First Crypto Slot Machine NFTreasure

First Crypto Slot Machine NFTreasure

BetU is a well-known and new cryptocurrency platform for betting on sports, cybersports and online casino games. The company has its own token. And it has made a real breakthrough in the industry by presenting the new NFTreasure slot - the only one of its kind to date.

The slot is presented exclusively for BetU platform customers. What is so special about it? On the reels the player sees not just simple symbols, but the most famous NFT. For example, from the owners Alex Becker and JRNY Crypto.

In preparation for the release of the slot machine was involved Zillion Games — game development studio. The most popular NFT collections are in this slot. Here are just some of them:

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) — a collection of NFTs featuring monkeys;
  2. Crypto Punks — a set of images of unique Punks;
  3. MoonBirds — NFTs with owl avatars;
  4. hand-drawn VeeFriends.

Also on the reels are images of Neo Tokyo, Planet XOLO, Azuki and other iconic collections. Most of the NFTs belong to influential personalities in the cryptocurrency industry.

The layout of this machine's playing field is 5 by 3. It is filled with features familiar to players of online casinos, and also contains a bonus game. The machine has a special symbol BetU, which starts the bonus mode, where the player can open one of the three prizes. The slot has winning lines with which gamers can get rewards.

General Director Pavel Rogash said that this slot machine is an innovative slot. The aim of the development was to create something unusual and enjoyable for NFT-enthusiasts. Such a machine will attract even more people to gambling entertainment. The inclusion of digital assets in the game, according to the director is a change in the standard rules of the game.

The BetU platform was launched quite recently. It's not the first online casino betting and recreation platform to work with cryptocurrency. But it compares favorably in its niche, as BetU token holders receive separate privileges. In addition, customers can count on a risk-free bet when using this site.

The BetU team are active experimenters with fresh ideas that can change the world of slots in the future. Community members, according to the platform itself, will have an unforgettable gambling experience.

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