Joker Casino fights for justice with UGLC

Joker Casino fights for justice with UGLC

On December 13, 2022 the largest online casino Joker Casino had an unpleasant incident that shocked the company itself and the entire community. Chairman of UGLC Ivan Rudy made a statement that he was cancelling the company's license to operate in Ukraine, having revealed its connection to the aggressor country Russia.

According to the chairman, false information was found in the documents that were submitted for the license, which confused the SBU. Joker Casino, in turn, are outraged by this decision and claim that the regulator did not contact them to clarify and verify the allegedly dubious data.

The online casino on its official website claims that it has no ties with the aggressor country, publicly condemns what is happening and takes part in supporting Ukraine in the war. Joker Casino deals with donations, organizes volunteer activities, helps people and homeless animals affected by the hostilities.

In addition, the company recalled that its beneficiary is Eglons Daniels - a citizen of Latvia, and the license is its property, protected by the Constitution of Ukraine. Neither the company itself, nor its beneficiary, conduct business in russia and have no other connections with it.
Joker Casino claims that neither UGLC, nor any other state authority in Ukraine tried to contact them through an official request. They consider the decision to revoke the license as unfair, so they are forced to respond publicly and forcefully.

In this regard, Joker Casino will sue the UGLC to protect its interests and whitewash the name, tarnished by the chairman's words about the links with Russia, which, in fact, do not exist.

Also, the company's management says that such a decision of UGLC is "an extremely negative signal," and a scandal associated with the unfair revocation of the license can damage the reputation of Ukraine.

UGLC is the Ukrainian Gambling and Lottery Commission, established in 2020. It is in charge of issuing licenses and inspecting gambling establishments. Joker Casino received its license on 12.05.2021 and has been operating legally in Ukraine all this time. Since November UGLC started to check all gambling businesses for connections with Russia, as other online casinos have already had similar precedents since the beginning of the invasion.

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