projects. In many ways, successful titles are the reason why large conglomerates acquire studios, so if you're a fan of Rovio projects, you can rest easy.

Are there any other contenders to buy apart from Playtika?

Despite the fact that in the official statement Rovio mentioned the name of only this company at the same time, the press center noted that we are not talking about a single contender. We can assume that right now the company is in talks with several major players and is analyzing the proposed terms. However, it is impossible to say that anyone other than Plytica is interested in buying Rovio.

What awaits the creators of so legendary series of games like Angry Birds, we will be able in the near future. The consultation procedure may take a lot of time, but as soon as the company gets the final answer about the final amount of the acquisition and the terms of cooperation, we are sure - it will announce it officially.

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