PlayStar Casino and SGG Media launch casino streaming show on Twitch

PlayStar Casino and SGG Media launch casino streaming show on Twitch

Gambling goes to a new level - now you can watch game shows on Twitch. All thanks to the cooperation of PlayStar Casino and SGG Media. Licensed show Casino Stream will be one of the first in this format and will be broadcast on the platform every week. What should we expect from the show? Let's tell you more about it now.

What is known about Casino Stream

The show will feature 3 popular streamers from New Jersey who will be playing PlayStar casino slot machines in live mode. Each streamer will receive a fixed budget that they can use at their discretion. The slot machines will also change on a weekly basis. The main purpose of Casino Stream, according to the organizers themselves - to introduce gambling fans to the casino PlayStar.

So far, the show Casino Stream one of the first who managed to return to the platform Twitch, after there were blocked broadcasts of games of all casinos without a U.S. license. PlayStar has managed to get around this ban through state-by-state legalization. Plus only verified streamers from New Jersey, over the age of 21, will be allowed to play.

So far we've only been able to find data on the format of the show. How much money will be allocated to streamers, what games will be launched in the first broadcasts, when the show will be released - all this is still unknown. It is likely that we will be able to learn more about Casino Stream after the broadcast, but we promise to keep you informed.

Casino Stream: what to expect from the show on Twitch

SGG Media launched its Live Drive show back in 2023. It's geared more towards betting than gambling, but sports betting fans will love it. It is watched by almost 25,000 fans each week, watching live betting from guest streamers.

This format of broadcasting is quite popular now, and Twitch as a streaming platform has not lost its demand among viewers. For PlayStar Casino it may well become a new push to development and popularity. It's hard to say how the show will be received by the audience, but given the success of SGG Media, it stands a good chance of getting big views.

Along with the launch of the show, PlayStar Casino is trying to make a name for itself on other streaming platforms as well. An example of this is the integration of slot machines on the Pariplay platform. Therefore, it is likely that in 2024 the casino will be known not only to players in the United States, but also in Europe.

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