Interactive world map with information and rules of different forms of gambling from Slotegrator

Interactive world map with information and rules of different forms of gambling from Slotegrator

The novelty has already been published on the company's website. Users can now learn the main rules of the main jurisdictional games in a couple of clicks. Basic information about land-based and online casino games, as well as sports betting, is served. A big plus is that the information is structured by country.

Such an interactive map will be new to players, which makes Slotegrator the first iGaming company to offer resources of this type. In brief, the map offers the following advantages:

  • up-to-date information on legal regulations in the gambling industry across all countries;
  • accurate and verified data;
  • publication of analytical articles on betting;
  • review articles with recommendations for opening a casino;
  • online interaction;
  • information is regularly updated.

On the page with the interactive map you can notice a unique option - consultation with the specialists of Slotegrator. Even with a cursory glance at the map, you can see that the company has done a good job on it. This affects not only the playing field, but also the visual component.

The information on the map is sorted according to several parameters:

  • Casinos: allowed or not;
  • Online casinos: allowed or not;
  • Betting: allowed or not;
  • Online sports betting: allowed or not.

The country-specific information also lends itself to a link to a separate article on how to open a gambling business. If any inaccuracies were noticed, a special form can be filled out. Literally in one click it is possible to keep track of all the changes in the gambling business.

Such interactive map of the international format will 100% find its practical solution. So, for businessmen it is an opportunity to understand what they will face when opening a casino in a particular country. For analysts it is a simple way to learn accurate and up to date information on gambling. In the plus side will remain and lawyers, who now even easier to search for data.

Even if you take a cursory look at the functionality and features of the interactive map, it is pleasantly impressive. This is yet another opportunity for Slotegrator to make a strong name for itself in the market. Only in this case, made a bigger move horse: the map is multilingual, which means it is available to users from many countries. As a result, the time spent on the development of the map will definitely pay for itself in the future. 

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