Nefta has announced a new partnership with gaming giant MYSTiC Games

Nefta has announced a new partnership with gaming giant MYSTiC Games

Nefta has become known for its projects created for the Web 3.0 environment. The goal of the company is to develop games-platforms with integrated NFT. Using tokens, players can create their own ecosystem by buying and selling NFTs within the service. According to experts, the activities of this company are aimed at the development of the game industry and to achieve better results it needs a partner.

MYSTiC Games is a gaming giant, which has many projects with integrated NFT tokens in its portfolio. By creating its own platform for players, the company aims to use all the possibilities of tokens to diversify the gameplay. Moreover, the tokens earned by the players do not lose their value regardless of the number of sales and purchases within the service, which makes them an extremely profitable purchase.

What the collaboration of two gaming giants in NFT gaming promises

Nefta and MYSTiC GAMES are companies that already try to use all available blockchain technologies to provide their players not only with interesting gameplay but also with an opportunity to profit from the time they spend in the game. At the moment the commonwealth of companies announced that work on a joint project will begin very soon, and the final product will be an MMO title, inside of which everyone can get what they are waiting for.

Thanks to Nefta's experience in blockchain and NFT technologies, there is no doubt among users that the final product will be of the highest quality. Based on Ethereum blockchain, the products sold by Nefta in the past already proved that the company is able to curb the innovation brought by the technological progress and perfectly interpreted in the modern gaming. Given Mystic Games' long experience in mobile game development, there is no doubt that the company's new project will be great.

How can a new MMO with NFT integration affect the market?

The modern game industry is already making the first tentative steps towards the integration of interchangeable tokens. In this way, the games of the future will not only be able to delight players, but also give them an opportunity to earn money. The cooperation of major players like Nefta and Mystic games only confirms this.

If the company's product proves to be as magical as previous gaming titles, we could well be in for a new revolution in the world of paid gameplay. Token integration will allow players to earn as they play, which will soon change not only the game itself, but also the way society views this type of entertainment. We will be able to find out how exactly the joint product of the company will affect the gaming market very soon, because according to the statements of Nefta and Mystic games the work on the titlo is already in progress.

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