GoldenRace new super realistic MMA fighting game

GoldenRace new super realistic MMA fighting game

GoldenRace, a leading provider of virtual sports technology, offers a new product - a super realistic MMA fighting game. Here players have access to single fights between real MMA fighters, filmed in 3D. Emphasis on realism allows each player to feel himself in the role of a fighter or just enjoy the spectacular spectacle.

Scanning technology combined with high level of detail has brought the standards to a whole new level. This gave the company the opportunity to enjoy a new realistic product.

Separately it is worth noting HD graphics, attractive special effects and 3D animations. Their complex allowed 100% to convey all aspects of MMA. They will be appreciated not only by fans of the genre, but also by fans of mobile games.

To the innovations of MMA can be attributed and the introduction of dynamic odds, which are regularly updated. This happens taking into account the skills and previous results of the fighter. Thus, players can feel themselves in the role of a trader, who will have all the necessary information before placing bets.

There is another great feature - the evolution of the fighters' physical damage. This enhances the created authenticity of the mobile game. Every game detail is thought out to the smallest detail. Both realistic looking fighters and customizable technical parameters can be noted here.

More than 100 fighters of different levels are available for players to choose from. In the fighting game the emphasis is not on pumping the level of fighters, but on the fights. Their realism is amazing: you can watch every blow and the response of the opponent. Each event is divided into 3 rounds: this gives players the opportunity not only to prove themselves, but also have time to win back.

There are two options in the game:

  • Single Combat;
  • MMA Championship.

The second format suits players who prefer competition. Before the fight, you can choose the odds and bet, taking into account the characteristics of the selected fighters. The live simulation format is passed on to the hurrah: even if the bet turns out to be a loser, there is still an opportunity to watch realistic fights.

The variety of settings contributes to the fact that GoldenRace has managed to create a hyper-realistic and dynamic virtual MMA. The game will get a proper response from players of all ages. It is likely that this is only the first variation from the developers and even more innovative technology awaits players in further versions.

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