Gambulls NFT will change the world of online gambling forever

Gambulls NFT will change the world of online gambling forever

Soon players will be able to personally evaluate the results of the bold integration: online casino Gambulls offers its own collection of NFTs. Only in March 2023 there will be 6673 NFT in the form of a bull (the symbol of the casino), of which 7 are legendary.

The funds received from the sale of the collection will be used for the development of online casinos, as well as to strengthen its status in the gambling world. As part of the collection developers decided to move away from just beautiful pictures. Special collection will combine several functions at the same time:

  • membership card;
  • lottery;
  • smart contracts;
  • a pass to the community.

Items in the NFT collection will have different values, which will give access to different rewards. The collection is made in Polygon blockchain. There are plenty of motives to buy NFTs. For example:

  • A membership card that opens up VIP access to different rewards;
  • additional rakeback from bets up to 25%;
  • Weekly cash prizes;
  • Real-Time Special Rewards draws on Twitch.

Eventually there should be a Gambulls NFT Marketplace. The marketplace will use only 3 blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon and Solana, allowing players to easily switch between networks and explore the entire collection, as well as make purchases through selected cryptocurrencies. The wide range of NFTs in this case acts as a significant advantage.

Given the huge audience of the popular online casino and the increased demand for exclusive collections, the user can easily sell the purchased NFT. The higher the value of the collection items, the more profitable the sale will be. Experienced players are likely to take a different route: instead of selling, they will hold items until their value reaches its highest peak.

The Gambulls trading floor will be implemented in a community format. Accordingly, a number of interactive elements created for communication between players will be provided. The platform will also have tools for social interaction, curating over the NFT collection.

More and more online casinos are moving away from the usual format of activity. Now it is not just gambling clubs where you can play slots and participate in tournaments. Developers are actively testing new strategies to attract and retain users: the release of the NFT collection and the launch of the metaverse is a vivid confirmation of that.

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